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New at eBoobStore

October 11, 2018 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

New DVD titles, magazines and videos have been loaded into the eBoobStore, our one-stop shop for movies and magazines.

The latest magazine added is Holiday 2018 Voluptuous with covergirl Alexsis Faye, and boy, was she excited when she heard that she’s on the cover! I wonder if Alexsis jumped up and down.

Alexsis Faye in Holiday 2018 V-mag

Included with the print edition is the digital version and 11 videos that the reader can watch online by entering a special code.

Tylo Duran is the covergirl of 40Something SP335, the appropriately-named Lily Young is the covergirl of Holiday 2018 Naughty Neighbors, and Naughty Neighbors also has a special edition out called Naughty School Girls Fall 2018. (Because a magazine called Scholarly School Girls Who Do Their Homework wouldn’t sell as well.)

Codi Vore XXX and On-Location North Coast are at the top of the DVD charts, and a new showcase series featuring one busty superstar per DVD includes Lara Jones, Alana Lace, Maserati, Vanessa Y., Tiggle Bitties, Sally D’Angelo, Felicia Clover and Liza Biggs.

Video previews of each are a click away. At the left of the eBoobStore page is a link to the downloadable DVD catalog that you can save to your hard drive on any device.

Codi Vore in her first SCORE hardcore.




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Shannon Blue’s poolside bust-out

February 7, 2018 by Elliot James 3 Comments

“I can’t get enough of my boobs,” Shannon Blue said about her super-knockers. “They’ve transformed my life. They feel and look amazing. I’ve always wanted big boobs. Now I have them.”

The 50something British MILF busted out of her ordinary life, got divorced, used part of the settlement to fulfill her breast dreams, moved out of the UK with her fiance and decided to bare all.

Here, Shannon’s brought her swimsuits to the pool and is going to try them on.

“I do swim but I’m not very good,” she said. “I can do a breaststroke, but I don’t go very fast.”

Shannon’s doing fine from our point of view. Her breast stokes are very good. See what we mean tomorrow.


Shannon does a great breaststroke.



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Casey Deluxe and her mommy boobs at SCORELAND

April 24, 2016 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Casey Deluxe: a mommy model and a model mommy.

In the last segment of our pregnant Casey series filmed in Germany, Casey oils and massages her nine-month baby bump then showers. See her Sunday.

I’m happy to say Mom and baby are doing fine.

SCORELAND: Casey, congratulations. How is life since you gave birth?

Casey: It is a bit stressful but also very wonderful with the baby.

SCORELAND: What modeling plans do you have?

Casey: I will go on as before but now as a MILF model.

SCORELAND: What size are your boobs now?

Casey: I did not measure them but they have grown since the birth. My bra size is now 80K EU (36J US). I am wearing maternity bras.

SCORELAND: What is this activity about fans sending you pictures of their cocks cumming on your pictures?

Casey: Many fans jerk to my pictures and want to show me how horny they are for me with these pictures. I see it as a compliment and I’m happy about it when they show me their photos and videos.

More Casey at SCORELAND.

New mom Casey will continue to model.


Casey: December, 2014.

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Do gingers with big boobs have more fun? They do at SCORELAND. Red Vixen is back.

December 23, 2014 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Scene one: Bikini Vixen

A new SCORE Girl with an incredible body, Red Vixen (coming to April 2015 SCORE magazine) is a 40-year-old wife and mom.

“We’ve been together for 22 years, married for 18,” Red said.

Red debuted October 31 and came back for hardcore with pro stud Tony DeSergio on November 29.

Bonus scene: Gingers Have More Fun

Encouraged by her dedicated husband, a loyal SCORE reader, Red has a career as a hot model when she’s not being a mom.

“I think that goes with my sign cause I’m a Gemini,” she said. “Geminis have split personalities. One side of me is a conservative family mom and the other is sexy and adventurous. Naughty. A little naughty.”

It took Red over a year to decide to apply to SCORE.

“I’m kind of a procrastinator, but I’m glad I did it.”

See two photo shoots and two videos today!

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Confessions of a SCORE reader’s big-boobed wife

July 25, 2014 by Elliot James 2 Comments

This is Barbie Kelley’s third boy-girl scene at SCORELAND and her second visit. The wife of a longtime SCORE reader, Barbie is just as big a fan as her husband, Mark. I asked Barbie (Big Racks Hot MILFS) how it all came about. Read more inside SCORELAND.

How did the idea of Barbie modeling for SCORE come about?
Barbie: From day one in our relationship, the day when Voluptuous, SCORE, or XL Girls came in the mail, we would look at it together. It was often, if not always, foreplay for us. It was something we talked about very early on.

Barbie Kelley fuck fling. Now showing at SCORELAND.

What inspired you to send in your photos and apply to SCORE? How confident were you that SCORE would accept you?
Barbie: My husband kept telling me I would be an ideal model for SCORE. I certainly was interested in modeling for SCORE but kept telling myself there are so many ladies to choose from. I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut.

Had you ever modeled professionally or exotic danced before?
Barbie: I have never done either and I have shot exclusively with SCORE. I am college educated and live a fairly normal life. I just have a naughty side, and SCORE has helped quench that thirst.

Have you met any SCORE or V-mag Girls?
Barbie: Yes, we have. We met Zeta Verrone and her husband at a lifestyle meet and greet.  We also met Sheridan Love in Las Vegas at the AVN Adult Video Expo. She had a booth full of SCORE products. Also, when we were out for my first shoot, Sashaa Juggs was filming at the same time.

What do you think of the “SCORE Reader’s Wife” theme that’s been discussed in the magazine and on the SCORELAND Blog?
Barbie: We are guessing that this is a fantasy of most, if not all, SCORE fans who have well-endowed wives

Have you been recognized as a SCORE Girl in public?

Barbie: Not really. A SCORE fan asked for a pic and my autograph in Las Vegas at the Adult Video Expo. However, I am sure he just recognized my SCORE shirt and cleavage I was proudly displaying.

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Sally D’Angelo, Cara Reid and Annellise Croft: The sounds of big-boobed MILF sex at The SCORE Studio

March 27, 2014 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Sally: hotter than a Finnish sauna room.

We heard a lot of loud screaming yesterday.  Not Dave and Steve facing another SCORE magazine deadline. The screams when busty MILFs are getting totally pounded as in wham-bam-thank-ya-mam.

The sounds were multiplied by three because three MILFs, Sally D’Angelo, Cara Reid and Annellise Croft, were visiting. God, I wish I lived next door to them. I would not complain about the audio levels.

I believe this is Sally’s third visit. She’s also become a regular at adult expos, where she teams up with Rita Daniels. They met here and became very chummy.

When I got to work this morning, Sally was walking into the building. She wore stripper heels and a sexy, skimpy romper. You couldn’t miss her if you were blindfolded. She didn’t wear baggy clothes and change in the dressing room. She woke up and dressed in a smoking-hot outfit.

Women who walk around dressed like that are my kind of women.

Look for their wild scenes coming soon.

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Cyber spy caught and stung. Files hidden between her big boobs. Ripped from today’s headlines. News at 11.

December 12, 2013 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Amber Lynn Bach is a big-titted secret agent for a rival company, and she’s doing very bad things.

Everyone is too busy gawking at the SCORE blonde’s big boobs, tight butt and sexy legs to observe any suspicious behavior. She’s quite smooth.

That’s part of the trick-bag that female spies have been doing for generations.

After downloading secret files, Amber gets caught by the company’s exec. She forgot that eye in the sky. Now Amber’s in a heap o’ trouble and will have to fuck her way out.  See it now at SCORELAND.

Amber tried to hide the flash drive between her big boobs.

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Mega-sale at the eBoobStore.com!

June 10, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Until June 17th, DVD prices on many hot titles with great girls have been lowered to $9.99 when you buy three. Yes, $9.99.

That’s not much more than one beer at a baseball stadium. And it’s usually flat, unlike our models.

This is the perfect time to pick up the DVDs you’ve been thinking about getting. Use code blow613 when putting in your order.

Click here for the list.

$9.95 for this movie? Christy looks like she knows she's getting screwed at that super-low price. Don't wait. It ends June 17.

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A girl walks into a men’s room and says she needs to suck some cock. What would you do?

March 22, 2013 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Stacie Starr: plenty of tits.

Here’s the situation: You’re about to leave a men’s room stall when Stacie Starr (or someone with impressive tits like hers) bursts in.

You’ve never seen her before in your life.

“Is anyone in there?” Stacie asks, knocking on the door of the stall. “I wanted to suck some cock! Can you help me out with that?”

That’s what happens in the opener of Stacie’s video from MILFtugs.com.

What do you do?

I know this is difficult to visualize so click here for the trailer.

What do you do? Do you thank her and leave? Or do you let her suck your cock and eat your jizz? Right there. Right now.

Stacie has great, big tits and a very fuckable body. I was extremely impressed with her blow job, jerk job and titty-fucking talents as well as her dirty mouth.

If Stacie’s not a phone sex operator in her spare time, she should be. She says filthy things I never heard before.

So what would you do?

Go? Or come and go?


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What’s your perv?

January 18, 2013 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Everyone has their thing. Their kink. Their fetish. Their letch. Their perv.

And that thing is different for everyone. Three different SCORE Guys described what snaps, crackles and pops for them in recent “Scorecard” letters.

As you know, we’re already niche people: Big boobs, MILFs, Teens, Booty, Legs and Amateurs. We don’t publish general men’s mags, DVDs or sites.

But their special interests are beyond niche. This is ultra-niche. This is ultra off-the-radar niche.

There are three basic kinds of fetishes: form, media and animate. They can blend and combine, too. Form is the shape of an object, like the shape of a tight corset. Media is material, like rubber or leather. Animate is a body part, like boobs, butts and legs. That’s us! Fetishes can also be scents, flavors and other sensory stimuli.

Letter 1 from S.O.: pool tables

“What’s got me all in a froth I hear you ask? Well, it’s Gya Roberts’ exquisite pool table pictorial, that’s what! I don’t know what precipitated it but for the longest time I’ve had a powerful fetish for girls posing and getting fucked on pool tables. I actively try to seek out movies, scenes, and photos showing this particular scenario but it’s surprisingly slim pickings out there. So when I saw this set of Gya, it was like my prayers had been answered.  I feel that I should point out that I’m not particularly big on the game of pool. I don’t even play it, except very occasionally. There’s just something sleazy about girls sprawling across the baize, playing with sticks and balls that makes me surprised it’s so under-represented in porn. I really wish you guys would do a movie centered on a pool tournament.”

Feature dancer Jada DeVille from December '04 SCORE.

Feature dancer Jada DeVille from December '04 SCORE. Jada is still active and lives in Las Vegas.

Letter 2 from T.P.: sneakers

“Seeing women in sexy athletic shoes has turned me on for decades. Kylee Nash has on a pair from New Balance for me to feast on while pulling my dick. There is no good reason for this. I have jerked off at the sight of babes wearing sneakers like these no matter what brand they are. It especially helps if she has short-shorts on, too. A special treat is to see a honey in a dress, black stockings and white sneakers. I can’t wait to add pictures of my girlfriends wearing New Balance shoes next to Kylee and her mammies, cunt and shoes, then jerk away and cum!”

Kylee keeps her sneaks on for a work-out. T.P. was moved.

Letter 3 from Steve: belly buttons

“I have been a SCORE fan for many, many years going back to before 2000. I remember several years ago, SCORELAND did a special publishing containing some of the models’ belly buttons. Being a belly button fetish enthusiast, I absolutely loved it. I don’t like when women pierce them; that is my anti-fetish. I was just wondering if this is something SCORELAND may try out again. I actually have a theory that all guys love women’s belly buttons, but they don’t admit it for whatever reason. I figured I would throw it out there. Thank you for the years of beautiful women.”

Jasmine Shiraz's belly button is easy to locate. Steve is a purist when it comes to navels. No jewelry.

What’s your perv?


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