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Ariane’s French kiss

December 17, 2017 by Elliot James 4 Comments

In Montreal, French-Canadian super-sized brunette Ariane Saint-Amour is in the kitchen to teach us some French words. She’s brought some training tools for the lesson.

Playing with her enormous tits and spreading her pussy lips, Ariane really knows how to make kitchen magic.

There are no banana eating contests in Montreal clubs. Ariane would win every one if there were.

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Ariane Saint-Amour: Canadienne-Française & jolie femme

June 1, 2017 by Elliot James 13 Comments

“I’m a classical Otaku/geek girl,” said Ariane Saint-Amour from Montreal. “I spend most of my days reading mangas and playing video games. Or boob hunting! I’m a really simple girl!”

I had to look up the meaning of Otaku, a Japanese word. It’s someone heavily into Japanese animated films and comic books.

Ariane is well-known in the fetish and cosplay world. She attends fetish expos, often wearing Latex body suits and masks and other costumes.

This slim-and-stacked Canadienne-Française is into big boobs, big-time. She has a 26-inch waist, a 40-inch bust and usually wears a 30J-cup bra.

The only girls from Quebec at SCORELAND before Ariane were Bella French and, before Bella, now-retired Lily Valentine. Maybe Dave can think of someone I’ve overlooked. Most of the Canadian models at SCORELAND are from the Ontario area, such as Amy Anderssen and Roxee Robinson. I’ve checked out a few other Montreal girls now and then during model searches, but even though TSG magazines have always had a healthy circulation in Canada, busty Canadians who will bare all are still elusive.

Ariane Saint-Armour is well-known in the fetish world.


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Taylor Steele’s first photo shoot at SCORELAND2. All hail Canadian big boobs!

February 7, 2014 by Elliot James 3 Comments

I don’t know why SCORE and V-mag get so few model inquiries from the great nation of Canada. This has bothered me for years, so I try not to dwell on it. I never understood why and I still don’t since SCORE and V-mag traditionally have good readerships there. Lily Valentine, Tiffany Towers, Jayna James (now calling herself Amy Anderssen), Taylor Stevens and, most recently, Montreal mademoiselle Bella French all hail from that massive country. Mega-breasted Tiffany was the first SCORE superstar from Toronto back in the early 1990s, when the magazine was established.

Today at SCORELAND2, the very first set and video of that magnificent Canadian Taylor Steele is showing.

In the summer of 2009, Taylor contacted SCORE. An all-natural hottie with a beautiful face,  curvy body and eye-poppingly big boobs,  Taylor had–repeat, had–to be photographed, so one of our photographers, Jose, trekked to Toronto for several days. A year later, Taylor joined a high-energy group of centerfolds for the DVD On Location Grand Bahama. Taylor is the kind of girl that should have her own theme song playing wherever she goes, like in movies and TV.

SCORELAND2 is our super-discounted website featuring the breastly best of SCORELAND, XLGirls.com, SCOREVideos and many of our other big-boob sites. It’s a great deal at $9.99 for one month with 20 scenes a month. Numbers don’t lie.

“I live in Toronto, so I have to be bundled up for half the year,” said Taylor, true girlfriend material. The thought of this vixen wrapped in heavy coats and scarves for six months per year makes me sick.

Where are all the busty Canadians like Taylor? Afraid to leave their apartments?




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“#1 in Big Boobs” is another name for SCORE

November 1, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

This weekend at SCORELAND is packed with photo sets and videos.

Today: It’s Dani Moore’s first time at SCORELAND going bare in videos and photos. Dani’s so easy-going and relaxed, it seems like she’s been doing this a long time. But she’s really a video virgin. Dani’s guy friend encouraged her to contact SCOREModelsWanted.com, so she sent in some shots she took at home of her 38DDDs.

Saturday: Melissa Manning even says she should be studying, but she says she can feel your eyes staring at her big boobs. And she says it’s really hot at her desk. Melissa says she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to get any studying done with you staring. That’s the idea. Miss Manning also brings a new definition to tits and ass on glass.

Sunday: Bella French has a talent for spreading her pussy. She opens really wide and knows the art of spreading so you can see everything. Bella is a girl who knows how to choose and wear the hottest clothing. She looks naked even with her clothes on.

And don’t miss Marie Leone in her “Maid For Anal” XXX scene, now up and running. This 19-year-old J-cupper brought tears to my eyes when I first saw her test shots.

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