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Siri does naked karate!

February 26, 2012 by Maria 12 Comments

I have a lot of fantasies.

I am pretty sure you guys do, too.

Some of my fantasies involve chicks and slip-and-slides and sundaes. A lot of them involve Ines Cudna in a pool.

But today, I am proud to say that my naked ninja fantasy is now a reality.

What? I am entitled to have naked ninja fantasies. Hot chicks who kick ass have always had a soft spot in my pants…er, heart. It is the reason  comic book heroines are hot. All curves and just a touch of danger…who wouldn’t love that?

And who wouldn’t love to be pummeled by our latest busty find, Siri?

Siri is all curves. We showed you her inverted nipples in our last blog video, and this time we are going to show you her thick legs and her fierce martial art moves. (They are not that fierce, but that’s because naked karate is more subtle than that. lol)

As a lover of all things tits and ass, I am also a sucker for legs. I love a long pair of gams on a gal, especially when they are curvy and thick. That’s why when I saw Siri’s legs, I knew I had to have her pose for my other magazine, Leg Sex.

Check out this shot of Siri‘s stems. Pretty hot, eh?

Siri is all curves; big tits, big ass and a great set of legs!

And since I thought her legs were sexy, I thought it would be fun to have Siri do some karate moves for me. I asked her to do them topless and in tiny shorts, of course. Why? Because martial arts are definitely better when nudity is involved, I am just saying.

And while I highly doubt that Siri’s karate moves would take down any bad guys, they would totally give the bad guys serious wood, and no one wants to fight when they have a boner. 🙂

Yes…a hot piece of ass like Siri could probably bring about world peace. (At least I like to think so.)

Check out her tits and kicks below! Then check out her first hardcore scenes today and tomorrow at SCORELAND.



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