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Today, Eva Karera. And stay tuned for more stuff

October 20, 2015 by Dave 2 Comments

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Eva Karera is a porn star. She has big tits. That, for me, is a winning combination.

She’s from Belgium, the home of chocolate, great beer and, as Eva reminded me, French fries. Yes, French fries. They should’ve been called Belgian fries.

On an upcoming episode of SCOREtv, Eva gives us a French lesson. She teaches us how to say sex phrases in French. French is the language of love, but do the French have a word for “cunt” and “cum” and a phrase for “jack your cock”? Tune in soon and find out.

But today, check out Eva at SCORELAND. Solo scene and an interview today, hardcore the first week in November.

Also on the calendar:

Oct. 24: Claudia Marie gets ass-fucked.

Nov. 6: Shelby Gibson’s first on-camera tit-fuck and blow job.

Oct. 29 at XLGirls.com: Canadian babe Roxee Robinson debuts.

Nov. 5 at XLGirls.com: Allie Pearson debuts.


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Sandra Milka wants you to see her next month at SCORELAND

May 26, 2015 by Dave 5 Comments

Meet Sandra.

Sandra’s last name is Milka but she’s not a milker unless you count milking cocks. Yes, she does that.

She was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and lives in Barcelona, Spain. She has F-cup naturals. She says the most-fun job she’s ever had was “doing porn.” Well, for Sandra, it’s not really a job.

She says she likes “romantic dates and quick sex.” Does she mean quick sex on romantic dates? Or is she talking about two different dates? I’ll have to find out.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing Sandra soon at SCORELAND, first in solo action and then in hardcore. Sandra Milka…another reason June will be busting out all over at SCORELAND.


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Because there’s nothing like new boobs for the holidays

December 23, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

Alura is coming on Wednesday and cumming on Thursday.

There'll be no post-holiday hangover when Harmony debuts on New Year's Day.

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s when I frequented adult movie theaters (the ones on Long Island in Bay Shore and Lake Ronkonkoma were favorites because they showed double features), the coming attractions would always be prefaced with a breathy, female voice saying, “Coming soon…to this theater.” She said “to this theater” so the previews could be shown in any theater, not just the one I was sitting in. I don’t know why I remember this. I just do. I also remember that the theater in Lake Ronkonkoma was called the Lake Ronkonkoma Art Cinema. Why were adult movie houses always called art cinemas?

I’m sure Elliot knows the answer to that question.

I also know that these two girls, Alura Jenson and Harmony White, are coming soon to this website. And I know that this website is SCORELAND.

Alura ends the old year on a bang. Harmony ushers in the new one with her fresh tits. Something to look forward to.

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He can’t believe his eyes, and neither could I. Meet Sashaa Juggs!

September 8, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

Sashaa Juggs and a very lucky man.

When I first saw pictures of Sashaa Juggs, I said out loud, “Holy, shit!” Now, I’ve been at The SCORE Group for over 11 years, and it takes a lot for me to say, “Holy, shit!” (although I did say “Whoa!” the other day when I saw the rack on a girl who will make her SCORELAND debut next Wednesday). But Sashaa Juggs…this girl has everything you want in a great XL Girl: pretty face, big, fat tits, big, round ass, curves that go on forever…Sashaa Juggs is a “Holy, shit!” girl. She’s packing. Her rack is huge, her body is big, she’s blonde and she could be the girl-next-door. You can see her right now at XLGirls.com.

Sucking, fucking and taking a cock in her ass.

Holy, shit!

I’m not going to say anything else about Sashaa. I’m just going to enjoy this picture then head back over to XLGirls.com to watch her video. At one point in the video, she rests her huge rack on the guy’s leg and then goes down on his dick. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing that.

Holy, shit!

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Today at XLGirls.com: Fresh, new tits, and she’s happy to show ’em!

September 6, 2012 by Dave 1 Comment

Nikki Smith is always happy, especially when she's showing off her boobs.

The girls who come to see us in our studio tend to be very happy with their tits. Nikki Smith, a newcomer from California, is very happy with her big, fat, natural tits.

“I’m very comfortable with the attention that my breasts bring,” said 23-year-old Nikki. “When I go out to a party, I always wear something low-cut and flaunt my assets, but, of course, there are times when I do try to be more modest.”

This is not one of those times.

This is a time for Nikki to flaunt her assets. Her H-cup assets. Her 45-34-41 body.

When I looked over the model info sheet Nikki filled out for us, a few things caught my eye.

One: “My favorite everyday date would be frozen yogurt, a great movie and an awesome fuck outside in the parking lot.” Now that’s my idea of a great date, but can we skip the yogurt and the movie?

Two: We asked, “At what age did you first start to develop?” She answered, “Summer between seventh and eighth grades.” It has definitely been my experience that the summer is when most boob growth spurts occur. I don’t know why this is. It just is. Wonderful things happen during the summer.

Three: “I grew up doing competitive cheerleading and dance.”

Which leads us to this little Blog video with Nikki. Check it out. I really enjoyed meeting her. Near the end, I zero in on her tits. I did it for you guys, but mostly, I did it for me. Then check out Nikki’s debut at XLGirls.com. She smiles a lot. She’s happy. She’ll make you happy, too.


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There’s no news like new news

June 12, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

And the Blog-o-vision news today is that on Thursday and Friday, there is a 100% chance of a big-boobed and pretty newcomer at SCORELAND.

SCORE will be a first for her. By coincidence, she’s a first for us. We were made for each other.

You all love newbies, don’t you?

I’ll tell you a few things about our young flower before her video and photo set goes live.

She’s 21 years old and has a difficult time finding 36GG bras.

She played soccer and basketball in school. Now she does yoga at home.

She likes to read, write poetry and drink beer, and although she doesn’t look it, she’s a super-fan of the thrash-metal band Slayer.

Yeah, it’s looking like sunny skies ahead.

Our latest New Discovery this Thursday.

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Letting you know about the new, stacked, natural girls…THAT’S what friend are for

March 21, 2012 by Dave 8 Comments

Good golly Miss Molly!

I would like to take this opportunity to use the SCORELAND Blog for my own, personal purposes. Today, I am going to yell at Elliot and Maria. Ready? Here goes:


There are times when I’m so busy keeping track of the SCORE Girls for the magazine and the mature women for 40SomethingMag.com, 50PlusMILFs.com and 60PlusMILFs.com (and the exciting new big-tit website that’s coming very soon) that I don’t notice who’s in the studio on non-SCORE Girl, non-MILF days. And I admit: When a fresh, new, big set of tits is in the building, my boob radar should go off immediately. But in this case, I’m not to blame. You see, Molly was in our studio during the first week of January, and I was off during the first week of January. SO IT’S NOT MY FAULT!

So, here’s what should have happened. On the Monday I got back, Elliot or Maria (LISTEN UP!) should have said, “Dave, you have to check out the photos of the new 20-YEAR-OLD, SHORT ‘N’ STACKED, DDD-CUP NATURAL who was in last week.”

But that didn’t happen, so when Molly’s first solo (then boy-girl) photos went up at XLGirls.com, it was news to me. Good news, but news nonetheless. And today, there’s more Molly going up at XLGirls.com, and as Albert Einstein, noted genius and boob lover, would have said upon seeing her cleavage, HOLY SHIT!

Molly is from Central Florida. She measures 48-31-35. She used to be a cheerleader (the thought of her bouncing up and down is mindboggling), and as she proved to Maria in an interview on XLGirls.com, she’s very flexible.

She has braces, too. Braces and big tits. A rare combination. So rare that you’d think Elliot or Maria or both would have told me about her. But they didn’t. I had to find her for myself. Good thing for them, I’m very forgiving.

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