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Melissa and Kelly: Additional proof that great things come in pairs

November 20, 2011 by Dave 10 Comments

Newcomer Melissa Manning (left) meets SCORE superstar Kelly Christiansen. Melissa can learn a lot from Kelly, if you get my drift.

Newcomer Melissa Manning (left) meets SCORE superstar Kelly Christiansen. Melissa can learn a lot from Kelly, if you get my drift.

About a week and a half ago, I mentioned in a Blog about newcomer Melissa Manning that Melissa wasn’t the only big-boobed girl in The SCORE Studio while she was here. There was another girl, initials K.C. Well, now I can reveal that K.C. is none other than Kelly Christiansen, who was here to shoot a whole bunch of hardcore photos and videos. And now I can also reveal that Kelly’s new hardcore scene goes up next weekend at SCORELAND. So there’s lots to be thankful for. As usual, Kelly looks spectacular.

Kelly is one of the frontrunners for 2011 SCORE Model of the Year, something she was surprised to hear. Did I just say surprised? Do these girls ever look in the mirror? For a big-boobed model, Kelly is one of the most self-effacing people I’ve ever met.

No more than a week after Kelly’s departure, another bombshell blonde made us a return visit. Initials K.F. K.F. was sorry to hear that she’d missed K.C.

By the way, K.F. and K.C. will both appear in the brand-new SCOREtv Holiday Edition, which airs in December. This year’s show is going to be even better than last year’s premiere edition and will feature, among others, Venera, Micky Bells, Desiree, Maserati, Samantha 38G and Minka. More details soon.

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An all-American mid-western SCORE Girl-next-door from the Wolverine State

November 9, 2011 by Elliot James 11 Comments

Melissa Manning’s a fresh-faced, pretty newcomer from Michigan, heartland of America, and on this day, she lands at SCORELAND with a pictorial and video.

I urge you to witness this spectacular event. As Dave blogged yesterday, Melissa has great cleavage. Inside SCORELAND, you’ll see her top come off to reveal her fantastic boobs. This is a very impressive sight. More impressive than Michigan’s Great Lakes. We talked to Melissa for a few minutes in the opener of the video portion of her debut and she absolutely does have that girl-next-door quality and personality plus the awesome body and boobs. Christy Marks, Janet Jade, Destiny Rose, Michelle Bond and Valory Irene among others have this too.

Melissa’s a waitress. She’s single, owns a dog, enjoys movies, spending time on the Net and hanging with friends. She said she likes a guy who knows what he wants out of life without being cocky.

I hope to see Melissa back at SCORELAND soon. Michigan should be proud to have her as one of their own.

Welcome to The Big Show, Melissa.

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Coming Wednesday: a new arrival with a beautiful pair of naturals!

November 8, 2011 by Dave 17 Comments
Newcomer Melissa Manning is pleased to present her cleavage.

Newcomer Melissa Manning is pleased to present her cleavage.

Her name is Melissa Manning, and she’s from Michigan. She has G-cup naturals, and they’re coming out Wednesday at SCORELAND.

Melissa has done some amateur modeling, but her visit to the SCORE Studio last week was for her first pro shoot. She was excited. Nervous. All of the above. She has great cleavage, and do you want to know something? She has a nice, round, handful of an ass, too. But, of course, her tits are what got her through the door, and those babies are full and hang beautifully. I think you’re really going to like her.

A few more notes about Melissa. She’s a waitress. Her sister accompanied her to the studio. Her sexual fantasy is to have sex on an airplane. And while she was getting done up in our styling room, another SCORE model was walking around butt-naked, having just finished a hardcore scene. Initials K.C.

For now, though, let’s keep the focus on Melissa. You know where to look.

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Today at SCORELAND, a brand-new pair of big, natural tits!

October 19, 2011 by Dave 13 Comments
Nancy Navarro: secretary, owner of G-cup naturals, Yankees fan.

Nancy Navarro: secretary, owner of G-cup naturals, Yankees fan.

Her name is Nancy Navarro, she’s from New York City, she’s a secretary and she’s brand new. Yep, Nancy decided to bring her natural (we checked) G-cup rack, along with the rest of her very nice body, to our studio, and today at SCORELAND, she’s naked on-camera for the first time. Ever. She’s never been a stripper or a swinger, never been to a nude beach. In fact, she usually doesn’t even dress to show off her tits except when she goes to New York Yankees baseball games, which she does quite often. She’s a big Yankees fan, a fact I’m going to overlook only because I like Nancy and her tits so much. And just to prove what I’m willing to do for you guys, the lengths I’m willing to go to for tits, in the video interview that’s going up tomorrow, Nancy won’t flash her tits unless I admit that the Yankees are the best baseball team. Which I do. Eventually. But not after doing a lot of soul searching. And staring at Nancy’s nipples.

Anyway, see Nancy naked today and tomorrow at SCORELAND…without even having to lie about baseball.

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I want to shop where this new XLGirls model works

September 28, 2011 by Elliot James 11 Comments
Meet the newest XLGirls hottie tomorrow!

Meet the newest XLGirls hottie October 6!

I’ve got to applaud the studio reps once again. They have found another winner for XLGirls.com. This pretty, 21-year-old rookie will be debuting October 6th and 7th in her first pictorial and video. The adventurous type, she packs 38H cups and even toys her cookie and butthole with two gadgets at the same time.

Impressive because before this trip to XLGirls, she’s only taken pictures of herself at home.

Right from the snap, I was very impressed because in the opener of the video “Freshgirl,” she tells our lenscrafter Jose that she works in an adult store next to a strip club. As soon as I heard her say that, she had me.

“People ask me why I’m not in the back instead of working in the front,” our new arrival says. Easy to understand why they ask her that with tits like she has. I’m sure she’s good for business in the store instead of being hidden in a dark club.

What are the odds of walking into any adult product shop and seeing someone who looks like this behind the counter? Trust me, the odds are bad. I know.

If I owned an adult store, I’d only hire employees like this. So sue me for job discrimination.

Pop-up quiz: There was another girl who was working as a clerk in an adult store when she became an XLGirls model a couple of years ago. What’s her name?


This day in birthdays!

Bozena born Sept. 28.

Bozena born Sept. 28.

Cathy Barry born Sept. 28.

Cathy Barry born Sept. 28.

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Who’s that nurse?

September 1, 2011 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Elaina Gregory @ XLGirls.com today and tomorrow! Hurts so good!

Elaina Gregory @ XLGirls.com today and tomorrow! Hurts so good!

It’s that time of the year again. Time for another physical. It’s a drag, but it has to be done.

The doctor is busy, but his nurse will take care of the preliminaries.

Your nurse looks familiar. Very familiar.

You’d swear she was Elaina Gregory. No such luck, you think?

Think again. This is your lucky day.

Because she is Nurse Elaina Gregory.

And she’s starring in a brand-new pictorial and video starting today at XLGirls.com.

If only health care could really be this good.

And nurses were as stacked as Elaina.

But this is actually better. Because nurses don’t take off their uniforms and show their nipples and cookie while you’re in an exam room with them.

Elaina’s birthday is this Saturday. Wish her a happy right here!

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Introducing Jasmine Shiraz and her big, natural hooters, today and tomorrow at SCORELAND!

August 30, 2011 by Dave 8 Comments

Jasmine, who was born in Iran and lives in New Jersey, is another in the recent long line of big-boobed girls who have come to us via their SCORE-reading and SCORELAND-membering husbands or boyfriends (in Jasmine’s case, her boyfriend).

By the way, Alex Chance, another natural newcomer, also makes an appearance in this video. Alex is a bartender from Virginia, and she has DDD-cup tits. She’ll make her debut at SCOREVideos.com in a big way…by going all the way next week.

Alex and Jasmine were both in our studio last week, and when they weren’t modeling, they were keeping their eyes on Hurricane Irene, which at the time was headed for their parts of the U.S. Imagine, they’re in South Florida and worried about a hurricane somewhere else. Me? I was keeping my eyes on Alex and Jasmine.

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Because it’s always nice to have a natural, big-boobed newcomer to look forward to, especially when she’s the girl-next-door

August 28, 2011 by Dave 16 Comments
Jasmine is really looking forward to showing you her tits.

Jasmine is really looking forward to showing you her tits.

Her name is Jasmine Shiraz, she was born in Iran (I believe that makes her our first SCORE Girl from Iran), she lives in southwestern New Jersey and she’s just about as sweet and bubbly as a girl can be. I know that even though when I was interviewing her for SCORELAND, I couldn’t stop staring at her tits, which were popping out of the shirt she’s wearing here. Jasmine packs her naturals into an F-cup bra, but as she told me, “That’s the size bra I wear. It’s not the size of my breasts.” They’re considerably bigger, G- or H-cups, at least, but Jasmine wears a smaller bra because “I like the way they make my boobs look.” And that’s good enough reason for me.

You see, Jasmine, who’s set to make her worldwide debut next week at SCORELAND, is not one to hide her assets. She’s been wearing tight, low-cut tops for as long as she’s had big boobs (which is for as long as she can remember), and she’s very excited to have the chance to whip off her top and bra and show you her tits. She told me so. Her story is one you’re going to enjoy hearing, but that’s for another day (Tuesday and Wednesday, for example).

By the way, Jasmine combines boobs and brains, and one of her favorite shows is Jersey Shore. I know, those facts don’t quite mesh, but who am I to talk? I watch Millionaire Matchmaker.

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Catt: A Handy Girl To Have At Your Side

August 6, 2011 by Elliot James 10 Comments
Catt Green is about to practice her backhand stroke at SCORELAND.

Catt Green is about to practice her backhand stroke at SCORELAND.

You met Catt Green at the end of June. The creamy 18 year-old redhead with 36G all-naturals had never modeled before. How did fate intervene and guide her here to SCORELAND? Randomness, friends. Sheer luck. Sometimes it’s random. We put the question to Catt. “I saw a stack of magazines at my friend’s house and I thought that it looked like fun. It’s just inspiring seeing girls with tits as big as mine. And I wanted to be with them.”

If Catt hadn’t seen those mags and then contacted us, she would not be here right now yanking our chain this weekend in her first Tits & Tugs. Yup, Catt seized the moment and seized something else too while she was here.

Catt will be in Holiday ’11 SCORE (on sale October 4) and in Holiday ’11 Voluptuous (on sale October 16). Maybe someone will see those issues and be inspired to model just like Catt was.

Let’s have a big hand for Catt. And one for Lady Luck too. They’re both hot.

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Micky @ SCORELAND. Huge boobs. Lovely face.

July 13, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments
Micky Melts Montego

Micky Melts Montego.

In a double debut, the amazin’ Micky is appearing at SCORELAND this week right on the heels (which are red and very high) of her debut at XLGirls.com in Montego Babes and in her own separate video and pictorial, “The Miracle Of Micky’s Mountains.”

This is a photo from SCORELAND. She really stresses out that bikini top in “Micky Melts Montego.”

Micky’s first print magazine is the November ’11 Voluptuous, on sale August 23rd. No need to ask who the covergirl is.

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