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Bella is a SCORE Girl! Bella is a SCORE Girl!

November 24, 2009 by Dave 3 Comments

By popular demand, Bella is a SCORE Girl.

By popular demand, Bella is a SCORE Girl.

Okay, it doesn’t quite have the ring of, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!” but for a big-boobed babe, being told she’s a SCORE Girl is just about the same thing as winning the big one (unless you’re Jade from Australia, who seems to have the goods but is playing hard-to-get with us). Last week, I told you about Bella, a 100% amateur from Michigan who was in our studio shooting for Naughty Neighbors magazine. We took one look at her tits and thought, “She might be a SCORE Girl,” but we couldn’t decide. So, I shot some video of her and left it up to you guys. Well, the bloggers have spoken. We asked, “Is Bella a SCORE Girl?” and 82% of your replied in the affirmative. That’s good enough for us. Of course, the voting might have been skewed because none of you are going to pass up the opportunity to see a hot chick naked, and Bella is definitely a hot chick, but she’s a big-titted hot chick, and we’re looking forward to seeing her on SCORELAND. Of course, when Bella said, “Sure, I’ll fuck for the camera,” that pretty much sealed the deal.

There’s a lot of voting going on these days in these parts. First, there’s “The Best of the Decade,” which is now down to 39 girls. There were many surprise eliminations early on, but a lot of big names (and very big racks) remain: Karina Hart, Renee Ross, Christy Marks, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova, Nadine Jansen, Angela White, Nicole Peters, Natalie Fiore, and on and on. Uh-oh. Did I just put a bullseye on those girls?

It’s also awards time, and voting has kicked off at SCORELAND (and in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines) for the annual awards. Over at V-Mag, Ashley Sage Ellison and Renee Ross are leading the voting for Newcomer of the Year; Christy Marks, Karina Hart, Janet Jade and Natalie Fiore are very tight in the running for Model of the Year; and Maria Moore and Samantha have a good chance of keeping Sapphire from winning Plumper of the Year for the fourth straight year.

The SCORE voting is fascinating and reflects a split between online voters and magazine voters. For Newcomer, the magazine guys like Ashley Sage Ellison and Faith, while the online guys like Eva Notty, then Ashley and Faith. For Model of the Year, the magazine guys like Karina Hart and Christy with Minka slightly behind, while the online guys are rolling up a runaway for Karina Hart (Crystal Gunns is the only girl who’s close). And for the Hall of Fame, the magazine guys have Cindy Cupps and Sharday running tit-to-tit with Casey James about a bra length behind, while the online guys have Autumn-Jade in the lead over Sharday and Casey with Cindy not even in the picture.

Of course, we’re still very early in the voting. And if you haven’t voted yet, vote now!

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Is Bella a SCORE Girl? You decide!

November 20, 2009 by Dave 12 Comments

This is Bella, she’s a 100% amateur from Michigan and she’s in our studio today shooting for Naughty Neighbors magazine. As you’re about to see, she has big, natural tits. Bigger than probably 90% of the women on the planet…and 99.9% of the women who are as slim as she is. But is she a SCORE Girl? Does she measure up where it counts? We have to make these tough decisions every day here at SCORELAND, and when we saw Bella’s test shots, our first reaction was, “She’s not quite big enough. Too borderline.” But then we saw her in person. Should we change our minds? Should we invite Bella into the hallowed pages of SCORE and onto SCORELAND? Watch the video. Vote in this weekend’s poll. Make your comments below. Her future is in your–ahem–hands.–Dave

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Now, naked on camera for the first time…

November 5, 2009 by Dave 4 Comments

Unless you’re 1.) One of her ex-boyfriends or 2.) One of her girlie friends, you’ve never seen Kaytee Carter naked before. That’s because she has never, ever gotten naked in front of a camera (even for begging boyfriends who want some snapshots for proof that they bagged her), has never stripped, has never even been to a nude beach. As fresh new boobs go, they don’t come any fresher or newer than this I-cup natural from San Diego by way of Oregon.

I promise you, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kaytee on SCORELAND in the not-too-distant future. But for now, I give you this video (which, I admit, is a bit of a tease), and these Kaytee tidbits:

Occupation: Massage therapist (yes, you read it right).

Favorite sport: Football (she’s a San Diego Chargers fan).

Hobbies: Camping, shooting guns, fishing and anything adventurous.

Discovered by: A friend who reads SCORE.

Fetish: “I admit I like it rough at times. I like to be tied up and spanked.”

Spank it, blog readers.

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New boobs!! New PIERCED boobs!!

October 4, 2009 by Maria 23 Comments

Yes, it’s me again. Back with more new tits.

🙂 (Every time I write that it brings a smile to my face. Doesn’t it make you happy, too?) 🙂

Her name is Carrie Ashton. She is 22 years old and she has never shot before. Yup…fresh tit-flesh all the way from Kansas City. How exciting! I sat down with her and we chit-chatted about football and about sports. (She loves sports. My kinda chick!) It was her first time and she was nervous, but like all the interview cherries I take, I was gentle.

Carrie has great E-cup boobs and a pretty face! And her nipples are BOTH PIERCED. There is something about those pierced pups that is a huge turn on. Maybe it’s because in my mind, it means that the Carrie’s nipples are uber-sensitive and that she likes them pulled on and played with during sex. (SHE DOES!)

For now, check out this video with this Kansas City cutie and new big-boob find.

And stayed tuned to the blog for more video and questions with Carrie, who is soon to become one of your faves. 🙂



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New TITS!! Melonie! Yum! Yum! Yum!

September 30, 2009 by Maria 13 Comments

Ah, I love my job.

Allow me to introduce you to Melonie, a mammary-blessed hottie from Las Vegas. She is a tiny, little thing and then WHAMMO! G-cup tits. They are fantastic, full and high and you just want to cup them and give them a shake. These are what I refer to as pillow tits. The kind of bosom that you lay your head on and all of a sudden you get this euphoric feeling like everything is good and right with the world.

Melonie has never modeled before. (Don’t you just love first-timers? God knows I do!) I got to take Melonie’s interview cherry, and we chit-chatted a little bit about this and that. Melonie has just finished shooting her first solo photoset EVER. That’s impressive. And what’s more impressive is that she’s going to do her first boy-girl today, too.

You will be seeing Melonie in an upcoming issue of V-Mag, so keep your eyes peeled for her interview and debut. For now, enjoy this video of sexy Melonie…what a great find!



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New TITS! Anna Kay, corn-fed cutie.

September 24, 2009 by Maria 21 Comments

I love it when I walk into the studio and I hear my favorite words:

“Maria, there is a new V-Mag model in here today.”

Every time I hear those words, it’s like Christmas! Why? Because I know that a.) I’m gonna get to see boobs I’ve never seen before! (YAY!) and b.) You are going to get to see boobs that you have never seen before. (Double YAY!)

Well, this was one of those new tits days!

This fresh pair of tits belongs to the lovely and stacked Anna Kay, a super-hottie from Indiana. Not only is Anna a cutie, but she is also a sweetie. After a long day of filming XXX video (Her first time doing boy/girl, just FYI…), Anna took the time to let us get to know her a bit and to show us her rack! (Her tits are AMAZING!)

You can see more of Anna in the upcoming Holiday ’09 issue of V-Mag (With a very-revealing interview, too!), but until then, check her out here compliments of me, your fellow boob-lovin’ editor.



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Stick it in, Aileen!

August 5, 2009 by Dave 2 Comments

Aileen Ghettman, a new FF-cup natural from Marietta, Georgia, enjoys her first on-camera fuck today at SCORELAND. The first time I met Aileen, she told me she likes getting guys off by sticking her finger in their assholes and wiggling it around.

“I take a latex glove and slide it down my hand, and then I take my index finger and play around your asshole,” she said, although she couldn’t have possibly meant my asshole. “Then I insert it to the end until I hit the prostate, and I milk the prostate gland. You’ll just keep cumming, and you won’t be able to stop.”

For the uninitiated, Aileen is talking about giving prostate massages. Now, I’ve never had one, but I’m kinda wondering if anybody out there has. Was it good? I mean, a chick like Aileen tells you to get down on your hands and knees and stick your butt in the air so she can jam a finger up your asshole…do you do it?

Aileen is full of surprises. She’s so quiet, so girl-next-doorish. Other models who have met her in the studio all tell her the same thing: “You seem too nice to be a dominatrix.” She definitely doesn’t seem like the type of girl who goes around sticking her finger up guys’ asses.

Then again, what kind of girl is that?

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Scarlett Rouge: What a knockout!

July 31, 2009 by Maria 5 Comments

Hey, tit-lovers! Yesterday was another exciting day for me at the office because I got to hang out with newcomer Scarlett Rogue, a buxom, blonde hottie from Buffalo, New York. I got to follow her around all day with our videographer, Jose, and I even scored a video interview with her while she was doing her first XXX scene EVER!!!! (I know…my job is tough. How do I ever get through the day, having to hang out with a bombshell with 38E guns? lol) Scarlet loves sports. We talked football, rugby (yes, she plays rugby!) and boxing. She even gave me a demo of her boxing prowess, and it didn’t hurt that her tits were practically popping out of her top at the time. Trust me when I say that if you ever have to get your ass kicked by a chick, make sure she has big tits! Who wouldn’t want to get a stacked smack-down? But you don’t have to imagine what Scarlett looks like when she is topless and throwing punches because I had Lester, our video editor, edit a video of Scarlett showing you her jab and her jugs! Check it out below!


PS: BONUS! At the beginning of the video you see Renee Ross, one of our new exclusive V-Mag girls! What can I say? It’s SCORELAND…this place is crawling with big-titted chicks!

PPS: It was Scarlett’s birthday yesterday! This cutie turned 20! Happy Birthday, Scarlett!

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Renee Ross is a V-Girl!

July 26, 2009 by Maria 1 Comment

Renee Ross is destined for greatness.

Renee Ross is destined for greatness.

Renee really knows how to fill a sweater.

Renee really knows how to fill a sweater.

I’m really excited to announce (or leak early without permission, depending on who you’re talking to) that Renee Ross is making her debut in the October 2009 issue of Voluptuous. She’s the covergirl, too, and the issue officialy goes on sale July 28th. Renee looks so HOT! I am sure you will want to get your hands on this issue because it’s the first of many featuring this J-cup phenomenon. It’s sure to be a collector’s item because Renee has all the makings (tits, face, etc.) of a superstar.

A little background info: Renee is a naughty nurse from Virginia. She’s five-feet, five-inches tall, packs those cans into a 40J-cup bra, measures 48-32-40 and lists her hobbies as “shopping, sleeping and masturbating with my silver bullet.”

Renee stars in her own video called Tits Tits Tits! Guys, this video has some serious boob-play action (I’ll try to post a clip soon). You can grab your copy at eBoobStore.com.


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