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New at XLGirls.com: Oksana Rose

February 8, 2018 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Oksana does her first professional shoot.

Oksana Rose: girl-next-door.

“Someone I know suggested I contact XL Girls, so here I am,” Oksana said.

She’s a cam girl who quit her “vanilla” job, as Oksana called it, and decided to show her goodies.

We’ve heard this before from other girls.

She’s happier now. So are we.



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Rub-a-dub-dub, Roxee Robinson’s in the tub

November 10, 2017 by Dave 3 Comments

Roxee’s gonna scrub this guy clean.

And she’s not alone today at XLGirls.com. The plush Canadian plumper has some company. As Elliot writes of today’s photo and video postings, “Roxee Robinson hit it off big-time with Tom. He was taking a bath when Roxee strolled into the bathroom and wanted his attention. She got that attention 100%.”

How could she not?

You know my posting the other day about busty babes with the best pussies? I’m adding Rocki Roads to my list. Angela White, too. Angela’s pussy is at its best in the stuff we shot during the Big Boob Paradise group shoot in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.

What do you think Hitomi’s spread pussy looks like?

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My oh Mya, you have to see the tits and mouth on newcomer Mya Blair

September 1, 2016 by Dave 10 Comments

Mya could teach some girls a thing or two about sucking cock.

Today, a great new girl with DDD-cup naturals and a deep throat makes her debut at XLGirls.com.

Yes, I said a deep throat. I know because I saw her sucking cock when I interviewed her. Not only did she get all of our stud’s cock in her mouth but she got her tongue out, too, to lick the balls. That’s a special skill not every girl has, especially a girl who’s only 22. She also likes to gag on cock. I know that because I saw it, too: She forced herself to gag on the stud’s cock. Then he did the nose plug on her, and she didn’t back off at all. She just kept on sucking.

Her name: Mya Blair. She’s from the Carolinas (born in North, lives in South). She did it all when she was in our studio. She even got ass-fucked by two guys.

But, first, today, we get to know her better with a solo pictorial and video.  Elliot has Mya’s first XXX scheduled for September 30th.

Coming soon to SCORELAND: brand-new Minka and Danielle Derek. We hadn’t seen either of them in a long time. I was sure Danielle had retired. Danielle hasn’t shot for anyone in years, but it was like she had never left. Danielle was deep-throating and taking it up the ass like she’d never left.

Minka: Looks great. Her new stuff goes up at SCORELAND next Saturday, September 10th.


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What’s Allie Pearson going to do with that cock? The question is: What has she already done with it?

January 30, 2016 by Dave 16 Comments

Allie's having a good time. She wants you to have a good time.

This photo is actually from near the end of Allie Pearson’s first scene with a guy, at XLGirls.com. At this point, Allie has already jacked the cock. She’s tit-fucked the cock. And she’s sucked the cock. The cock is about to deposit cum all over Allie’s huge naturals and pretty face.

Allie’s arrival was one of the big big-tit stories of 2015. Her tit-fuck/cock-suck debut is, so far, the biggest story of 2016.

What will she do next? Is all-the-way XXX in her future? I think it is. So far, she hasn’t done it. But I think she will.

This weekend at SCORELAND: Roxi Red and her giant hooters and the debut of Danni Lynne.


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Is Renee Ross the greatest XL Girl ever? And if she isn’t, who is?

May 14, 2014 by Dave 47 Comments

The great Renee Ross and her spectacular naturals.

I’m asking because we’re in the process of building the 15th anniversary issue of XL Girls magazine, and it will revolve around the greatest XL Girls ever. Now, you can pretty much guarantee that Renee, Samantha 38G, Sapphire, Micky Bells, Dors Feline, Ashley Sage Ellison, Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden will be in this issue. But who else? Who’s on your no-brainer list of girls who undoubtedly should be in this issue? Have Jennica Lynn and Lavina Dream been around long enough? And who do you think is the greatest XL Girl ever. Is it Renee?

Of course, to qualify, the girl had to have appeared in XL Girls magazine at least once.


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Announcing the finalists for 2013 V-mag Plumper of the Year

September 29, 2013 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Renee Ross

Arianna Sinn

Yes, it’s only late September, but in the publishing world, 2013 is just about over. The Holiday 2013 issue of Voluptuous isn’t officially scheduled to go on-sale until October 15, but judging by the emails I’ve been receiving, the issue is already in a lot of peoples’ hands. How does this happen? Lots of ways. Too many to explain.

And today, I received this email from M.W. Subject line: “My 2013 Awards Votes.”

That’s right. This year, we’re announcing the finalists for the 2013 V-mag awards in the Holiday 2013 issue, and rather than spill all of the beans at once, I’m going to announce the finalists one category at a time, little by little, blog by blog.

Let’s start with Plumper of the Year. The 10 finalists are Kendra Lee Ryan, Janne Hollan, Nikki Smith, Arianna Sinn, Micky Bells, Kristina Milan, Scarlet LaVey, Rene Love, Roxanne Miller and Renee Ross.

Kristina Milan

Micky Bells

There are four standout superstars in this category–Renee, Kristina, Micky and Arianna–to go along with four 2013 newcomers (Kendra Lee, Scarlet, Nikki and Rene Love). I would be a little shocked if one of the superstars didn’t win, although Nikki has done so much XXX this year that she might pull an upset, as might Scarlet. Kristina won two years ago and is a perennial favorite among V-men. But has the time come for Queen of Cleavage Micky Bells to become Queen of the Plumpers?

Who will get your vote?

Next week: the finalists for Ass of the Year.


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Just when you thought it was safe to profess your devotion to Jennica Lynn…along comes newcomer Lavina Dream. But, hey, at XLGirls.com, you can have both girls.

September 1, 2013 by Dave 8 Comments

Lavina squeezes ’em together so you can squeeze one out.

Last week, I mentioned that September is going to be a big month at XLGirls.com. Well, that big month kicks off Monday with the debut of Lavina Dream, a DDD-cup cutie from Romania. Lavina is the perfect plumper with plenty of curves and huge, natural tits, and you’re really going to love her. Yeah, I know, you’ve already fallen in love with Jennica Lynn. Well, among the great things about XLGirls.com and SCORELAND.com is that you can fall in love with more than one girl at a time, and they’re not going to get mad or jealous.

Lavina introduces herself with a video interview. Then, next Tuesday the 10th, her first video and photo sets.

And the month is just getting started.


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Lisa Canon dares to go where few XL Girls have gone before

July 12, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

A little bit of foreplay before Lisa gets fucked in her pussy and ass at the same time.

The first time Lisa Canon appeared at XLGirls.com, she said, “I was reading the magazine and saw the ad for models so I called the number. I’ve never tried any nude modeling before. It was one of the things I’ve always wanted to do although I’ve always been a private person. Now I can say that I’ve done it.”

Before breaking her on-camera boy-girl cherry, Lisa said, “I love sex and lots of it but I’ve never done this with a guy in front of a camera. I’m really very, very nervous!”

After breaking her on-camera interracial cherry, Lisa said, “It didn’t take me long to decide to try boy-girl. I guess it’s not for everyone but it is for me. I hope that shows! Being filmed having sex is so different than having sex with a boyfriend back home. I feel different. I’m not the shy, quiet Lisa.”

After her first anal scene, in which the guy came inside her butthole, Lisa told us, “Before I came to XL Girls, I never even thought I’d have sex with a guy on-camera, and now I’m doing this. It’s fun, but I can’t believe it!”

And today at XL Girls.com, Lisa goes one step further into territory even many porn stars never enter…Lisa gets DP’d on-camera for the first time. I mean, Brandy Talore has done hundreds of scenes, but she’s never done anal, no less DP.

Said Lisa, “I was so excited I could barely sit still before the guys showed up! I’d been thinking about this since it was arranged. Those boys took real good care of me.”

It’s not often that a real girl-next-door goes this far. Lisa hopes you enjoy her video as much as she enjoyed making it. The photos, too, of course.

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Just in case you’re wondering why they call her the “Queen of Cleavage”…

April 1, 2013 by Dave 11 Comments

Micky Bells definitely is the Queen of Cleavage.

This photo is so spectacular, I don’t know what to say, so I won’t say much. I don’t even know what the rest of the photos look like because I couldn’t get past the cleavage shots. No wonder Micky Bells is the Queen of Cleavage. And if you need more clues, check her out today and tomorrow at XLGirls.com. Amazing.

On another topic, I’ve been teasing the July ’13 issue of SCORE for a while. Well, some people have already received their subscription copies, it just might be at your local magazine seller right now and the digital version will be available at eBoobStore.com in about a week. A lot of you have been asking what it’s all about, but rather than give my version, I’m going to pass along a reader’s review of the issue that showed up in my email on Friday.

Ed from Des Moines, Iowa writes: “A pretty decently thick magazine and perfect bound instead of saddle stitched. I normally dislike the rehash magazines, but this one was pretty good, even touching upon some of the history of SCORE.

“I think I must have been more of a V-mag and NN subscriber in the 90s, and I came from subscribing to Gent first. I didn’t really care much for the fake-breasted strippers in the 90s, but then at some point, I realized that the little flat-chested girls I was seeing in NN wasn’t doing anything for me so I transferred that subscription to SCORE and have subscribed to both of the big-tit magazines since.

“Normal current issues of SCORE seem to feature more beautiful naturals…So funny that the COLLECTOR’S issue has some of those November 2009 photos of Faith. I was just looking through that issue and was kinda stuck on a few of the stunning pictures…and, yes, she does spread in that layout… yet she  looks like such a voluptuous goddess.

“Anyway… thanks… take care… keep up the great work.”

Okay, I’ll give you a few more details:

• 164 pages

• Perfect-bound, like a book

• The greatest photos in the history of SCORE.

Coming soon. Or maybe here already.

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What does Julia Juggs do tomorrow that I don’t think I’ve seen in 20 years?

February 13, 2013 by Dave Leave your thoughts

The Juggs Show begins today at XLGirls.com.

DDD-cup bad girl Julia Juggs returns to XLGirls.com today. It’s a solo scene, and Julia looks great. I’m sure she’s bustier than before. But tomorrow…let me tell you about tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Julia plays a secretary. The boss, Mr. Rubino, calls Julia into his office. He wants her to take some dictation. He’s tongue-tied. He can’t stop staring at her tits. They’re pouring out of her top. Some might say this is not appropriate office attire, but I think it’s perfectly appropriate. He’s so distracted, he can barely put a sentence together.

“Mr. Rubino, is everything okay? You seem very distracted today,” Julia says, well aware of what’s distracting him.

Turns out Mr. Rubino had a rough night. He had to sleep on the couch. Says Julia, “Mr. Rubino, if you were my man, you would never be sleeping on the couch. Is there anything I can do to help you relax a little bit?”

She rubs his crotch. She strokes his tie. Ties are very phallic. Julia’s jugs are huge, which is why she’s Julia Juggs. Before long, Mr. Rubino is feasting on Julia’s jugs and fingering her bald cunt. Yeah, I said cunt. It’s okay. I didn’t call Julia a cunt. I called her pussy a cunt. There’s a huge difference.

Then Julia asks him if she can suck his dick. This is a question that does not require an answer. Julia sucks the dick like it’s a lollipop, and when she sucks, she makes sure her tits jiggle. She slobbers all over his dick.

And then, at about the 10:22 mark of the video, she does something you don’t see too often. In fact, you’re lucky if you see it once in a generation. Little Oral Annie did this back in the 1980s, I think in Inside Little Oral Annie. Now Julia’s doing it.

Do you want to know what Julia does? Should I tell you?

Okay, I’ll tell you. Here’s what she does: She deep-throats his cock to the bottom, and when she gets there, she licks his balls at the same time.

I’m sure something else happens in this video. Elliot tells me that Julia fucks and gives up her ass. But I never got that far. Cock and balls in Julia’s mouth at the same time. Somewhere, Little Oral Annie is smiling.

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