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Give yourself the gift of Gya

January 7, 2013 by Elliot James 15 Comments

Tits and suds.

I enjoy Gya Roberts’ happy-go-lucky personality and her direct, girl-next-door nature. When I look at her photos or videos, I can almost see the energy coiled up inside her. She has that lust for life that the camera picks up. It’s like she can’t wait to take her clothes off and start swinging her tits like bell clappers. I can picture her running naked in a green field on sunny days. In slow motion, like in a shampoo commercial.

Doing a sweater justice.

I’d love to see a shower video of Gya. But she’s so hot-looking, she’d turn the water into steam and fog up the lens.

I’m also very impressed by Gya’s very pliable boobs. Many models can’t self-suck their own nipples. Gya is a virtual gold medalist at that.

“If they ignore my breasts when we are fucking, it is like they are ignoring me,” Gya said. “That is not good. I need a lot of attention paid to my breasts. I like it when a man sucks on my breasts when I am riding him. I have a fetish for sucking my nipples, actually. It began when I started masturbating on cam. I would touch my breasts and one day, I realized that my nipples were very sensitive. So, since they were so big, I started licking my nipples while I touched myself and I found that I could cum faster when I did that, so I began sucking them while I masturbated and now it is one of my biggest fetishes. I love having my nipples sucked on for hours! It feels very good. If there is no one to do it for me, I will suck on them myself.”

Without nipples, tits would be pointless.

Gya has videos in four DVD collections:

Full Figured Foxes 2

Montego Babes

Ready For Stuffing

The Greatest Big Bust DVD Ever Volume 3

Check out the trailers at eBoobStore.com.

Eager to lose every stitch.

This week in birthdays: Europe Dichan (Jan. 5), Chantz Fortune (Jan. 6), Rukhsana (Jan. 6), Sofia Staks (Jan . 7), Miss Skarlett K (Jan. 7) and Maserati (Jan. 8 )






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I give thanks to those who give us their T&A

November 26, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

The new DVD Ready For Stuffing. Yes, they are.

Thanksgiving may be over for another year, but for me, it’s something I celebrate every day because I give thanks every single day for huge-boobed ladies, especially the ones who toss off their bras and panties here.

It kind of goes boob-in-bra-cup with the holiday I singlehandedly created in another Blog, National Areolae Day. When I am elected president, this holiday will become a federal one.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, the title of this new DVD at eBoobStore is a phrase you may have heard at the Thanksgiving table last week: Ready For Stuffing.

It’s right hours on four discs and stars 30 models! The complete list of girls is in the eBoobStore description.

The gal on the cover is the California goddess Michelle May, one of the many primo babes selected for this collection.

Assuming you watch one scene a day, it’ll take you a month to watch this DVD.  I call that a deal a tit-man can’t refuse.



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