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Nos. 6-20 have been announced. It’s time for the final countdown in SCORELAND‘s “20 for 20”

June 24, 2012 by Dave 42 Comments

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was voted the greatest SCORE Girl of all-time by SCORE readers. Will SCORELAND members agree? Will the great LDM, #1 in big boobs since 1996, reign supreme?

Over the past three weeks, we’ve been unveiling, one-by-one, SCORELAND members’ choices in “20 for 20,” the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. Here’s what we have so far:

No. 20: SaRenna Lee

No. 19: Venera

No. 18: Natalie Fiore

No. 17: Danni Ashe

No. 16: Sharday

No. 15: Terry Nova

No. 14: Lorna Morgan

No. 13: Angela White

No. 12: Valory Irene

No. 11: Eva Notty

No. 10: Hitomi

No. 9: Leanne Crow

No. 8: Autumn-Jade

No. 7: Kerry Marie

No. 6: Nicole Peters

Starting Monday at approximately four p.m. Eastern Daylight Time, we’ll begin revealing the Top 5, culminating with No. 1 on Friday. That’s right, on Friday, we’ll announce SCORELAND members’ pick for the greatest SCORE Girl ever. Magazine readers have already said it’s Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Did the web guys agree?

Five days to go…which means you only have five more chances to win one of the “20 for 20” gift packs (they include a limited-edition SCORE shirt, a limited-edition SCORE cap, a DVD of your choice, a magazine of your choice and a month of website membership of your choice). They’re literally prized possessions. S.G., one of the winners, wrote to Elliot:

“The prize pack arrived today and as usual, I was blown away by all of it. Amazing stuff of the highest quality..I can’t thank you enough. You all really put together a STELLAR product, whether it be print, online or product. It is so obvious that you and your colleagues work your fucking asses off, evidenced by the everyday at SCORELAND and even more so when you all put on a contest such as this.”

Thanks for the kind words, S.G.

Who do you think will land in the Top 5?


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There’s a party going on at SCORELAND. So far, there haven’t been any party poopers

June 20, 2012 by Dave 5 Comments

Leanne Crow measures up among the Top 20 SCORE Girls ever.

Among the things I’ve enjoyed most so far in the “20 for 20” celebration at SCORELAND are the comments members have been posting regarding the day-by-day unveiling of the Top 20 SCORE Girls of all-time. The comments have been interesting and at the same time civil (in most cases). It’s nice when you guys find a way to compliment a model without criticizing another model (or find a way to say something not-so-positive about a girl without sounding quite-so-negative). The good stuff started on the first day with the unveiling of SaRenna Lee at No. 20. Wrote Jorga, “Really people?? SaRenna should’ve at least made the top 5.” Added SB, “I agree- top three- could even peg her as #1.” But I also liked crajosto’s comment: “This is very sad – she is worthy of the top 3 – most recent popular girls in SCORE should really be Voluptuous models – there should be a cut off at 27 inch waist.”

Okay, that’s a biting criticism. But notice how crajosto didn’t name names. He stated his opinion in a very diplomatic manner.

Some people were surprised that Venera finished 19th. Some people might be surprised that there could actually be 18 girls better than her.

When Venera landed at No. 19, babyblue eyes said what a lot of us were thinking: “Why should it be such a surprise that a newcomer would rate this high? Combine this with yesterday’s gnashing of teeth that SaRenna Lee was only No. 20, and what you can surmise is that there isn’t a lot of historical context among SCORELAND members. Those of us who have been around long enough to have bought SCORE and Voluptuous when they were first issued on the newsstand have an appreciation for the ‘legends’ of the industry, but the number of online votes placed by those early readers are no doubt overwhelmed by those who grew up in the Internet era and might not have sufficient recollection of the likes of Chloe Vevrier or Danni Ashe. But that’s true in any all-time rankings done by popular vote: what’s been published most recently is most recent in the reader’s thoughts.”

My thoughts exactly. But then again…if it’s really true that SCORELAND members lack historical perspective…well, I don’t want to give away the rest of the results, but I will tell you that there’s a lot of historical perspective in the top four, which will be revealed next week. So I’m not sure history has anything to do with it. Of course, that’s a subject for debate.

Members have been reminiscing, which is one of the things a celebration like this is all about. They’ve been telling us who they had in their top five. They’ve been talking about girls who didn’t make the list (so far, that is). They’ve been taking about their love affair with big boobs. There has been a lot of spirited back and forth.

Hitomi is great, but is she too new to be considered among the greatest ever?

Another example of respectful criticism came when Hitomi was unveiled at No. 10. Carney22 wrote, “Not to take anything away from Hitomi; she’s quite lovely, and her breasts are stupendous. But this is just another model whose career began far too recently to be rated this high. This is supposed to be a 20th anniversary series, not a best-of-the-last three years feature. But that’s what you get when you let the readers do the rankings online.”

Okay. Fair enough. But, like I said, get ready for the top four. And remember: SaRenna, Danni, Lorna and Kerry didn’t exactly make their debuts yesterday. They all debuted in the 1990s.

Of course, sometimes, people can’t help but show their fangs, which happened yesterday when Leanne Crow came in at No. 8. Wrote Chuck, “In my humble opinion, to have a model who has never shown pink and never done a b/g scene and is put number 9 in the all time models of SCORE for the last 20 years says one thing…RIGGED! And don’t go talkin about how beautiful she is cause several models placed after her are better looking and definitely show a whole lot more. I’d be willing to bet a Yankee dollar that Ashley Sage Ellison will wind up in the top 5. Gotta take care of them English models, right?”

Well, Chuck, as for Ashley Sage Ellison, you owe us a Yankee dollar. Ashley wasn’t on the “20 for 20” ballot.

As for your accusation that the whole thing was rigged…well, Chuck, if it was rigged, SaRenna Lee would’ve been in the top three.

Anyway, gentlemen and ladies, keep commenting like gentlemen and ladies. This party has been a blast, and we still have eight days to go!




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Question No. 1: Who is today’s “20 for 20” girl at SCORELAND? Question No. 2: Can you correctly answer three SCORE trivia questions? Most people can’t!

June 8, 2012 by Dave 9 Comments

These belong to the girl who placed No. 18 in our "20 for 20" voting. The action continues today at SCORELAND.

So the “20 for 20” celebration continues today at SCORELAND with the announcement of our 18th-best SCORE Girl of all-time as voted by SCORELAND members, and I can tell you a few things about this girl:

1. Initials N.F.

2. Tits get bigger every time we hook up with her, which is impressive since she’s 100% natural.

3. She’s the first of several girls who didn’t make it into the Top 20 named by magazine readers but did make it into the Top 20 as voted by website members. What does that mean? Hey, you tell me!

Also continuing today (and tomorrow, too) is the daily gift-pack trivia contest in which members have a chance to win a limited-edition 20th anniversary cap and shirt, among other goodies, and let me tell you something: I’m surprised. When Elliot and I first thought up the questions, we wondered, “Are they too easy?” Well, the answer is a big, gigantic NO!

The way it works is, each day, we present three SCORE-related trivia questions. Answer all three correctly and you get entered into a random drawing for one of 20 gift packs. Well, so far, I’d say about 10% of contest entrants have answered all three questions correctly.

On Day One, the answer that tripped up most people was, “How many times did the Boob Cruise sail?” The correct answer was five, but almost everybody answered six. Surprisingly, most people correctly answered the one about the real-life farmer’s daughter who grew up working on a hops farm. The answer is Kaytee Carter, and when Elliot devised that question, I said to him, “Nobody’s going to get that right.” But almost everybody did.

On Day Two, almost everybody knew that Lorna Morgan poured heavy cream over her body in Key Largo, Florida, but a lot of people thought Chloe Vevrier’s first SCORE shoot was in London, England (it was actually in Eleuthera, the Bahamas), and not a lot of people knew that Lisa Lipps had brought her own stud to a SCORE hardcore shoot.

Well, I’m glad the questions haven’t been too easy. That makes it more fun. I’m not sure which of today’s questions will stump readers. There’s one about whose first XXX scene was a threesome, then there’s one about Autumn-Jade’s growth spurt and another about Tawny Peaks.

All I can say is that those gift-packs are going to be well-earned, and if you happen to win one, wear that cap and shirt proudly. In my opinion, you’re the big-boob world equal of any Jeopardy champion.

The Day 2 winner was A.E.W. of Silver Spring, Maryland. Congratulations!

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Why are these girls smiling? Because it’s SCORE’s 20th anniversary. And they got a hat!

June 6, 2012 by Dave 6 Comments

I betcha you're staring at Siri's 20th anniversary cap and wondering how you can get one.

Twenty years ago this month, L.A. Bust touched her nips on the cover of SCORE, and a new era in big-boob magazines blasted off.

Newcomer Goldie Ray got a limited-edition 20th anniversary cap because she has big tits and a nice smile.

Today at SCORELAND, we celebrate 20 years of No. 1 in Big Boobs with the launch of our “20 for 20” celebration. In early May, we asked SCORELAND members to choose the 20 greatest SCORE Girls of all time. They responded in large numbers. And today, we’re starting the countdown to No. 1 with the girl voted the 20th greatest SCORE Girl ever. And she is…

Well, I’m not saying. I mean, really, there’s a party going on right now in the members area of SCORELAND, a celebration to last throughout the month, and if you want to be part of it, go to it! That’s right: Don’t just sit outside and try to sneak a peek in the window. Go inside! Join the fun!

A tip of the 20th anniversary cap to you, too, Brandy Dean!

Of course, if there’s an anniversary celebration going on, there has to be gifts, and we’re bringing the gifts to our own party: a daily gift-pack giveaway. The gift pack includes a limited-edition SCORE 20th anniversary cap and shirt, a free DVD of your choice, a free magazine of your choice and a one-month pass to any one of our websites.

Rachel Love is thinking, "I wonder what happened to my 20th anniversary shirt?"

And about that cap and shirt: By limited edition, I mean very limited edition. There aren’t a lot of them. In fact, other than the ones we made for SCORE Girls to model and the ones some SCORE staffers own, there are, right now, exactly 20 special “20th anniversary” hats and 20 special “20th anniversary” shirts out there for the taking, and we’re going to give away all of them, one each day that a “20 for 20” girl is announced.

You can not buy them. They are not for sale. You can’t have one of the ones that SCORE staffers received. They’re ours. If you want a 20th anniversary hat and shirt, you’re going to have to get lucky.

By the way…the “20 for 20” results? I don’t agree with them. I have as much of a beef with these results as I did with the “Best of the Decade” voting. I think the voters got some of them right and some of them wrong. Most of them right. But a few key ones wrong. I think that the girl who finished at No. 20 should have been in the top three, top five at worst. But, like everyone else out there, I had one only vote.

Of course, unlike everyone else out there, I have a hat and a shirt.


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Okay, I’m going to ask you one more time: What do you think about SCORE girls sucking on fake cocks?

May 12, 2012 by Dave 22 Comments

Merilyn Sakova tit-fucks and sucks a big, fake cock. Do you like this?

Here’s one of the things about being the editor of an international magazine with a wide circulation: You can’t please every single person. What I’m saying is, if your circulation is 50 or a hundred, you had better cater to the exact needs of every single person. But when you’re up where we are at SCORE and SCORELAND? You can try to please everyone, but it’s not going to work.

For example, preggers. Some guys love ’em. They want to see them all the time. Other guys hate them. Never want to see them. Well, it’s impossible to make both sides happy, so what do we do? We try to give the pregger lovers enough of what they want without turning off the guys who don’t like preggers.

Hardcore. Now, there isn’t much of a debate about this online. Most SCORELAND members love hardcore. But it’s a different story in the magazine. Sure, most readers like the XXX layouts, but then there are the guys who act offended when a single hard cock shows up in the magazine, even if it’s fucking a SCORE Girl. These guys go ape shit. They threaten to quit. And then I have to explain to them, very tenderly, that we’re not publishing a magazine for one person. We’re publishing a magazine for a lot of people, and I hate to put it this bluntly, but if you don’t like what you see, turn the page. The thing you don’t like to see will be over quickly, and you’ll be back to looking at the things you love.

There are times, though, when we think we have a pretty good handle on the vast majority of our readers and members. Just about all of them, in fact. Such is the case with dildos and other fuck toys. Back in the early 2000s, a girl fucking herself with a dildo in a magazine was a big deal, partly because we had never seen such a thing in newsstand magazines. That made it hot. But over time, most SCORE readers and SCORELAND members have soured a bit on dildos. They’d rather see the girl’s unobstructed pussy or, perhaps, the girl fucking herself with her own fingers.

But then, just when I think I have the whole thing figured out, I get this letter from J.P. of Daytona Beach, Florida. J.P. writes: You have those fake cocks with balls that look real. I think they are made by Doc Johnson. A lot of our SCORE favorites don’t do porno. So why don’t you give us photos of them sucking one of those fake cocks? The bigger the better! This should be mandatory in all your photo shoots. If they won’t take off their panties, have them suck a fake cock. Give us a closeup of her looking at the camera. This would give the reader the illusion he’s getting a blow job from his favorite SCORE lady.”

Is J.P. a rare bird these days? Or would you like to see the models who don’t do hardcore sucking on fake cocks?

Notice that J.P. didn’t say anything about the girls fucking themselves with fake cocks. But sucking on fake cocks…haven’t we been through this already?


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Fan art has heart, soul and boobs. And a long memory.

May 9, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Glen S. sends us his artwork of three famed Voluptuous and SCORE Girls plus one model who only posed for three layouts–and only in photos, no videos–then became part of the passing parade of stacked girls.

Glen writes: “I’ve been meaning to give it in earlier, but I got sidetracked. These are a couple of images of some my favorite girls.  I enjoy doing this artwork and I appreciate you showcasing other readers’ work as well. Always a pleasure to see. I like H.D.’s stuff from Germany. He’s got a nice, easy style.”

I didn’t think anyone remembered Tori well enough to create and send an illustration of her. No one has mentioned Tori in a decade. But she definitely made an impression on Glen over 10 years later.

Tori has great, pancake-sized areolae, and, at that time, a genuine girl-next-door look. She was living in Arizona in late 1998 when a SCORE Group contributing photographer met her.

I like the addition of the Union Jack in Nicole’s picture. Nicole’s a painter herself, and I think she’d appreciate Glen’s take.

Thank you, Glen!


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You can call it SCORELAND Remastered. You can call it SCORELAND Lite. We call it SCORELAND2.

May 4, 2012 by Dave 9 Comments


Linsey's first fuck is one of the scenes Elliot and I selected for your viewing pleasure at SCORELAND2.

The other day, I mentioned that we were in the process of launching a new big-boob website that would be of interest to many of you. I also mentioned that the new website is a labor of love for me and Elliot James. Well, after months and months of planning and preparation and video editing and website building, the new website has finally gone live. You should know that it’s also a labor of love for SCORE chief John Fox. But more on that later.

The new website is called SCORELAND2, but it could have been called “The Best of SCORELAND Remastered.” It consists of some of the greatest scenes culled from SCORELAND, SCOREVideos.com, XLGirls.com and many of our single-model sites, all brought together in one place. Solos, lots of hardcore and even SCORE legends. Photos and videos. It’s a labor of love because Elliot and I hand-picked all of the scenes (and wrote all the copy based on our personal experiences with the girls). SCORELAND2 is like having access to the editors’ stash of go-to scenes.

Elliot and I had several guiding principals when choosing the scenes. 1.) The girls had to be great; 2.) The scenes had to be hot; 3.) None of the scenes could have been originally posted on our websites within the past two years. So, no newcomers, no new scenes.

Now, I’m sure after reading those last two lines, you’re thinking, “Two years? No newcomers? No new scenes? What the fuck?”

$9.99 a month. $89.99 for a full year. Updated five days a week. That’s what the fuck.

Basically, if you’re looking to jack to high-quality big-boob videos on the cheap, this is your place.

Janet Jade is one of my go-to girls.

The entire movie "Angela White Finally Fucks" makes SCORELAND2 worth the price of admission just by itself.

Which brings me to the part about this being a labor of love for John Fox. I think it was two or three years ago when John first brought up the idea of SCORELAND2. If I remember correctly, he had been watching too much HBO2, and that got him to thinking, “If there can be an HBO and an HBO2, why can’t there be a SCORELAND and a SCORELAND2?” The thinking was that there had to be some kind of middle ground between $29.99 a month for SCORELAND and free for crap. A big-boob website for people who, well, to be honest, couldn’t (or didn’t want to) cough up $29.99 a month for SCORELAND but wanted something better than…well, you know what.

But the idea was put on the backburner for a while. And then, last summer, it resurfaced. And now, it’s a reality.

If you’re looking for new girls, new scenes and the most girls, photos and videos of any website out there, there’s still no substitute for SCORELAND.

But let me tell you something: Right now at SCORELAND2, Linsey Dawn McKenzie is fucking, and Janet Jade is fucking her pussy with a power drill and–GET THIS!–the entire DVD Angela White Finally Fucks (all one hour, 44 minutes of it) is streaming.

And it’s all only $9.99. As the great Alfred E. Neuman said, “Cheap!”

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Celebrate SCORE‘s 20th anniversary! Vote for the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever! The voting booths are now open.

May 2, 2012 by Dave 21 Comments

This is not the official ballot. It's a facsimile. The actual ballot can be found in the members area of SCORELAND.

Know what I just did? I just voted for my 20 favorite SCORE Girls of all-time in SCORELAND‘s edition of the “20 for 20” contest at SCORELAND. Yes, the voting booths are now open for this contest in which SCORELAND members–yes, members only (membership has its privileges, you know)–get to pick the 20 greatest SCORE Girls ever. Twenty years of SCORE. Twenty girls. Hence, “20 for 20.”

Recently, magazine readers had their chance to vote, and the results made up the June ’12 20th anniversary double issue, now available in print and digital formats at eBoobStore.com. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that magazine and online big-boob lovers have slightly different tastes in girls. The magazine readers slightly trended toward the classic SCORE Girls; 11 of the 20 girls chosen made their debuts in the 1990s. Will SCORELAND members mirror their boob brothers? Or will they trend toward the newer girls? I’m looking forward to finding out. The online ballot includes 50 girls, made up of SCORE‘s 20 Greatest Naturals, every Hall of Famer and a mix of legends and newcomers selected by our editorial board (but based, of course, on the popularity of the girls throughout the years).

The purpose of the online voting is to set the stage for SCORELAND’s gala celebration of SCORE‘s 20th anniversary, scheduled to kick off on June 1. As we did with the “Best of the Decade” voting a few years ago, we’ll announce one winner a day, starting with the 20th-highest vote-getter and counting down to No. 1. Of course, there’ll be a lot more going on at SCORELAND during June because if there’s one thing we’ve proven, it’s that we know how to throw a big-boob party.

And now, the FAQs:

Q: Can I vote more than once?

A: No.

Q: What if I’m not a SCORELAND member?

A: Join.

Q: Are write-in votes allowed?

A: No.

Q: Can I vote for one, five or 10 girls or do I have to vote for 20?

A: You must vote for 20.

Q: Do I have to vote for the girls in any special order?

A: No. Just vote for 20. All votes will be counted equally.

One more thing: the deadline for voting is midnight on May 10.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the 50 ladies who made it onto the ballot. Considering how many hundreds of girls have appeared in SCORE since its inception in 1992, just being on the ballot is impressive.

Now vote!

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What’s going on behind the scenes at SCORELAND? A lot!

May 1, 2012 by Dave 15 Comments

Brandy Dean returns Friday in XXX action at SCOREVideos.com, then later in the month at SCORELAND.

There’s a lot going on here at The SCORE Group. Of course, we’re always excited about putting out the monthly mags, but these days, there’s a lot of website-related excitement in the air. Now, I know that a lot of you are going to want specifics, and you can ask for them all you want, but…well, let’s just say that there are some things I’m at liberty to reveal and some things I’m not at liberty to reveal. So here goes:

1. COMING SOON (very soon, I think): a new model-related contest for SCORELAND members. This one will be similar to “The Best of the Decade” voting we did a few years back and it will be tied to SCORELAND‘s upcoming celebration of SCORE magazine’s 20th anniversary. Of course, you must be a SCORELAND member to vote.

2. ALSO COMING SOON: A brand-new website. Yes, a brand-new big-boob website, and this one is going to be of interest to a lot of Blog readers. I’m not going to tell you anything else about it. I am going to tell you that it’s in its final testing stage right now. I will also tell you that it’s a labor of love for me and Elliot James.

Coming soon: Cum inside Eva Notty

3. ALSO COMING SOON (although not soon enough as far as I’m concerned): New Brandy Dean! Yep, the creamy skinned, huge-titted, red-haired country girl recently walked into our studio for the first time in nearly four years, and I gotta tell you, she looks sensational. I think she’s gotten bustier. She disagreed. I pointed out to her that her tits were destroying the bra she was wearing. She pointed out that her DDD-cups were being squeezed into a C-cup bra. I stopped asking questions.

4. AND COMING EVEN SOONER: Eva Notty, 2010 Model of the Year and one of our favorites here, gets her pussy creamed for the first time on video. I’m talking about a creampie, of course. Now, I know a lot of you guys are into facials and cumming on tits, but I’m telling you, Eva’s creamed cunt is worth viewing.

That’s all for now. Of course, there’s lots more, every day, but I just thought you’d like to know.

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Introducing the perfect marriage of magazine and videos. It’s even better than a flip book!

April 18, 2012 by Dave 11 Comments

Imagine if the photos in your favorite magazine (that would be SCORE, of course) could move. I’m not talking about those old-time flip books, the ones filled with pictures on pages that you’d flip from front to back real fast to simulate motion (“Those were great,” Elliot James just said). Elliot also just said, “They were going to make porno flip books, then video came along and ruined everything!” Elliot, are you a hundred years old or something?

Anyway, I used to read SCORE and Voluptuous and wonder what it would be like to have video imbedded in the magazine. Then, because that was impossible, we started including DVDs with the newsstand edition of the magazines (and now, we also offer a subscription that includes magazine and bonus DVD). So that was the perfect combination of photos and video.

And now…the even-more-perfect combination of photos and video: the digital edition of the July ’12 issue of SCORE with videos imbedded in the pictorials. For example, you’re digitally flipping through the pictorial of Melissa Manning when you come upon that instantly recognizable video arrow. You click it. And a video starts playing!

Yep, the digital version of the July ’12 issue of SCORE, available for only $8.99 at eBoobStore.com, includes five videos imbedded in the magazine: solos of Charley Green and Melissa, tit-to-tit of Valory Irene and Lana Ivans and XXX boy-girls with Kelly Christiansen and Stephanie Stalls.

“They’re very cool,” Elliot said. He should know. He was around when flip books were hip.


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