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Wake up with Demmy Blaze. There’s no better way to start the day.

September 6, 2018 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Most photo and video shoots move from dressed to undressed.

SCORE began trying the reverse years back, starting with a girl getting out of bed to start her day in the bathroom. It evolved into the “morning ritual” that ended with her choosing a sexy outfit and leaving the house. The idea is that the bathroom is a secret place. Most guys don’t get to see what girls are doing in there, what magic they’re performing. They go in sleepy-eyed with bed-hair and they come out to get dressed to kill.

There’s usually brushing of the teeth with toothpaste cascading all over her boobs, sometimes leg or pussy shaving, then a soapy shower or bubble bath, putting makeup and then getting dressed. The first was a Dixie Bubbles magazine pictorial in January 1999 SCORE. Most recently, Katie Thornton did a morning ritual in Miami that was so long, it needed to be shown in two parts.

Today is Demmy Blaze‘s turn at the morning ritual, and it’s a lengthy one, 100 pictures and over 20 minutes of video. Demmy’s fantastic, as always. She knows she’s special, but her girl-next-door personality remains the same.

The ladies’ bathroom. The final frontier. Go where no man has gone before.


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What goes on behind closed bathroom doors doesn’t stay behind closed bathroom doors

October 27, 2010 by Dave 1 Comment
Good grief, it's fun to brush your teeth with Lorna Morgan!

Good grief, it's fun to brush your teeth with Lorna Morgan!

Men…go figure. We never want to go shopping with our girlfriends or wives, but if a busty SCORE Girl asked for volunteers to go bra or tight-tops shopping with her, there’d be a line of men around the block. We complain about how long women take to get ready in the morning and stay as far away from the bathroom as possible, but there’s something about a SCORE Girl’s morning routine that grabs our attention every time. Who would want to watch a girl shave her legs or do her hair or put on her makeup and nail polish…or brush her teeth? Turns out that a lot of people would. I mean, check out that photo to the left of Lorna Morgan from the Holiday ’01 issue of SCORE. She’s…spitting! Yuck? Hot? Hey, it wasn’t my favorite photo in the set, but there were a lot of others that were memorable (like the ones of Lorna shaving her pussy; it’s the kind of ultra-personal thing we don’t usually get to see Lorna do).

Anyway, we revisited the private morning ritual scenario recently, and if you’d like, you can click to it right now at SCORELAND. But that would be cheating. I’d rather you play along with me for a few minutes. Below are four photos, all of the same girl, all from a posting that went up today. Can you name the girl who’s letting us view her private morning routine? And if you already know because you saw the pictorial, don’t guess! Because if you do, I’ll have the mystery girl charge into your bathroom while you’re shaving.

Quite a deterrent, eh?


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