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Another thing the Star sisters have in common

September 17, 2017 by Dave 7 Comments

Erin Star returned to SCORELAND Saturday with workout photos and a video. She’s going to be a finalist for both SCORE and Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year.

Erin and her sister, Helen, bear a slight facial resemblance. Helen has dark hair. Erin has lightish hair. Erin is younger than Helen. The big similarity is they both have big, natural tits. But they have one other thing in common (although Erin has two of them; Helen has one).

Is that the best way to tell if two girls are sisters?

Look closely.

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Erin Star debuts today at SCORELAND. And next Saturday…her sister!

May 27, 2017 by Dave 16 Comments

You read it right. Naturally busty, super curvy, incredibly cute Erin Star makes her debut today at SCORELAND.

And next Saturday, her big sister shows her big tits.

They’re only the second sister act in the history of SCORE. Can you name the first? A clue: The other sisters were not naturally stacked.

These girls are.

Have you ever fucked sisters, either one at a time or both at once? Have you ever fantasized about fucking sisters?

I have to admit, I never have. Until now.


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Actual proof that the ability to suck dick and fuck well might be genetic

November 11, 2013 by Dave 2 Comments

I'm kinda wondering if everything Savana Ginger knows, she learned from her sister.

When I met Savana Ginger a few weeks ago, the first thing I said to her (after, “Hello”) was, “Are you really Havana Ginger’s sister?”

She laughed and said that she was, really, Havana’s sister. Then she showed me her areolae, which I had seen before but never up-close and in person. That’s really all the proof you need that Savana is Havana’s sister. Those areolae run in the family.

Havana and Savana are twin sisters (but not identical twins). And for the one-percent of you out there who have never heard of her, Havana is one of the raunchiest porn stars in the world.

Savana is the good girl. Havana has done a ton of porn. Savana has done a little.

Okay, I’m beating around the bush. This blows my mind. They’re twin sisters, and they’re both porn stars.

Can you imagine growing up in their neighborhood?

Can you imagine growing up in their house?

Can you imagine going to their high school (they grew up in Southern California)? Pole-dancing class must’ve been a bitch. I mean, how can a girl compete with Havana and Savana?

Savana makes her SCORELAND debut today. On a pole. Two poles, actually. A stripper’s pole and a man’s meat pole.

For years, scientists have been trying to figure out which traits are genetic and which are not. I think we might be on to something here.

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All in the family

August 10, 2010 by Dave 1 Comment
Anna Loren: The stacked sister who doesn't fuck on camera.

Anna Loren: The stacked sister who doesn't fuck on camera.

Autumn: The less-stacked sister who does fuck on camera.

Autumn: The less-stacked sister who does fuck on camera.

The girl on the far left is Anna Loren, who returns to SCORELAND today (in a set from the October ’10 SCORE) and tomorrow (in a video titled “Slick & Shiny.”) As the Loren family goes, she’s the good girl. Yep, the good girl.

The girl on the near left is Autumn, who can be seen in the members section of NaughtyMag.com. She is Anna’s older sister (by one year). As you can see, as the Loren family goes, she’s the bad girl. The one who takes real cock up the ass on camera.

I don’t know about you, but this stuff fascinates me: Two sisters, both of whom pose nude. One goes solo for SCORE. The other goes all the way for NaughtyMag.com. One says, “I loved getting fucked up the ass on camera.” The other says, “I don’t think I’m ready for that. Having sex in front of the camera, that is.”

I’m guessing–and I’m no psychologist–that Autumn had sex on camera as a way for making up for the fact that her sister has huge boobs and she merely has big boobs. I’m sure Autumn would deny it, but I think it might be true. And I don’t blame her. It must’ve been tough growing up with a stacked sister.

Alyson McKenzie: Stacked.

Alyson McKenzie: Stacked.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie: historically stacked.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie: historically stacked.

This family thing fascinates me. Recently, we had a 44-year-old MILF named Cassy Torri fucking on 40SomethingMag.com, and a few weeks later, her 66-year old mother, Miranda, showed up and fucked on 50PlusMILFs.com. Great stuff. Mom and daughter both fuck on camera. In the case of Anna and Autumn, two sisters get naked on camera. And haven’t we all had the fantasy of fucking two sisters?

Alyson McKenzie (far left) is the sister of Linsey Dawn McKenzie (near left). Alyson is beautiful, sexy and busty, but still, that’s gotta be tough.

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