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The breast survey I’ve read

October 10, 2018 by Elliot James 1 Comment

According to a boob survey in Elle, a magazine that does not have pictures of naked girls and therefore is not part of our monthly reading habits, females have a very special relationship with their breasts and their bras. We at SCORE knew that.

  • 40% have considered a boob job. 60% have not.
  • 16% have had sex in front of a mirror because they like their breasts so much. 84% have not.
  • 26% have had to teach a partner what words (boobs, ta-tas, etc.) to call their breasts.
  • 29% have stuffed their bras with toilet paper.
  • 30% have worn a sports bra to flatten their breasts.
  • 11% have named their breasts.
  • 16% have made their boyfriends try on their bras.
  • 69% have had their strapless bras slip way down below their breasts.
  • 73% are still confused about their actual bra size even after a professional sizing.
  • 60% think their breasts look like udders when they bend over.

This blog piece is submitted in the pursuit of knowledge and education.


Lila Payne does not need to stuff her bras.

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SCORELAND asks: Do you go with your wife, girlfriend or lady friend when she goes bra shopping?

October 19, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Yes, we would go bra shopping anywhere with Terry Nova. Even in her closet.

We asked in a Poll, “Do you go with your wife, girlfriend or lady friend when she goes bra shopping?”

Most guys have to be dragged along on any kind of female shopping safari. “Can we go home now?” is a familiar lament heard in malls and stores around the world.

However, for this all-important garment, so dear to our hearts and so near to their hearts, the answers were different.

Our survey revealed that:

19% said yes.

33% answered yes and said they offered feedback on her choices during bra selection.

44% said no.

3% said their girl buys her bras on-line, not at stores, depriving them of the pleasures of sitting near or even in the dressing room of the ladies’ lingerie section, depending on how liberal the management is.

So the yeas beat the nays.

Going along on a bra-shopping trip is a healthy activity for men.

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Top-rated SCORE Girls and how we look at them

April 22, 2013 by Elliot James 11 Comments

1. Siri

2. Christy Marks

3. Sha Rizel

4. Katarina Dubrova

5. Sensual Jane

6. Angela White

7. Lana Ivans

8. Anna Song

9. Merilyn Sakova

10. Chloe Vevrier

As of today, these 10 models are the top-rated models at SCORELAND. The Model Directory page lists the 50 top-rated modelss. Members click on a star to rate the model or to rate a specific photo set or video. The ratings can change on a daily basis.

This list is interesting because Chloe, Merilyn, Anna and Sensual Jane haven’t modeled for SCORE in a long time yet they’re right up there. It proves that perennial favorites don’t lose their power. (From what I’m told, one of them will be back at SCORELAND soon.)

It’s no surprise to see Siri, Sha, Angela or Christy. It’s a surprise not to see Venera, Leanne Crow or Karina Hart. Where’s Hitomi?

And now for something completely different.

A poll asking “What do you log-in to SCORELAND with?” yielded no significant changes since April of 2011.

48%  use desktops.

33%  use their laptops.

8% use tablet computers.

11% use their phones.

There was an 8% drop in desktop use over the last two years. That could be linked to less desktops being sold in the big-box stores. Me, I remain old-school and I’m perfectly happy with my desktop. I had to replace a Dell and I was surprised at the dismal selection at H.H. Gregg, even though I know what the hardware manufacturers’ ultimate aim is.

Yet tablet and phone usage haven’t skyrocketed. I believe the reason is not being able to download and save videos and photo files on a hard drive like you can with a laptop or desktop. These devices have no ports, so you can’t even stick in a 50 GB flash drive and save a video to that. You also can’t play a DVD.

The day I watch a Valory Irene video on my 3.5 inch phone screen is the day I start wearing a hoodie, get a tattoo on my neck and start skateboarding to the office.

Valory Irene today at SCORELAND.

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Those were the days…but there’s nothing wrong with these days, either

January 21, 2012 by Dave 22 Comments

Natalie is somewhat like the sexy, voluptuous Euro chicks I'd often see at the Harmony in New York City (but Natalie has much bigger tits).

The poll currently running in the members area of SCORELAND asks, “How important is adult entertainment to you?” The choices and results so far:

Important. I would miss it if I couldn’t get it: 37%

Extremely important. I must have it: 27%

Fairly important–in moderation. I could go weeks without it: 18%

Not important. I could live completely without it: 4%

Interesting results, and not surprising. My answer is somewhere between “Important” and “Vital To Life.” But here’s what I really want to know: What’s your idea of adult entertainment?

Back in the late 1980s, when New York’s Times Square was a haven for smut (and I mean that in the best way), a few enjoyable hours within a six- or seven-block radius might be spent as followed:

1. Get off the subway. Head on down to the Harmony Burlesque for some dollar-a-minute lap dance excitement. Maybe watch the stage show for a while. Get a lap dance, complete with tits in your face and (at the time) hairy pussy in your hand at one of the sleaziest lap-dance joints there ever was.

2. Head back downstairs (the Harmony was on the second floor of a building just off Broadway, and you had to walk up a long set of steps to get to it). Walk over to Show World on the corner of 8th Avenue and 42nd Street, right across from the Port Authority bus terminal. Catch a live sex show in one of the booths. Maybe go upstairs to the Triple Treat Theater and watch porn stars fucking on-stage (I will never forget the time three girls were doing a lezzie show, complete with dildos and anal beads. Two of the girls stuffed the other girl’s asshole with the beads, then auctioned off the right to pull them out. I think the winning bid was $10). And does anybody remember what was in the basement level of Show World?

3. Back outside. Grab a pretzel. Re-fill the wallet at the ATM machine. Check out the latest releases at the video store just off 42nd and Eighth. Walk up the street a bit to the live peep-show emporium where, downstairs, on stages surrounded by booths like carousels, the girls let you play with their tits and finger their pussies.

4. Now, sadly, it’s time to go back home. You’re out of money. But by the time you get home, you’re horny all over again, so you whip out a copy of a big-boob magazine or pop a VHS into your VCR and jack to Suzy Nero, Chessie Moore, Kay Parker or some other big-tit star.

And that’s a helluva day. It’s a day you couldn’t have today. Few things have changed as much as adult entertainment. Now, SCORELAND can be a one-stop destination for all your adult entertainment needs. No need to leave your home and hop on the train. No need to re-fill your wallet at the ATM. No need to even get dressed. I like that. I like that a lot.

But you know what? Sometimes, I wish I could have one more lap dance at the Harmony or one more live sex show at Show World. But if somebody told me I had to give up SCORELAND to get it, I’d tell them, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

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Do boobs make a sound if no one is listening?

September 26, 2011 by Elliot James 9 Comments
The best headphones. Karen and Kelly's soft, warm earmuffs.

The best headphones. Karen and Kelly's soft, warm earmuffs. Now that's what I call stereophonic.

One of our recent SCORELAND surveys asked about members’ listening habits when watching videos. I use headphones, a habit from living in apartments with thin walls. I live in a house now with much more privacy, but I still rarely turn the computer’s speakers on.

So here’s how they do it.

30% keep the audio volume at the same level you’d use for watching Hawaii 5-0 on television. So if you have thin walls, your neighbors may think you have a sex life that rivals Tiger Woods’.

37% keep the volume low. Problem with that method is missing some important piece of dialog, such as Daylene Rio saying, “I’m gonna suck this cock now.” (Yes, it is important.)

27% wear headphones. Best option if you have roommates or a spouse who doesn’t want to hear moaning and groaning, the sounds of boobs slapping together or Summer Sinn yelling, “Cum on my tits!”

5% watch without audio. This method loses points for not being able to hear the girls’ voices. Unless you believe that women should be seen and not heard. Also, it’s not a good choice when you watch an interview.

We have added sub-titles for non-English speaking models, such as Romina Lopez. But I think we’re a ways from closed captioning. Besides, the captions could block the girls’ tits or pussies.

What are your listening habits?

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How do you play it?

April 5, 2011 by Elliot James 2 Comments
Kiko Lee, today on SCORELAND.

Kiko Lee, today on SCORELAND.

Last year, a survey asked, “Do you plan on using an iPhone, iPad or other handheld to log into SCORELAND?”

25% answered yes. 17% replied “No, the screen is too small.” 33% said their current computer system is fine and 26% said they don’t want to use a handheld for adult sites.

All the hoopla last year about the iPad tablet had no relevance to looking at big tits, pretty faces and other goodies.

According to the ongoing results of a new survey, 56% percent of you still log in using a standard desk top computer.

39% use their laptops. Only a measly 1% use an iPad. Another 1% use their iPhone and another 2% use another brand of smartphone. A remaining 1% use an XBox or PSP.

Me, I use the old-school desktop and I am happy.

Smartphones are great when you’re traveling, need info, directions, sports results, TV show news and stuff like that. Checking out today’s photos of May ’11 SCORE Girl Kiko Lee, handhelds are not so great.

Kiko credits TV newsman Geraldo Rivera as personal inspiration. I love this story. “I was sitting home one day watching Geraldo. True story. And there was this girl on there and this guy, and she was talking about how she was dancing at this club and making a lot of money, and all she was doing was taking off her clothes. And I said, ‘That’s all you gotta do to make a lot of money? Okay.’ So I found a job in the newspaper the same day I watched Geraldo. I was 19 and the club was Centerfolds Showclub in Denver. I walked in the door and the owner said, ‘You’re hired.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do,’ and he said, ‘You’re supposed to dance.'”

How do you play it?

Some birthday shout-outs to these groovy V-mag and XL Girls.

Daphne born April 3.

Daphne born April 3.

Maria born April 4.

Maria born April 4.

Desire born April 6.

Desire born April 6.

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One in four lapdancers have a college degree

September 13, 2010 by Elliot James 3 Comments
A dollar? What a cheap cocksucker.

A dollar? What a cheap cocksucker.

Lapdancing in the United Kingdom is relatively new, at least compared to the USA. A recent study by Dr. Teela Sanders and Kate Hardy from the University of Leeds found that one in four British dancers have a college degree while 14% are using strip clubs to finance their undergraduate education. I love these studies. They uncover so much pure data.

Hardy and Sanders say the 300 dancers they quizzed reported high levels of job satisfaction, the majority listing flexibility as the main attraction of working in a strip club. Dr. Sanders cites the “endless supply of women” becoming strippers. “These women are incredibly body confident. I think there is something of a generational cultural difference. These young women do not buy the line that they are being exploited because they are the ones making the money out of a three-minute dance and a bit of a chat.”

Hardy and Sanders did call for better government regulation to improve dancers’ safety, like banning private rooms to reduce the danger to dancers from shady customers. Unemployed college graduates who couldn’t find jobs with their degrees in the lousy economy made up a large percentage of the dancers they surveyed. (I don’t think the recession has increased the ranks of big-boobed girls in modeling.)

So support higher education. Buy a lap dance this week. Because a behind is a terrible thing to waste.

And if you see a SCORE-sized pair of knockers on a dancer, please tell her about the BeASCOREModel scholarship program.

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