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Boobs float

July 11, 2017 by Dave 11 Comments

The look of Amour.

Ariane Saint-Amour from Montreal, Canada, returned to SCORELAND Sunday. Huge tits, tiny waist. Loves to model. The camera loves her.

Ariane told Elliot, “I’m a classical Otaku/geek girl. I spend most of my days reading mangas and playing video games. Or boob hunting! I’m a really simple girl!”

Not so simple. I have no idea what Otaku means. I don’t know what mangas are. I do now, but I didn’t before. But that’s okay. I don’t look at SCORELAND to learn things.

Inside info: We have a photographer in Colombia right now. Yes, Colombia. He’s admiring the country’s natural beauty. Big tits are about to become its No. 1 export.

More inside info: Danielle Derek super-sized her rack. She’s now huge! And we got the pictures. And anal. And a DP.

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Why does newcomer Bambi Blacks remind me of Sabrina Linn?

September 14, 2016 by Dave 2 Comments

Bambi Blacks reminds me of a girl who likes to fuck.

Could it be because they’re both blonds?

Could it be the big tits?

Maybe it’s the tattoos?

Or maybe that they both fuck on-camera? (You’ll be seeing Bambi fucking soon.)

Sabrina takes it up the ass. So does Bambi. Sabrina did a three-way in which she got ass-fucked by two studs. And you’ll soon see Bambi in DP action.

Sabrina has a pierced pussy. Bambi doesn’t.

Sabrina is MILFier. Bambi looks slutty, and I mean that in a good way.

Bambi is from Sheffield, England. Today is Wednesday. Sheffield has a soccer team called Sheffield Wednesday. Coincidence? Yes. I’m guessing you’ll be jacking to Bambi every day.


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Remembering Sabrina Linn, who came and went and came again

April 26, 2016 by Dave 9 Comments

Sabrina really liked Johnny Champ. She was on her knees and sucking his cock even when the cameras weren't rolling. Johnny really liked Sabrina, too.

Sabrina Linn pushed a lot of buttons when she made her worldwide fucking-on-camera debut at SCORELAND in 2011 (and in SCORE magazine in 2012).

Big, fake tits? Check.

Lots of tattoos, including one above her pussy? Check.

Pierced nipples? Check.

Multiple piercings on her pussy? Check.

MILF? Check.

Basically, there were a lot of reasons for a lot of guys to like her and a lot of reasons for some guys to not like her. But Sabrina’s blond hair, huge tits and sexual acrobatics (including taking it up the ass from the biggest of the big) mostly won the day.

Sabrina, a swinger who fucked a lot, came to us twice within a seven-month period but never modeled again. Too bad. She was as raunchy as they come.

“I’m a mom,” she said. “I’m a really good girl in the community. I’m a very wonderful, fun and good little girl who does everything proper and a crazy girl who does everything freaky and wild and does my own thing.”

She called me “sir.” I call her a fuck toy. Sabrina has photos and a video today at SCORELAND.



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“Think Pink” with Harmony Reigns

September 15, 2015 by Elliot James 4 Comments

What did girls do before smartphones and selfie sticks? This question requires further research.

In “Think Pink,” Harmony Reigns shoots a few pix with her selfie-stick while she’s relaxing in bed.

Then Harmony swaps her selfie-stick for a chick stick to tickle her fancy and her fanny, which means pussy in British-English (but means ass in American-English).

Harmony’s changed her hair from brunette to blonde since her last time at SCORELAND in “Picked Up & Fucked.” Her fanny, aka her pussy, remains shaved and smooth. We’ve also added a second Bonus video.

“If I’m not with a girl or a guy, I’m masturbating with a big toy,” Harmony says. “I need to cum at least once a day!”

There's always time for selfie time.

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Scarlet LaVey returns for a hot couch coupling

March 15, 2014 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

“My chest is a magnet!” says Scarlet LaVey, back at SCORELAND to ride the pole and dirty dance. That’s the undisputed truth!

“I like guys to get a little aggressive with my big boobs. Because they’re so big, they need strong hands. I like a good grasp.”

Scarlet is a classically trained dancer. “I danced ballet, jazz, tap and modern for most of my childhood,” she said. “I work out a lot with stretching and dancing. It helps keep me in shape and flexible.”

That flexibility is very useful at times like this.

It’s been over a year since Scarlet’s last XXX scene at SCORELAND. Where does the time go? I don’t know but Scarlet is making up for it.

It's good to have a cock when there are girls like Scarlet LaVey making the world a better place to live in.

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What you’re saying about tattoos, eating pussy, watching porn on a smart phone and cock size

November 7, 2013 by Dave 5 Comments

Men aren't the only ones who eat pussy. Here, Charlee Chase goes down on Sheridan Love.

According to the most-recent batch of SCORELAND Blog polls, you:

• Like watching girls having their pussies eaten

• Don’t like tattoos. Shocker.

• Don’t care about the size of the guy’s cock in a XXX scene.

• Watch SCORELAND on your desktop computer.

Women around the world will be happy to learn that 84% of Blog readers like watching a girl having her pussy eaten. I’m going to assume that most, if not all, of those 84% also like eating pussy. I base that on the fact that nobody enjoys watching golf unless they also enjoy playing it.

As for the tattoos question, only 54% of you are firmly against them. A surprising 37% don’t mind them. I like a well-placed tattoo. The tit-too is excellent, as is the pussy tat.

I am a very big fan of Donita Dunes' pussy tattoo. I also approve of Sabrina Linn's.

On the cock question, 44% don’t care about the size of the guy’s cock in a hardcore scene. I think those 44% would change their minds if all porn studs had three-inch dicks. Twenty-nine percent want the stud to have a monster cock. But the voters I’m interested in are the 2% who said, “He should be smaller than me.” Is that because you’re hung like a horse or not hung at all?

And, finally, 52% of you are watching porn on your desktop computer. Only 3% are watching on your smart phone. I’m very happy to hear that. Why would you want to see big-titted babes on a tiny screen? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose.

The current poll deals with scenarios. Elliot voted for big-boobed nurse. I voted for big-boobed stripper. What’s your fantasy?


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A September to remember continues at XLGirls.com…and SCORELAND!

September 19, 2013 by Dave 3 Comments

Lavina has something to show you.

This has been a great month to be a lover of big, natural tits. Not that there’s ever a bad time to be a lover of big, natural tits, but the September bounty has been incredible. And it’s only going to get better, not only at XLGirls.com but at SCORELAND, too. Here’s what’s coming up:

Today at XLGirls.com, newcomer Lavina Dream takes a shower and invites you to get wet with her. We’ve been adding a lot of special videos to XLGirls.com, and this is one of them (the photo to the left is from Lavina’s first appearance at XLGirls).

Can you jizz for Jazlyn?

On Friday, also at XLGirls.com,  blonde, sexy, bombshell newcomer Jazlyn Summers stars in, “C’mon & Jizz For Jazzlyn!” (Elliot is really a master at coming up with names for these scenes). I really like Jazlyn. She’s so down-to-earth and normal, but she has those big tits and that big ass and she loves to fuck. The girl is horny as hell.

Nikki Smith has been fucking a lot in our studio.

Also Friday, this time at SCORELAND, Nikki Smith returns in “Face Cream.” The cream is provided by the stud who fucks Nikki every which way and shoots his load on her face. Brilliant!

Scarlet is going to take you on a tat tour.

Saturday at SCORELAND, a really special treat: Not just a new solo pictorial of Scarlet LaVey on a motorcycle but a unique video called “Tattoo Exploration” in which Ms. LaVey takes us on a tour of her body and tells us all about her tats. A more-intimate video has never been filmed.

Bri Love is the quiet but horny type.

And Monday at XLGirls.com, Bri Love makes her debut. She’s another brickhouse. Shy, but a brickhouse, and she loves to fuck.

And get this: Elliot just came out of the planning meeting for XLGirls.com, and it looks like October is going to be just as good–maybe even better–than September. I’ve always thought of Elliot as the eternal optimist, but this time, it’s not just optimism. If you love big, natural tits, these are happy times.


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Netflix gives you “House of Cards” and “Orange Is The New Black.” XLGirls.com gives you “Scarlet LaVey: Tattoo Exploration” and “Renee Ross: A Jackumentary”

July 30, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

Scarlet is a very colorful girl.

There’s a lot going on at XLGirls.com these days, and I’m not just talking about Lisa Canon getting DP’d  (that happened on July 12), Sarah Rae looking sensational (and sensationally stacked) in a sheer body stocking (that happened on April 19) and Marilyn Mayson busting out of a tight top and fingering her asshole (that happens today).

I’m talking about the kind of stuff you don’t usually find at an adult website. First, Scarlet LaVey in “Tattoo Exploration,” which went live Monday. In this special video, 20-year-old Scarlet takes you on a guided tour of the many tattoos that make her body a more-colorful place. Some people might think,”Oh, these girls just throw tattoos onto their bodies without giving it any thought.” But that’s not true, at least as far as Scarlet is concerned. In this video, you’ll learn a lot about Scarlet and her many tattoos. But you’ll also get sensual, closeup views of her voluptuous body like you’ve never seen before. If you like girls with tattoos, you’re going to love this video. If you don’t like girls with tattoos, give it a look anyway. Sweet Scarlet might change your mind.

Find out what makes Renee click. And suck.

And, tomorrow, “Renee Ross: A Jackumentary.” Our first XLGirls.com documentary, as the general public might call it. Informational and jackable. You learn something and you cum. What could be better?

Of course, what you’ll learn has everything to do with the two-time V-mag Model of the Year’s mouth, tits and pussy. But, hey, that’s educational, right?

I’d call it XLGirls Original Programming, but everything at XLGirls.com is original. This stuff is just more original.

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They wouldn’t shave it if you didn’t like it

June 15, 2013 by Dave 13 Comments

Why is Valory Irene shaving her pussy? Because most men like it shaved.

Today, I received a hand-written letter from a SCORELAND subscriber who writes, “I have had more than my fill of immature girls who can’t grown hair on their you know where. I know your magazine is all about big boobs, but for the most part, you do show below the waist. Why does it all have to be mostly of the shaved variety? I hate that look!”

You know, with women especially, there’s usually a reason for trends, and the shaved-pussy trend is no different. A recent SCORELAND Blog poll asked, “How do you prefer pussy?” and the No. 1 answer, with 37%, was “shaved bald,” with 25% going for “mostly shaved.” Only 17% went for “hairy” and a miniscule 3% for overgrown. I guarantee you that if most men liked hairy pussy, women would start growing back their pussy hair right away. Women are as horny as men, and they want their pussies to be appealing. So, the answer to the question, “Why does it all have to be mostly of the shaved variety?” is…most of our readers and members like it.

The most-recent Blog poll was also about the pussy. We asked, “Do you like seeing a big-titted girl having her pussy eaten in a boy-girl scene?” An astounding 84% said, “Yes!”

So, I’m going to ask you: Why do you like seeing a big-titted girl having her pussy eaten in a boy-girl scene? I have my own ideas about this, but I’d like to hear what you have to say.

And our next topic…tattoos!


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Lolly Ink Meets The Giant Cock, this week at SCORELAND

May 21, 2013 by Dave 2 Comments

Lick her like she's a lollipop. That's why her name is Lolly.

The old “4:30 Movie” in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit had “Vincent Price Week,” “Martin & Lewis Week,” “Gidget Week” and “Monster Week.” What we’re bringing you Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at SCORELAND is much better than Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy.

Wednesday, solo photos of Lolly Ink, who I introduced you to last week.

Thursday, photos of Lolly, a little lady, sucking and fucking a very big cock.

Friday, the XXX video! Lolly Ink Meets The Giant Cock.

It’s “Blonde, Little Newcomer With Big Tits Week” at SCORELAND.

Make sure you have plenty of Kleenex handy.


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