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37 big-boob websites for one membership? Did we lose our minds?

February 17, 2019 by Elliot James 3 Comments

The answers are yes and yes.

The BigBoobBundle gives you access to 37 sites starring the greatest, hottest SCORE and Voluptuous Girls from classic SCORE Girl SaRenna to Voluptuous superstar Joana Bliss.

There are different plans to suit every budget. One pass gets you into all 37 sites. If you’re a tit-man, the BigBoobBundle has three decades worth of bra-busting mega-stars.

The newest addition to the BigBoobBundle is Stacy Vandenberg (with special guest Maria Body).

For a complete list of the girls and the sites, click here.

Just added to the BigBoobBundle: Stacy Vandenberg.





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Nancy Navarro: Gazongas Against Glass

June 11, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments


Big, heavy boobs pressed against glass is one of my favorite tit tricks. We used to have a specially constructed table made out of super-thick glass that we photographed some of the girls on. They could stand on it, too, so the photographer could shoot straight up. (Not that we believe in the glass ceiling.)

Tits-against-glass shoots are also done with glass shower doors and car windshields. They work really well with car wash sets and videos.

For the boob-squishing shots in Nancy Navarro’s strip and oil pictorial, the photographer had Nancy press a sheet of glass against her boobs. I think this picture from Nancy’s set would make a pretty nice desktop background. For your home PC, that is. I’m not sure about it on your office computer if you use one at work.


Here are the answers to the “20 for 20” SCORE anniversary contests for Days 3 and 4:

Day 3

1) Whose first SCORE hardcore scene was a threesome? Chloe Vevrier

Chloe did her first hardcore BGG scene in London with “Russian” Kathy and Kathy’s boyfriend at the time, a regular dude named Matt who boffed them both. Lucky guy. Chloe plays a masseuse who comes to rub Kathy, and rub they did.

2) In 2002, Autumn-Jade returned to SCORELAND following a growth spurt that saw her bra size go from a DDD-cup to an…I-cup

3) Which redheaded SCORE Girl once interviewed Tawny Peaks for SCORE? Montana

This was a tough one and might be the most difficult question of the entire “20 for 20” anniversary. Montana, a curly-haired redhead who feature-danced, interviewed Tawny for the July ’93 SCORE.

Day 4

1) Which SCORE Girl has inverted nipples? Terry Nova

2) Which two naturals went head-to-head and tit-to-tit in the one and only “Big-Tit Challenge” at SCORELANDCassitty Harmon and Africa Sexxx

3) Which model did not celebrate her 18th birthday with a SCORE pictorial? Jessica Turner

Linsey and Dawn Phoenix in London and Sharday in America all celebrated their 18th birthdays with photo shoots. Jessica Turner celebrated her 21st birthday on Boob Cruise 2000.

Today is Day 5. Good luck!


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Girl power

March 27, 2012 by Elliot James 11 Comments

Around the turn of the century (the 20th century, not the 19th century), an editor at SCORE coined the question, “Where have all the good girl-girls gone?”

That editor has moved on to another career, but it’s still a relevant question.

We still ask it.

In a poll running at SCORELAND. we asked, “Should we shoot more girl-girl scenes?” We also said that if anyone had any names in mind, they should email Scorecard@Scoregroup.com. So far, the results are running in favor of more girl-girls: 43% say yes, 35% say no and a whopping 22% are indifferent about it. (I never get that neutral stance about topics like this. Either you like it or you don’t.) There has been one suggestion via email that I’ll publish in “Scorecard.”

Tawny Peaks and Colt 45. Thems were the days.

The big time for busty girl-on-girl stuff was during the early-to-mid ’90s. Chloe, Linsey, SaRenna, Angelique, Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Tawny Peaks, Danni Ashe…they were the champions of girl-girl action. Because of newsstand restrictions, the girl-girls in the magazines were simulated. Nipple sucking was fine, but tongues and toys could only hover a inch away from pussies. It was the same kind of simulation with the boy-girls. On video, it was a different story, so tongues, cocks and strap-ons could go all out, or in this case, all in.

Minka, Plenty and Kayla in Mega-Boob Olympics

I always felt big-bust girl-girls were more prevalent then because most of the girls didn’t want to do scenes with guys, so this was a substitute to get some kind of sex in rather than because a percentage of guys were turned on by seeing two or more girls going at it with tits, tongues and toys.

During the late ’90s and early ’00s, Brittany Love, Dawn Stone, Tanya Danielle, Nikki Diamond, Ariana, Adina, Julia Miles and Deanna Baldwin were doing most of the girly flings. Brittany in particular became the go-to girl for Sapphic action at SCORE. She locked lips with Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and Mary Carey.

Brittany Love meets Dawn Stone. They both went on Boob Cruise 2000.

My personal favorites in the ’00s were the Autumn-Jade and Sierra scene, Kerry Marie and Cassandra, the Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns pairing, the Cindy Cupps and Summer Sinn fling and the Cherry Brady, Angela White and Brandy Talore chick flicks.

Who’s been hot for the clit and the slit at different times at SCORELAND? Angela White, Cherry Brady, Brandy Talore, Annie Swanson, Rebecca Love, Destiny Rose, Kaytee Carter, Arianna Sinn, Summer Sinn, Daphne Rosen, Maggie Green, Holly Halston, Eva Notty and her friend Sarah Satori, Christy Marks and Renee Ross. Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek: Now those two were in a lipstick-lesbian league of their own.

Sierra shoots Autumn. One thing leads to another

Most of the newer girls–Leanne Crow, Jenna Valentine, Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Karla James, Micky Bells, Sophie Mae, Taylor Steele, Merilyn Sakova and Valory Irene among them–prefer to fly solo. I guess that’s how trends cycle. Maybe that’s the way it should be. If a girl’s not into other girls, it’s not going to work on-camera, either.

Newcomer Sheridan Love is really into pussy, proven by her recent encounter with Charlee Chase. I think it’s the only girl-girl we did at SCORELAND in 2011, not counting threesomes with a guy. Who would Sheridan bump boobs well with in the future if she does another girl-girl?

We haven’t released a girl-girl DVD since Busty Snatch Club. Is it worth making another one with a new cast?

Girl-girls: a thing of the past? Or due for a revival? Bring them back? Keep them in the closet?

Feel free to add your opinions to this thread.

Sheridan gives Charlee the once over

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SCORE’s 20th Anniversary issue, now at your favorite magazine rack

March 22, 2012 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Now at your favorite rack

It’s here. 20 years in the making. The June 2012 SCORE is now hot off the printing press. Celebrating two decades of bringing big boobs to the world. Get your copy today at your favorite store, or get it direct from eBoobStore.com.

It’s also available in a digital version for reading on tablets.

I like new tech, but it’s only a means to an end, and that end is the love of big tits.

LA Bust was the covergirl of the first issue, June 1992

Veteran subscriber Delmo writes “Scorecard”:

“Twenty years already? Time flies when you’re having fun perusing the best big-boob mag on the market. I remember buying the second issue on the stands in 1992 and was hooked. Here was a newcomer to the big-boob scene that could compete with, and beat, Gent, D-Cup, Hustler’s Busty Beauties, etc.! Being a completist, I quickly tracked down the first issue, and, with the help of subscribing a number of years ago, I have the whole run of SCORE to date. I even have a handful of the short-lived UK version, TEASE.  Congratulations on reaching this impressive milestone, and may you have 20 more years. I know I’ll still be buying.”




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Get the digital version of SCORE’s 20th anniversary before the magazine hits stores. Happy birthday to us!

March 6, 2012 by Elliot James 17 Comments

Where's the chick popping out of the cake? We deserve one!

It’s SCORE magazine’s 20th birthday. The best big-tit magazine on Earth has published a 164-page June 2012 edition, and you can get the digital version direct from us right now before the print magazine hits stores on March 20.

The readers created this edition by voting for their 20 favorite SCORE Girls.

The “20 for 20” SCORE Girls they voted for are: Kerry Marie, Sharday, Chloe Vevrier, Minka, Leanne Crow, Merilyn Sakova, Karina Hart, Janet Jade, Lorna Morgan, Busty Dusty, Christy Marks, Danni Ashe, Nicole Peters, Venera, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, SaRenna Lee, Tiffany Towers,  Tawny Peaks, Pandora Peaks and Ines Cudna.

Plus, there are 17 pages of the hottest big-tit hardcore scenes in the magazine’s history, and my “Boob Beat” column looks at 20 years of chasing the girls with the big bras.

We haven’t done a double issue in a long time. Click here to get this special digital pre-release today.

By the way, the print subscribers got this issue in their mailboxes before we got our office copies from the printers. That’s pretty good subscriber service, in my book. I usually get Esquire magazine late with a ripped cover.

Here’s a “Scorecard” letter from a “SCORE lifer” and a friend, D.J. in Texas:

“In 1992, I heard about the upcoming inaugural issue of SCORE magazine in a pack-in from the sales catalogs I was receiving way back then and eagerly awaited the first issue, which I was convinced would be a magazine perfect for my tastes. Indeed, it was. The magazine remains a favorite and a treat with every issue I buy, especially over the past couple of years with the advent of models like Merilyn Sakova, Miosotis, Kristina Milan, Beshine, and my new favorites, Hitomi and especially Venera. From the very beginning, I recognized that I was part of a family that appreciated a certain kind of woman, now known as the SCORE Girl, and remain a proud member of that family. I wish all the other members of the family the very best and look forward to the next 20 years of the best magazine ever.”



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April 2011 SCORE: hot off the press

February 13, 2011 by Elliot James 8 Comments
Congratulations, Michelle Bond.

Congratulations, Michelle Bond.

British natural Michelle Bond, now really busting bras as an H-cupper, gets her first SCORE cover this edition. Miss Bond shows her heavier, fuller ta-tas in a brand-new layout and talks about ’em in an interview.

“I used to be an F-cup,” Michelle said. “And they just grew and grew, and every time I got measured, they seem to have grown. Either that or my underwear is shrinking!”

Michelle’s first SCORE was June 2003. In Big-Boob Finishing School, Bond, Michelle Bond, teaches Valory Irene, Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans, Sophie Mae and Eden Mor how to please men and be better girlfriends. Now that’s a constructive goal. That book should be sold worldwide. The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Ocean County, New York and Atlanta would find it instructive.

Also this issue: Valory Irene, Lana Ivans, redhaired Veronika and Shione Cooper. Daphne Rosen and SCORE reader’s wife Jayden Prescott get it on and get it in in two anal-core XXX pictorials. A “Golden Age” special feature recalls super-sized covergirls from the 1990s: Angelique, Pandora Peaks, Tawny Peaks, Wendy Whoppers, Toppsy Curvey, Colt 45 and more. A photo-feature spotlights the new DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored, starring Kelly Christiansen, Stephanie Stalls, Angelina Castro, Kali West and Nadia Night. Readers get a chance to win Michelle’s signed bra from the cover. Plus, a SCORE DVD is included FREE in most areas of the U.S. and Canada. Because we’re a little too generous for our own good but we love our readers…in a brotherly way.

If your local mag store doesn’t carry SCORE, their staff should be ashamed of themselves. Tell the manager to call our distributor, Curtis Circulation Company, at (201) 634-7400, and they’ll never be SCORE-less again.

Happy birthday, Lorna Morgan!

Lorna in The Bahamas, 2008.

Lorna in The Bahamas, 2008.

And here we have Part One of lovely Arianna Sinn, Lana Ivans and Michelle Bond, during the making of Big-Boob Finishing School, chittin’ and chattin’ with Tushna, our studio manager. You’ll find this very informative and instructional. Let’s roll the video!

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Poolside: Wetter IS better

October 13, 2010 by Maria 4 Comments
Ines Cudna is hot. Ines Cudna in a pool is COOL.

Ines Cudna is hot. Ines Cudna in a pool is COOL.

There is a scene in one of my favorite movies, Zoolander, where Ben Stiller’s character is in a commercial as a Merman and he says, “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.”

Plumper Tyler Banks is clearly enjoying her pool time.

Plumper Tyler is clearly enjoying her pool time.

Maggie Green has a bodacious set of floatation devices.

Maggie Green has a bodacious set of floatation devices.

Well, I cannot agree with that statement more. I LOVE WET TITTIES! (I have often said I love wet lesbians, too. What can I say? I love H2O and hooters!)

And while my colleague Elliot “Boob Jedi” James will wax poetic about the greatness of Wet T-Shirts, and even though sometimes moisture can be funny (As in the case of this Christy Marks’ video!), I  the BEST way to see wet titties is in the pool. Something about a sexy lady and her ginormous knockers in the pool makes me fucking horny. All that wetness. All those beads of water cascading down nipples and tummies and heading to crevices unkwown…whew! It makes my, um, mouth water. 🙂

I mean, take a look at Ines Cudna up there. Look at Tyler to the left and Maggie Green to the right. Don’t they look happy to be wet? Don’t you want to jump right in and take a swim with their sucklers? I mean, think about being in a pool all alone; not so much fun. But, if you add a busty babe, all of a sudden you want to swim forever like Michael Phelps.

I think Ashley's tits might actually help her float.

I think Ashley's tits might actually help her float.

And I happen to think that busty babes are made for the water, I mean, they come with their own floatation devices.  The minute they turn over on their backs, like Ashley Sage in the Nov. ’09 V-Mag, their floppers float up over the water. Do their fun bags keep these ladies buoyant? WHO CARES? I happen to think that they look pretty marvelous sticking up out of the water like that.

Tawny Peaks looks like she is ready for some poolside penetration

Tawny Peaks looks like she is ready for some poolside penetration

And not to mention that when you are in the pool, everything is lighter. Think about lifting a curvy girl on dry land and mounting her on your dick. As fun as it sounds, it is a labor of love. (And who wants to throw their back out while fucking? Hmm?) But you take that same curvy gal and lift her in a pool and she’s lightweight and maneuverable, all the better for your dick. Fucking in a pool takes water aerobics to a whole new level of fun.

That’s why I am an advocate of pool-time perkies. The models enjoy swimming around and, hell, I enjoy watching them do it. Don’t you? The same just can’t be said for beach shoots. Sure, the girls look hot rolling around on the sand, but have you ever tried to fuck in the sand? (Just the thought of sand up places where it ain’t supposed to be makes me cringe.) I say MORE poolside shoots in SCORELAND because WETTER is always BETTER.


Linsey and I could do some synchronized swimmin'!

Linsey and I could do some synchronized swimmin'!

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You can’t please all of the people all of the time, but you sure can try!

October 8, 2010 by Dave 10 Comments
Tawny Peaks is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever…depending upon who you ask.

Tawny Peaks is one of the greatest SCORE Girls ever…depending upon who you ask.

When you pick up a copy of SCORE (or browse the on-line version at SCORELAND), do you expect to like every single pictorial? And if you don’t like every single pictorial, will you swear to never buy another issue or subscribe for another month?

I’m praying that your answer to both questions is “No.” Because if it’s not, I’m in trouble.

Back when I was a magazine buyer (as opposed to the editor of SCORE), I was willing to fork over my money for a mag if there was just one pictorial that I knew would get me off over and over again. Back then, I figured five or six dollars was a small price to pay for a half-dozen or more quality jacks. And if an issue had three or four pictorials that got me off, it was a keeper. An all-time great.

Because let’s face it: Even though we’re all big-boob lovers here, we all have different tastes in boobs, girls, bodies, etc. And the odds of every single reader/member being satisfied with every single pictorial in a particular issue are…well, I probably have a better shot at hitting the lottery. The big one.

I started buying SCORE and Voluptuous sight unseen because I could depend on every single issue having at least two, three or more girls who wouldn’t get me down. And that was enough. I mean, even back then, I knew that SCORE wasn’t my own, personal magazine. It wasn’t published just for me, a focus group of one.

And now that I’m the editor of SCORE, I can’t put a girl in the mag just because I like her. I have to be pretty certain that a lot of readers will like her, too. Not every reader. A lot of them. But I know that satisfying everybody with every pictorial will be impossible.

Ashley Sage Ellison always seems to be at the center of controversy. I'd rather stare at her tits than argue.

Ashley Sage Ellison always seems to be at the center of controversy. I'd rather stare at her tits than argue.

One day, I got this letter from B.P. of Toronto, Ontario: “I was a little disappointed in the girls you selected for the bikini pictorial in the August issue. They were all in the huge, super-breasted category. To me, what makes a great bikini girl is not just the way her tits look but also her legs, waist and overall physique. I agree with your choice of Tiffany Towers, but Tawny Peaks? C’mon! She has big tits, but there are SCORE Girls with smaller tits who look better in a bikini.”

But then, the next day, I got this via email: “Re: bikini contest. Although they are all extremely hot I have to vote for Tawny Peaks. She defines a sexy woman.”

So, one guy doesn’t think Tawny Peaks shouldn’t be anywhere near a bikini contest, and the next guy thinks she’s the definition of a SCORE bikini girl.

One guy thinks Ashley Sage Ellison is perfect. The next guy threatens to cancel his subscription if we ever run another photo of Ashley.

And then, when we run another photo of Ashley, and the second guy accuses us of not listening to the readers.

Some readers want us to reject any model who won’t fuck, no matter how stacked she is. Other readers don’t want to see any cock in the magazine. How can you please both? You can’t. It’s impossible.

I could stop running pictures of Minka in SCORE. But then I'd have to go looking for a new job.

I could stop running pictures of Minka in SCORE. But then I'd have to go looking for a new job.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter I ran in the January 2011 issue of SCORE. It’s from Ed of Iowa: “I love naturals: naturally busty and naturally beautiful (as opposed to skinny girls smuggling basketballs). There is definitely nothing wrong with beauties such as Ashley Sage Ellison, Karina Hart or Christy Marks in either magazine. It’s when you feature models like Minka, Lexxi Tyler or Danielle Derek that I have no interest in. Wasted pages that could have decent photo layouts.”

Do you see that? He’s criticizing Minka, one of the most-requested models of all-time! If I go three issues without putting Minka in SCORE, I’m sure to get the “Where’s Minka?” letters and emails.

But then there was this recent Blog comment from J.P. regarding my posting, “Five (and many more) very good reasons the breast of times is now.” “Sorry, Dave, but I totally disagree. Although Miosotis is my favorite of the bunch (and I think Christy Marks is totally overrated), I don’t think any single one of these girls holds a candle to the slim and stacked girls of the 90s. It has nothing to do with nostalgia. SCORE is about HUGE BOOBS, real or enhanced. Enhanced ones are just as good in my opinion.”

Anyway, the purpose of this posting is to 1.) Let you know how we go about doing things and 2.) Let you know that we are listening. We’re always listening. But listening and doing exactly what every reader says are two completely different things. The former is something we do every day. The latter is impossible. Fortunately, keeping every reader and member satisfied isn’t impossible. It’s a matter of getting the recipe right. Using the proper ingredients. And that’s both the challenge and the fun part.

So you keep letting us know what you want. And we’ll keep on sorting this whole thing out…even if, sometimes, it’s enough to drive an editor crazy!

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Three busty lady artists: SCORE Girls are their inspiration.

October 3, 2010 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Maria has been blogging lately about H.D. from Germany and his busty lady art, so in that vein, here are three guys, longtime SCORE fans, who have been inspired by their mamocentric interests to create their art. The art of big boobs. They have been featured on SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine for years.

Superwoman Lacey Legends.

Superwoman Lacey Legends.

First up is a man who calls himself The Saint. He’s a charter subscriber. The first dancer he ever saw (and who became a huge inspiration) was Zoryna Dreams in the October 1992 issue. “I started going to strip clubs in October of 1992,” the New Yorker said. “After seeing Zoryna on Howard Stern’s show, I knew I had to see her in person on her next visit to New York.”

Dreams. Zoryna Dreams. Shaken not stirred.

Dreams. Zoryna Dreams. Shaken not stirred.

Over the years, The Saint went clubbing regularly and met Joey Karson, Lisa Lipps, Europe DiChan, Colt 45  Pandora Peaks, Tawny Peaks, Kimberly Kupps, Staci Staxxx, Sofia Staks, Bunny Glamazon, Bambi the Amazon, Chrissy Paris, Plenty Uptopp, Nikki Knockers, Alyssa Alps,Casey James, Busty Dusty, Crystal Storm, Lacey Legends, Heather Hooters, Candy Cantalopes, Angel Eyes, Angel Bust, Kayla Kleevage, Crystal Gunns, Montana, Maxi and Mini Mounds and many more luminaries of the super-busty stage.

“My favorite SCORE covers are Lisa Lipps, September 1993 and Plenty Uptopp, January 1998,” he said. “Why? Both were perfect shots for reference in regard to pin-ups, and in both, the gals looked like they were ready to kick ass and take names.”

Artists he admires: Adam Hughes, Dave Stevens, Otis Sweat, Jack Henslee, Kevin Taylor, and Matt Baker. He uses pencil and ink with design marker to color his illustrations.

Art by Pauly of Artofpencil.

Art by Pauly of Artofpencil.

Pauly of Pauly Arts is a musician and artist. “I definitely create women that are such a rarity in real life that you see one every eight months or so…girls who make you freeze in your tracks and just stare to record the vision in your head because sadly she will soon be gone.” His first inspiration? “I had a substitute teacher for two days who had the biggest, jiggliest breasts, and as we Italians say, I was struck by the thunderbolt!” His favorite models? “Anything with my buddy Vanessa Montagne, SaRenna Lee and Sharday. I loved the Lisa Lipps cover shot from August ’96 SCORE.” Pauly wrote the short story “The Diary of Suzy Pratt” for the August ’95 SCORE, illustrated by Jack Henslee. “It’s the story of a tomboy who blossoms through exercise and surgery and blows all the guys away, only to find she’s a bisexual who loves big tits and women who love big tits! My favorite theme!” Pauly sells shirts and other items with his chesty ladies emblazoned on them at Cafepress under “big_breast_art.”

Halloween art by Pauly.

Halloween art by Pauly.

Matt aka “Thor” is an artist in California who’s found tremendous inspiration in SCORE and Voluptuous models.

Eye candy for the male brain.

Eye candy for the male brain.

“Once again, I tell you, without SCORE, I don’t think I would have continued my pursuit of art,” Matt said. One of his mainstays is Merilyn Sakova. “Whoever found Merilyn to pose for SCORE has been an inspiration to me to make art.” He also digs Morgan Leigh. “Indianna Jaymes and Jenna Valentine seem to be my new favorites,” Matt said.

Merilyn is Matt's muse.

Merilyn is Matt's muse.

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On the rack 15 years ago

May 23, 2010 by Elliot James 6 Comments
Angelique spilled out at newstands and mag shops this month in 1995.

Angelique spilled out at newsstands and mag shops this month in 1995.

What did SCORE readers buy 15 years ago this month? The July 1995 SCORE featured Angelique as the sole covergirl. The U.S. cover price was $5.95, $6.95 in Canada. It wasn’t sealed in a plastic bag with a free DVD inside like it is today. Back then, the art director and editor created back covers that looked like a front cover. For this issue, the back cover girl was Jay Sweet from Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Jay later changed her name to Angelica Foxxx and then Sam Bond. She’s still modeling in England.)

Irish bombshell Jay Sweet brought up the rear.

Irish bombshell Jay Sweet brought up the rear.

Why a back cover that was designed like the front? Because studies showed that at busy newsstands, many browsers would pick up a magazine, look through it, then put it back on the rack backwards. So with this technique, the SCORE title was always visible. Annoyed store clerks liked it, too.

The pictorials featured Tiffany Towers and Tawny Peaks in a girl-girl, Bonnie Banks, Angelique and Jay plus a Lilli Xene layout and interview. I’ve heard that Lilli Xene (pronounced “Zen-A”) became a housedancer in a California club, but I don’t know if she’s still dancing. “Nice Ass” was a six-page photo article of bootyfull SCORE Girl butts. Dipping into the Internet explosion, “Fantastic Fantasies” by Ricky Java kicked off. One of the first Netizens of the Boob Brotherhood and a Boob Cruise passenger, Rick morphed photographs to give SCORE models impossible dimensions. For this first installment, he performed massive cyber-boob jobs on Minka, Angelique, Traci Topps and Lisa Chest. Rick just emailed the other day to touch base, and he is as breastnotized as ever.

Fantastic Fantasies kicked off on page 34 of July 1995 SCORE.

Fantastic Fantasies kicked off on page 34 of July 1995 SCORE.

What else did you get in July ’95? A lotta stuff. A chesty short story called “Old Tricks” by Bo Alexander with sensational art by the Baron of Bazongas, Otis Sweat. “Fantasy SCORE” by Duncan Gutteridge. “Bomber Girls” by Otis. “Homebodies,” the amateur section with pictures girls sent in with the hopes of being called to model. My column, “Boob Beat,” with pix of Angelique, Chessie Moore, Lilli Xene and Letha Weapons causing trouble at the Consumer Electronics Show. An army of photographers was all over Angelique at the convention, and she played it up for them. She didn’t need to speak English, just squeeze her tits. And in “Scorecard,” our readers’ forum, the guys wrote letters about Busty Dusty, Tiffany Towers, Tawny Peaks, Honey Hills and Winona Lind. Real letters made out of paper, too. Stamped and delivered in a bag by a human. Few people had email in 1995.

Today, a copy of the July 1995 SCORE in good condition lists at $20.95 by back-issue magazine dealers.

And that’s how it was 15 years ago.

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