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It’s time for Tina

October 19, 2018 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Tina Lee is back today in an all-new pictorial and video. Yesterday Annabelle Rogers, today Tina, tomorrow Codi Vore’s first SCORE XXX. And we have a new model, Lexi Slade, on Sunday. It’s a weekend of stacked stunners.

“I had an idea of how many nice-looking girls with big boobs were on SCORELAND  because my ex-boyfriend used to spend his time on the site,” said Tina, every beautiful, busty inch a SCORE Girl herself.

“It was the favorite place for my ex-boyfriend to spend time,” Tina added with a laugh. She laughs a lot. I enjoyed listening to her.

“I saw some of the girls and it was a nice surprise to me to see how many Ukrainian girls were there,” Tina said. “They are all lovely. I didn’t know much about you before he told me. That’s when I decided to try this too. It was a different experience for me.”

Tina has charisma to spare. When she and our photo crew walked around Prague, everyone turned their heads to look at her.

Tina said yes to this dress.

Hourglass perfection.


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The blazin’ boobs of Demmy Blaze

May 19, 2016 by Elliot James 9 Comments

“All of my tops are tight,” says Demmy Blaze. Her new scene starts today at SCORELAND.

“They have to be tight. That is all I buy. I have a lot of sexy wear at home that I wear when I go out or when I am on-cam.”

Demmy has a girl-next-door personality. She used to be a waitress, making her the Melissa Manning of Ukraine. She’d get a million compliments, so she decided to model. Now, most modeling agencies want skinny girls. So Demmy took a different route and went on-cam. She took off her bra. We saw her boobs. Then she connected with SCORE. It took some time to work it out since she didn’t know what SCORE is and who we want to photograph. SCORE and Voluptuous are not sold at corner newsstands in Ukraine. One of our readers, a Brit, even threw in a good word for us. Ultimately, everything worked out.

Demmy has a perfect bod.



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Sha Rizel’s big-boobed “Body Magic” today at SCORELAND

March 26, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

There’s a new interview with Sha Rizel in SCORE Theater today along with a new pictorial and video called “Body Magic.” Sha’s voice is as sexy as every inch of her body.

It puzzles me why eastern European SCORE Girls have few super-slim and naturally stacked counterparts from other countries. Sha, Valory, Merilyn (all Ukrainians) and Venera have their closest equal in Japan’s genetic super-girl, Hitomi. Both Angela White and Micky Bells have slimmed down but still sport big boobs. Where are the Americans? The Canadians? The West lags badly.

Please note the star-spangled shoes Sha is wearing. Very American footwear.

Sha's new scene posts today.

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Valory Irene squeezes her big-boobs into hot lingerie

May 28, 2014 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Our dear Valory Irene says in her sexy Ukrainian-accented English that she knows you want to see her naked. But first, Valory wants to try-on new lingerie, bras and panties.

“I want to tease first.” I love that accent.

Valory has a good point. Some anticipation and build-up makes everything better, and that includes what girls can do for us.

Valory is wearing a brown polka-dot bra and panties. She takes off the bra, shows you her naked big boobs then picks out a sheer brassiere. She hooks it from the front and then spins the bra around her waist. That’s Valory’s bra-on technique.

Looking into the full-length mirror, Valory approves her choice.

“And now, I take off my pants,” Valory says.

Bras, nighties and sheer dresses for Valory's pleasure and yours.

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A salute to Romania, land of chesty charmers

August 17, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The 9th largest nation in the European Union bordered by Hungary, Serbia, Moldavia, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

A country with a rich, complex history.

And a place where many fine-looking, big-boobed ladies live.

We know because we photograph them; sometimes there, sometimes elsewhere, because they take their clothes off.

When getting ready to publish Roxanne Miller’s latest pictures and video the other day, I thought about Romania and what it means to me.

Had I known about their natural resources, I’d have moved there years ago.

Not oil. I mean Lana Ivans, Joana and others.

Here’s our salute to this great nation.

I need more of them for SCORELAND. And I love their accents.

They get a Gold Medal for contributing so many awesome dolls.

Just tell me who to mail it to.


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Arianna, Lana, Sophie and the secret of corn

February 15, 2011 by Elliot James 2 Comments

What is the miracle of this grain called corn or maize?

Romanian babydolls Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans say in Part 2 of today’s video that it gives girls big tits. Looking at Arianna and Lana, we would be schmucks to refute their claim. We were reluctant to release this secret information on the SCORELAND Blog for fear it would cause the price of corn to skyrocket worldwide after those sleazy Wall Street futures traders read this.

Czech Republic citizen Sophie also says beer is good for breast growth. But not just any beer, Sophie points out. It should be dark or black lager. The kind a spoon can practically stand up in. There’s something to this beer claim. In Bulgaria, a brew called Bohza lager, based on a traditional Bulgarian drink, is claimed to stimulate boob growth. Popular with the ladies, it’s made from fermented millet or fermented maize. There’s that corn connection again.

In Ukraine, they claim that cabbage stimulates hooter development. We’ll buy that, too, looking at Merilyn and Valory.

Let’s roll the video!

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Breast wishes, busty waitresses and Femen take the streets

February 14, 2011 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Happy birthday, ladies.

Today on SCORELAND, redheaded vixen Contessa Rose kicks off March ’11 V-mag with a cocktail server pictorial in the kind of pub where everybody knows your name.

Tomorrow, Dixie Devereaux as another kind of waitress with a plate of sticky pancakes. You won’t see a skintight uniform like Dixie’s worn at your local diner.

Boobs in the News:

An all-female group in Ukraine called Femen have an unusual way of protesting political issues, the lack of women in government positions and discrimination. They show their boobs in public. There are over 300 Femen activists just in Kiev. Wearing flowers in their hair in the old Ukrainian style, they recently grouped by a train station and shouted “Impeach Yanukovych!” (Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych)

Femen’s leader Anna Gutsol told reporters, “We understood that the only way to attract the maximum attention to a problem is to protest with bare breasts. It’s still a peaceful protest, but the most effective. In Ukraine, women don’t have the same rights as men, many marry at 20 and have neither career nor financial independence. We have minimum money to develop our organization, but we have our bodies, our brains, and our creativity. First one looks at our breasts, then our banners.”

The Femen movement is spreading. I hope it catches on in the States. Near the SCORE building.

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