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Milly Marks: The horny coed

July 13, 2017 by Elliot James 5 Comments

When I first saw Milly Marks, I thought she would look hot as a coed busting out in that sexy-fantasy traditional outfit of plaid skirt and tight, white top. Codi Vore, the Star sisters, Demmy Blaze, and Daria can also pull off the look.

I’ve met lots of busty college girls over the years, but sadly enough, I’ve never actually seen a real coed dress like this on or off-campus, especially one who blows out her bra like Milly does. I doubt anyone reading this blog posting has, either.

With the high costs of tuition, books, bras and plaid skirts, modeling can be a fast track method to earning money to pay off some of a model’s school expenses. In fact, the number of girls who have posed for SCORE or V-mag over the last 25+ years in the pursuit of higher education is long. For some reason, the nursing field attracts many of them after they get their degrees or certifications, as Dave has mentioned several times.

So tomorrow, Milly has a question for her instructor. It’s not about sex education. No one can teach Milly anything about sex. She’s way ahead of the curve. I suspect she has a doctorate in sex. In this scene, young Milly walks the path to academic success.

It’s busty coed fever with Milly Marks.


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Ria Sakuragi: playing hooky

January 21, 2013 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Ria: note the flower on her panties.

“School’s Out” at SCORELAND for Japan’s Ria Sakuragi, who has become well-known in her native country.

The school girl uniform must be the #1 look in most anime and mangas (Japanese animated cartoons and comic books).

I could be wrong but I think Japanese girls are more into cosplay than other nationalities and this is one of their favorites.

It’s taken years but Japanese girls are beginning to appear in SCORE and we look forward to more in the future.

Ria, a chum of Hitomi, is part of what we hope is a future Japanese invasion.

It’s no simple task but we are up to the challenge. I think I’m turning Japanese.

Japanese girls are really no different than American or British girls.

They like to take cell phone pictures of themselves in the mirror and make kooky hand signs. They like to dress up in slutty costumes and take pictures of themselves in the mirror. Hello titty. Who can’t appreciate that? Until the invention of the smartphone/digital camera, girls never took photos of themselves even though Polaroid cameras had been around for fifty years.


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Roxanne rocks it again

August 15, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

“Roxanne Rocks” is the name of our new breast-fest with Romanian wonder-chick Roxanne Miller. See it tomorrow and Friday at SCORELAND and get drunk on Roxanne’s fantastic body and boobs.

Maybe there’s a clinic for guys who go for titty rehab from being constantly boob intoxicated but who would want to give this lifestyle up?

Roxanne has the girl-next-door (GND) look, a pretty face and a killer body that she’s proud to show off.

Why deny Roxanne this opportunity? We certainly would not!

She’s a single coed studying public relations and the arts. You’ve gotta love a jiggly, bouncy student training for the future.

When it comes to supporting young students who have trouble finding bras that fit, we are right there with the scholarship checks. That’s a lot more than governments do for their citizens! They don’t give a damn if a coed has no money left over from tuition payments to buy new tank-tops, bras and high heels for the upcoming semester.

Roxanne makes herĀ Voluptuous magazine debut in the December ’12 issue and her SCORE debut in the Holiday ’12 edition. It’ll be a double debut on racks around the world for this previously unknown newcomer.

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