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The Tera Cox Story, this Monday at SCORELAND

September 15, 2013 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Tera Cox‘s time modeling was way too short. But that’s reality.

I’m always careful about avoiding the thought-trap that once a girl starts modeling, she’ll continue for years and years.

Once a model leaves the studio and goes home, I know there’s a possibility we won’t see her again. The fact is, many SCORE and Voluptuous models are in it for the short term. That’s why I always tell people to appreciate them in the here and now. The other day, I got an email from a reader asking when a model will return. He’s emailed about her before. She’s one of his favorites. But the girl he emailed about is busy with other life activities and has moved on. She had her lark, she had fun. Now it’s on to other things. It’s true that some models who were out of the spotlight suddenly come back, but most of them don’t.

That was the case with Tera. So working with Mike, one of our talented video editors, we put together a fast-paced 37-minute video dedication to this mid-western, huge-chested girl-next-door that covers her brief but dynamic time at SCORE. Dave coined the word “jackumentary,” and that’s what we had in mind when we were making “The Tera Cox Story.”

Tera was 23 years old and wore a 36H-cup bra when we first met her.

“I started waitressing at a local dance club. I was dressed conservatively, but the owner got nervous when he saw me and said ‘You can’t dress like that! Take that outfit off.’  This was a club in Missouri. He didn’t have uniforms so I waitressed in my bra and underwear!” One of the customers told her she’d be great for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. Tera checked us out and sent in her photos. And that was how it all began.

Maybe one day she’ll give it another go, like Diane Poppos did. It would be great, but I don’t wonder about that. I can continue to enjoy the pictures and videos she made when she was here.

Tera Cox: SCORELAND still gets letters about her.




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Tomorrow at SCORELAND: Sha Rizel and Big Tit Skinny Dip Chapter 4

August 27, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Sha Rizel wears a red tank dress over a sexy bra and panties. Life is good. And it gets better when Sha takes it all off and shows it all.

In the 4th chapter of the movie Big Tit Skinny Dip (first time on the web), Valory Irene performs an underwater T&A ballet while little hottie Lana Ivans serenely floats on the surface and does naughty things.

Double your pleasure on hump day at SCORELAND.

Valory Irene: aquatic ballerina stars in Big Tit Skinny Dip with Lana, Terri and Dors.

Sha Rizel has something to get off her chest.

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This video about SCOREtv.tv is an Internet sensation. See who made it one.

June 7, 2013 by Elliot James 2 Comments

While 18eighteen Girls are usually never seen on the Blog, I have to make this one exception for Alexis Adams. Alexis did a video about using the Roku box to watch our movies on SCOREtv.tv, and she, and this video, became an Internet sensation when it was posted. It didn’t take long for the video to go viral on the Web.

Alexis is cute, has a sexy-as-fuck little body and has done some mighty horny hardcore at 18eighteen.com plus several solos at Naughtymag.com, so I can forgive her for liking Ashton Kutcher. Her face reminds me a bit of Brandy Talore’s, although I wouldn’t call them kissin’ cousins, since they’re widely separated by genetics.

Alexis Adams, Roku & SCOREtv.tv babe.

Brandy Talore in 2002, first pictorial.



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Jiggle belles jiggling all the way in February ’13 SCORE

December 4, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

Santa Claus' busty helper Anjii Ross. No wonder his hair is white.

Right on time to bust out that holiday cheer, the February ’13 SCORE magazine is now at your favorite store.

In this edition:

Covergirl Anjii Ross in her mag debut.

The debuts of Gabrielle Love and Kalila Kane.

Canada’s Stanley Cup television sensation Taylor Stevens.

Australian superstar Angela White.

British stunner Michelle Bond.

Harmony Bliss and a big Xmas toy.

Stephanie Stalls does a wild DP. Stephanie’s nastiest scene.

Daylene Rio’s couch dance gets out of hand.

The round-up of the best DVDs of 2012.

In “Boob Beat,” a chance to win Hitomi’s signed bra. Only one in existence!

The popular “Scorecard” readers’ forum.

Another must-own issue. A free DVD is included with the mag in most areas.

If your store doesn’t have SCORE, #1 in Big Boobs, mail their name and address to us at score@scoregroup.com and we’ll handle the rest.

Shop online? Get the February ’13 SCORE at eBoobStore. If you collect digital mags and like to read them on your phone or tablet, we’ve got that covered, too. The digital version of the mag also contains five embedded video clips of Daylene, Kalila, Stephanie, Gabrielle and Michelle. Check out the video samples.

Deck the halls with boobs and hooters. Nothing beats holiday highbeams!

Anjii unwrapped! Yeah, we know it's rushing things to open the present too early.

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Felicia Clover: Student body!

November 24, 2012 by Elliot James 12 Comments

Wow! Now that's a student body!

Can’t get enough of Felicia Clover?

Her latest video at SCOREVideos.com is “Student Body.” The bustiest girl on campus, Felicia needs a study break from the books, and her booty call needs her boobs in his face. Fair trade? “I’m a good girl but not in the bedroom. I’m a bad girl there,” says Felicia. Give the girl an A, will ya?

And at SCORELAND, Siri is a new hire at the SCORE warehouse in “Triple Play.” (Now that’s a real fantasy!) Siri is going to show these two bozos that they’d better straighten out or she’ll straighten them out! And she’s got just the job skills to do it. If I knew these shenanigans were going on in the warehouse, I’d have sold tickets.

Siri goes for the Triple Play at SCORELAND! Booyah!

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“Stripping is fun” says Kalila Kane at SCORELAND

October 10, 2012 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Kalila will now bounce for your entertainment pleasure.

“Stripping is fun,” says Kalila Kane, a newbie who was encouraged to contact SCORE by her friend (who is now also our friend for this boobmanitarian act). It’s just as much fun to watch says me, a guy who has spent countless yet productive hours in strip joints, topless bars and burlesque theaters. I find that most exotic dancers are very giving girls. They’re always giving their clothes away.

Bouncing boobs are an untapped source of alternative energy (like wind power), and Kalila’s jiggling, shaking and bouncing video today proves it. She has a lot of bounce to the big-boob ounce. Stripping off, Kalila climbs into bed and fingers herself to happy town. She really spreads the wealth, too, doing great pink spreading for a newbie. I would have liked to have seen some dancing also. Maybe next time.

“I might be addicted to masturbating,” the brunette hottie said. That’s a good thing.

How hot will Kalila get now that she has busted her video cherry? We don’t use the I Ching here to predict those events. We use the I Jack. Time will tell.

Kalila has a number of very interesting hobbies, too. Stuff you’d never guess. Read all about them.


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Janne Hollan: Breastfully clean!

July 17, 2012 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Janne Hollan will now demonstrate the proper way a busty young lady should shower.

That is, by letting our cameras tag along into the bathroom with her!

Just the first few minutes of Janne looking at her deep cleavage in the mirror knocked me back for a loop.

Then she unleashes her tits!

I love shower videos, and I like how Jose the videographer got close-up.

Dripping wet tits are so…wet.

Starts today at SCORELAND!

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Rack it up with Siri’s first cover issue

June 22, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Now at stores or direct from your friends at SCORE.

The Net has your eye, this I cannot deny.
But a cover on a rack will freeze you in your track.

The annual all-naturals September ’12 issue of SCORE is now at your favorite newsstand or magazine store, or get it straight to your door from SCORE.

This year:

Siri’s first issue and her first cover. Enter for a chance to win her signed bra.
Alia Janine
Emilia Boshe
Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White on one lucky putz.
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love in an exclusive interview.

Plus a “Supernaturals” special: Hitomi, Valory Irene, Venera, Karla James, Karina Hart, Diane Poppos, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Ines Cudna, Sharday, Merilyn Sakova and Christy Marks.

The DVD Pick  is Mammary Mambo starring G-cupper Arianna Sinn and KKK-cupper Miosotis in a clash of the titty titans. It’s a XXX breast-fest.

A curvy collection of cantilevered cleavage cuties cupping their compelling casabas!
You may resist but your pipe will persist.

The digital version for computers and tablets contains five embedded videos as a bonus:

Jenna Valentine
Maggie Green and Angela White
Micky Bells
Nancy Navarro
Rachel Love



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Introducing the perfect marriage of magazine and videos. It’s even better than a flip book!

April 18, 2012 by Dave 11 Comments

Imagine if the photos in your favorite magazine (that would be SCORE, of course) could move. I’m not talking about those old-time flip books, the ones filled with pictures on pages that you’d flip from front to back real fast to simulate motion (“Those were great,” Elliot James just said). Elliot also just said, “They were going to make porno flip books, then video came along and ruined everything!” Elliot, are you a hundred years old or something?

Anyway, I used to read SCORE and Voluptuous and wonder what it would be like to have video imbedded in the magazine. Then, because that was impossible, we started including DVDs with the newsstand edition of the magazines (and now, we also offer a subscription that includes magazine and bonus DVD). So that was the perfect combination of photos and video.

And now…the even-more-perfect combination of photos and video: the digital edition of the July ’12 issue of SCORE with videos imbedded in the pictorials. For example, you’re digitally flipping through the pictorial of Melissa Manning when you come upon that instantly recognizable video arrow. You click it. And a video starts playing!

Yep, the digital version of the July ’12 issue of SCORE, available for only $8.99 at eBoobStore.com, includes five videos imbedded in the magazine: solos of Charley Green and Melissa, tit-to-tit of Valory Irene and Lana Ivans and XXX boy-girls with Kelly Christiansen and Stephanie Stalls.

“They’re very cool,” Elliot said. He should know. He was around when flip books were hip.


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