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Roxanne Miller’s favorite photo shoot

May 19, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Roxanne Miller (January ’13 and Holiday ’12 SCORE; December ’12 Voluptuous) tells me that her favorite photo shoot is the one that will be running today and tomorrow at SCORELAND.

What does she like about it so much?

“I am a bit of a fetishist… makes me wet…and in that one I look like a mistress,” explains Roxanne, who wears her kinky boots well.

I’m sure you wouldn’t complain if Roxanne forced you to suck her nipples and tongue her pussy and ass.

Roxanne Miller's magazine debut.

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Busty bodies dripping with suntan oil or with lotion…which do you prefer?

May 17, 2013 by Elliot James 9 Comments

Oiling. Like it? Love it? Don’t give a hoot? The clear stuff that turns a hot chick’s body into a shining work of art. It drips off the tips of her nipples and cascades down her thighs and calves.

Valory: slip-slide off this.

Maserati: oils well.

Minka: one bottle doesn't cover one tit.












Or maybe enjoying a girl rub white lotion into her big boobs is the way to go. When a fine pair looks like a jizz bomb hit them.

Natalie Fiore goos down.

May lotion showers bring Cynthia Flowers.

Taylor Steele rubs and buffs.













We did a poll about this a few years ago. “When watching a busty girl on the beach, what do you most want to see her do?” Forty-three percent answered “rub lotion on her body.”

What are your thoughts, tit lovers? Oil? Cream? Or nothing?


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Jessi Rhodes’ first video plays tomorrow at SCORELAND

May 16, 2013 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Jessi Rhodes made a deep impression when her New Discovery pictorial was shown at SCORELAND.

SCORE, you did great finding Jessi. This is the type of model I want to see and she’s why I joined! Jessi, thanks so much for showing the goods!!!”–club139

“After not being a SCORELAND member for quite a while, this woman is the one that got me to sign up again. More Jessi, please! ASA freakin’ P.”–GFaulkner

“The tan lines on her bum make me want to cum badly.”–addzy

“Jessi Rhodes is adorable. I can’t wait to see more of her.”–Tom

If you want to see Jessi’s first video, log-in tomorrow. I was especially impressed by Jessi’s vocal talents. A sexy voice saying fresh things always cranks up the heat level in a video. Watch this trailer!

Jessi’s first mag is September ’13 Voluptuous, on sale June 25.

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In a quiet apartment in Prague, on a street lined with maple and sycamore, a busty, young blonde prepares to engulf a man’s engorged member. But that’s not the whole story.

May 2, 2013 by Dave 1 Comment

Krystal Swift and a lucky guy. But that's not the whole story.

There used to be a guy on the radio named Paul Harvey, and his shtick was something he called, “The Rest of the Story.” Harvey would tell a story, but he’d hold back either the name of a famous person involved or a key twist until the very end. Then, after the reveal, Harvey would intone, “And now you know the rest of the story.” “The Rest of the Story” was on the radio for 33 years! It was hokey, but people ate it up.

Anyway, here we have this photo of F-cup Czech natural Krystal Swift on all fours, about to go down on some dude’s cock. She’s looking into the camera. Her tits are hanging down. Her ass is in the air.

But what you can’t tell from this picture is that another guy is banging her from behind. And now you know the rest of the story.

You can see the rest of the story right now at SCORELAND.


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The votes are in…and shaved pussy wins!

April 27, 2013 by Dave 6 Comments

Last seen shaving her pussy in the Blog posting of March 26, Gya Roberts shows off the finished product. She knows it's what most men want.

What I suspected about guys who like hairy pussy was verified by the results of the most-recent SCORELAND Blog poll: How do you prefer pussy?

Only 20% responded “hairy” or “overgrown,” and of that 20%, only 3% want overgrown. There’s a reason this is the era of shaved pussy: 37% want shaved-bald cunt, and a total of 62% want it shaved bald or with just a little bit of hair.
The guys who love hairy pussy are a vocal minority. They’re also a valuable minority; they buy magazines and DVDs with photos of girls with hairy pussies. I respect their passion. But if most guys didn’t like shaved or mostly-shaved pussy, most girls wouldn’t shave it (you think they like going through the extra trouble of shaving every day?). Maybe seven or eight years ago, if we wanted a model to have a shaved pussy, we had to either shave it for her (a great job) or ask her to shave it before she visited our studio. Now, almost all of the girls arrive with bald pussies, and if we want hair down there, we have to either ask for it weeks in advance or ask the model not to shave what she’s already got.
Our next poll: Do you like seeing a big-titted model having her pussy eaten in a boy-girl scene?
And that’s the way it is.
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You’ll never guess who’s rated No. 1 today in the XLGirls.com model directory

April 24, 2013 by Dave 29 Comments

Lenka in her famous wheat field pictorial. A true field of dreams.

I guess I just gave it away, didn’t I? But I have to ask, “How did that happen?” How in the world did so many XLGirls.com members, all at once, decide, “Hey, I’m going to jack to a girl who hasn’t modeled since 2002, hasn’t appeared in any magazines since 2004 and shot only photos, no videos?” Especially since, although a great model, Lenka is relatively obscure. But it was Elliot James who wrote, “Destined for legendary status after just a few pictorials, this Czech Republic-based Gypsy girl has churned the nut butter of thousands of members since her debut last winter.” And he was right.

I was a big fan of Lenka. She was the covergirl of the February 2002 issue of Voluptuous. That was the issue with the memorable pictorial in which she posed outdoors on a park bench, wearing a halter top that she absolutely poured out of. She was an amateur, but she loved the camera and the camera loved her.

We practically begged Lenka to model some more, maybe shoot some videos, but her modeling career turned out to be brief. If I remember correctly, her parents or grandparents found out about her little adventure in nude modeling, and they weren’t too happy about it. Being a good girl who wanted to make her parents (or whomever) happy, Lenka stopped modeling.

Gone but obviously not forgotten. Go figure…


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Scarlet LaVey…homemaker?

April 23, 2013 by Elliot James 3 Comments

“When guys stare at my boobs or say something to me about them, I actually like to pretend sometimes that I am pissed off about it, but it is all part of the act,” says Scarlet LaVey. “I love it. Yeah, guys are crazy when it comes to boobs. One time I was walking down the street and I was approaching a group of guys and they screamed out, ‘Oh, my god! Those are real!’ really loudly. I was like, ‘Yeah they are!'”

I, myself, want to see Scarlet LaVey walking down the street. In fact, walking anywhere. I’m a freak for busty girls just walking. And I would never yell anything at her.

Tomorrow’s pictorial at SCORELAND is a study in contrasts. Would Scarlet dress like Suzy Homemaker and bake cookies and cakes for a boyfriend? We’ll have to remember to ask the next time she visits our citadel of cleavage.

How'd you like to come home to Scarlet and her fresh baked goods?

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Do love, SCORE and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?

April 12, 2013 by Dave 9 Comments

Christy Marks: Do you take this woman?

SCORE reader S.M. from Baltimore, Maryland writes: “I think it’s fair to say that I have an uncontrollable obsession with big-boobed naturals. I’ve had this obsession since my late teens. I’m 39, soon to be 40, and I can tell you that nothing has changed. No, I wasn’t breast-fed as a baby, or at least as far as I was told. I promise you that I am the most big-boob obsessed of all SCORE readers.

“I am single and I love it, partly because of you and your adorable, busty models. I have family members asking me all the time, ‘When are you going to get married? When are you going to find a wife?’ But they just don’t understand. I am addicted to SCORE and V-Mag. I know that nowadays, some women don’t mind if their lovers or spouses look at porn magazines, but c’mon, how many are like that? Probably not many at all. The ladies would just get jealous even if they say they approve because they’d feel like I’m looking at the mag too much and not enough at them. So I just stay single. That solves everything except when parents bitch about when you’re ever going to get married. Right now, I can’t answer that, and you’re partly to blame for that, SCORE. But I like it.”

Okay, honestly? I’m not sure how I feel about this letter. On the one hand, I love that S.M. loves our mags and our girls. On the other hand, I’m wondering–and he doesn’t address this–whether he ever has sex with actual flesh-and-blood women, big-breasted or otherwise.

And I have another question: Aren’t there ways to enjoy SCORE and SCORELAND either 1.) Without your significant other finding out; 2.) Along with your significant others; or 3.) With her blessing? Or is jealousy always going to rear its head?

You guys out there who are married or have a girlfriend or a significant other…how do you deal with your love of SCORE and V-Girls?


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Bullet-proof bras. Because busty cops need back-up.

April 8, 2013 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Go ahead. Make Arianna's day.

Remember that Blog I did about busty cops? I have a follow-up.

German policewomen will now be able to wear bullet-proof bras. Made of white cotton with the word Polizei (Police) along the seam, the bras will protect women who wear bullet-proof vests. The bras have no metal parts and resemble sports bras made of cotton, polyester, spandex and polyamide with no buttons or fasteners.

They will be issued to 3,000 women working for Germany’s federal police but wearing them will be optional. The bras will be available in four different sizes and a handful of styles. Each officer will be issued three bras. “These can save someone’s life so it’s not a laughing matter,” said the Hamburg policewoman who organized the committee called Action Brassiere, getting hundreds of German policewomen to try the bras on the job for 90 days before they were officially accepted. When it comes to protecting busty policewomen, we’re here to offer an uplifting show of support.

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