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Titillating Toons

August 20, 2012 by Elliot James 2 Comments

From the immense Scorecard collection at SCORELAND, some toons to brighten the day.

Written and drawn by the best tit-toonists SCORE has known for 20 years.

Show these to your lady friends (at your own risk, of course) and enjoy the sight of their tits shaking when they laugh.

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Planning the V-mag Awards issue…oh, yeah!

July 30, 2012 by Maria 3 Comments

The time for the V-mag annual awards issue is here and I am excited. As the editor of V-mag, it is my favorite issue to do because it is, as they say, the whole enchilada. There is a bit of everything and a lot of everything that is good.

There are newcomers to consider and the list of ladies is pretty great. Newbie Roxanne Miller is looking like a strong contender. So is Siri. Everyone’s favorite Latina newcomer is Nancy Navarro, it seems.

The plumpers are always fun because I like women with big tits, and these ladies are packing a lot of punch. Some of the frontrunners who stick out in my mind are Dors Feline, Angel DeLuca and Marilyn White.

There’s the XXX of the Year category, and so many people are talking about Maserati and Sabina Leigh as the ladies to beat.

There are a few subcategories to consider like Ass of the Year and Pussy of the Year, and that always makes voting more fun.

But if you ask me, the hardest category for voting this year is going to be Model of the Year. This year it is going to be fucking hard to choose a winner. I am putting that out there now so when you guys get the urge to send me emails asking why I have made it so hard to choose a favorite, I can say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”

I mean, just looking through the photos has me wondering how this contest is going to be won. It is going to go down to the wire. The winner will win by just a few votes, that is how close it is going to be. Let’s just put it this way: Hitomi vs. Karina Hart? Leanne Crow vs. Renee Ross? Elaina Gregory vs. Jenna Valentine? And that’s just HALF of the lineup. It’s going to be a hell of a contest.

You guys will be seeing the issue around November but know that it is already in the works and that the voting is going to be close this year, so make sure you get your issues early and vote right away so you don’t miss out on the fierce competition.

It’s exciting!



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A Siri doubleheader now at your favorite store or newsstand

July 1, 2012 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Siri, show us your tits. Thank you, Siri. We appreciate that, Siri.

Siri makes her Voluptuous magazine debut in the September ’12 issue, now at your favorite jack shack, mag rack, all-around adult emporium or from eBoobStore.

Our store has both a print and a digital version (if you’re a tablet reader).

This marks a double magazine cover debut for the meteoric Siri.

The nubile, huge Harry Potter fan (for once I’d like to be Daniel Radcliffe) is also the covergirl of the September ’12 SCORE.

Pretty sweet, I say.

Double cover debuts like this are still fairly rare.

I remember Nicole Peters (April ’03), Ines Cudna (March ’03) and Via Paxton (September ’99) having spectacular double debuts, too.

Lemme see…who else? There was Sharday’s famous double cover debut for the November ’01 issues. In her V-mag debut, Sharday wore her actual high school prom dress.

Most models who debut in both SCORE and V-mag tend to have different debut dates, with or without being on the cover.

Along with Siri, the big, bad line-up for September ’12 is:

Anna Carlene
Cherry Brady
Kristi Maxx
Kristina Milan
Reina Lee
Renee Ross
Sabina Leigh
The ever-elusive Trinity Michaels
And those deadly pillow fighters Jenna Valentine and Leanne Crow. Bam!

Not near a store? No problem. We come to you.

Actually, a mail carrier will come to you. However, we can’t guarantee it will be a busty, female postal employee.

Sounds like a good idea for a layout.

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Ass-fucked busty babes: Yay or nay?

May 31, 2012 by Maria 17 Comments

Goldie Ray likes to get her ass fucked like it's her pussy...and we LOVE that about her!

The other day I was watching a scene featuring Marilyn Monroe lookalike Goldie, where she was getting ass-fucked like nobody’s business. I am talking about getting ass-fucked like she had a second pussy back there. That’s when you know, at least in my opinion, that the anal is good…when someone’s ass can swallow up a dick and take a pounding.

Jayden Prescott is a reader's wife. She has only shot two scenes in her life and they were for us. She did anal in both. We love Jayden. We really, really do.

Goldie’s anal prowess got me thinking about anal and how it’s a lot less taboo these days. I think a lot more guys are admitting that they like it, and I think a lot of women are actually interested in trying it. Back in the day, anal wasn’t as widely done or demanded as it is now.

With all that ass, Angelina Castro can take an ass pounding like nobody's business. Speared Latina can? Yes, please!

And I am glad for it. I actually think that anal is hot, and I am glad that a lot more babes are letting studs pound that round. To me, there is nothing hotter than when a curvy chick, complete with big tits and a sexy face, is bent over and getting her backdoor split by a cock. (Hello, Angelina Castro…I am talking to YOU. Oh, and you, Jayden Prescott!) lol

In fact, I am such a pro-anal advocate that I think it would be hot to do a whole feature DVD of busty, ass-fucked hotties. Something along the lines of Busty Anal Sluts.

But then again, I am the editor of BootyLicious magazine and a notorious lover of all things ass.

But I don’t think I am alone in my love of the buns. A lot of V-mag fans love it when I feature a big-ass special in the magazine. And I have never seen anyone complain when we feature a stacked honey on SCORELAND getting her ass reamed.

Does that mean you are all anal lovers? Would you like to see more of it? I know I would.







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Voluptuous exposes a cover up of Natalie Fiore & Micky Bells

May 13, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

July '12 Voluptuous magazine: get it in print or in digital.

Here is a pairing of two future legends in the new July ’12 issue of Voluptuous magazine.

I think of the great V-mag duos over the years such as:

Linsey and Chloe
Jessica Turner and Lorna Morgan
Kerry Marie and Cassandra
Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore
Autumn-Jade and Sierra
Annie Swanson and Lilith
Sammy Black and Jenny Hill
Kelly Kay and Bozena

This one-on-one of Natalie and Micky belongs in that league of all-stars.

And featured in this edition:
Anastasia Blake
Angel DeLuca
Ashley Sage Ellison
Elaina Gregory
Melonie Max
Nancy Navarro
Reina Lee
Sonja Haze

Get it in print or get it in digital. Just get it and have a blast.

Is that a boobtastic cover of Micky and Natalie or not?

Can’t find V-mag at your local newsstand? Let us know and we’ll check it out.

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Apples and oranges? No, we’re talking melons here. Voluptuous Lola’s big, juicy melons.

May 11, 2012 by Elliot James 6 Comments

Her name is Lola. She is a showgirl, not a fruit stand owner.

Dave blogged about Lola last January, and it’s safe to say that he was impressed. So was I and so was Maria, who put her in the Holiday ’11 V-mag. To prove that absence does make the hard grow harder, Lola’s back at SCORELAND with fresh photos and a video.

This time, Lola put on a fishnet dress and got into a bathtub with a bunch of floating green apples. Maybe the photographer couldn’t find melons that morning. Or the apples were meant to be photographically symbolic of something, like Eve and the apple.

Lola’s full name isn’t Lola Apples like our American dancer/model Candy Apples. Maybe Lola just likes apples. Aroma scientists claim that the scent of green apples reduces stress and headaches in women. Maybe Lola likes the scent. But vibrators can do that, too.

Anyway, a couple of things are 100% certain and provable. Lola has a beautiful face and body and spectacular, homegrown melons. She’s very sexy and she’s always smiling. She has mad toy skills.

I admit that the Czech Republic can chalk up another victory in the International Boobs Race (IBR) thanks to Lola, a race America is clearly losing to east and west Europe and England.

This really burns my bacon. Where are all the American challengers to Czech girls like Lola? How can a tiny nation of 10 million people produce so many top-notch busty girls who enjoy nude modeling while my country hopelessly lags behind in a recessionary period of big-tit growth? American girls with E-cups and bigger need some kind of wake-up call. And the Czechs make better beer than we do, adding insult to injury. I need to get this country back on top in the IBR.

All I can say is, American woman, Be A SCORE Model.

A SCORELAND member named Basenji1 will be very pleased to see Lola back again.  “She has the full package,” he commented back in January. “She ranks along with Arianna Sinn.” Praise doesn’t get any higher than that. Hopefully, we’ll connect again with Lola.

I may not be a poet. But when it comes to apples and melons, I know it.

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Fan art has heart, soul and boobs. And a long memory.

May 9, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

Glen S. sends us his artwork of three famed Voluptuous and SCORE Girls plus one model who only posed for three layouts–and only in photos, no videos–then became part of the passing parade of stacked girls.

Glen writes: “I’ve been meaning to give it in earlier, but I got sidetracked. These are a couple of images of some my favorite girls.  I enjoy doing this artwork and I appreciate you showcasing other readers’ work as well. Always a pleasure to see. I like H.D.’s stuff from Germany. He’s got a nice, easy style.”

I didn’t think anyone remembered Tori well enough to create and send an illustration of her. No one has mentioned Tori in a decade. But she definitely made an impression on Glen over 10 years later.

Tori has great, pancake-sized areolae, and, at that time, a genuine girl-next-door look. She was living in Arizona in late 1998 when a SCORE Group contributing photographer met her.

I like the addition of the Union Jack in Nicole’s picture. Nicole’s a painter herself, and I think she’d appreciate Glen’s take.

Thank you, Glen!


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Betty Blac’s rack attack, Renee cops V-mag Model of the Year again and is Shyla shy? Are you kiddin’?

April 6, 2012 by Elliot James 5 Comments

Betty Blac at XLGirls: very hot

Meet Betty Blac, a sexy, fun-loving babe from Oakland, California who surprised us by saying, “I dated women only until I was 28. I started dating men when I lived in Australia, and since then I have dated mostly men. I still love women, but my attraction to men is stronger and I love cock.” Let’s be grateful for the switch-over. Miss Blac’s face-smothering 36K tits are true works of art. I’d rather see them hanging at the XLGirls’ studio than in a museum. One photo of Miss Blac’s boobs is worth more than all of Pablo Picasso’s crappy paintings.


All bow to Renee Ross

Renee Ross has again won Voluptuous magazine’s Model of the Year title. The June 2012 issue is Renee’s second awards edition cover (now at your favorite newsstand) and her fourth V-mag cover. Leanne Crow won Newcomer of the Year, something I expected to happen, and Kristina Milan won Plumper of the Year. “I voted for Renee,”  R.D. emailed. “There were many worthy rivals up against Renee, as usual, but when it came time to send in my ballot, I entered her name automatically. I will probably do that again if she is in it next year.” Congrats to the winners!

Shyla Shy; knocked-up and horny

Was there some kind of fertility spell cast on the girls of Mamazon The Movie? First, Kali West got pregnant and came back to SCORELAND with a baby bump. Then Shyla Shy called to report that she was over seven months knocked-up, so we did the respectable thing and quickly invited her over for a new pole-vaulting event. See it right now. Shyla’s boobs are heavier than ever. The Florida local is a very quiet girl on or off camera, but it’s those quiet ones you really gotta watch. So far, no pregnancy reports have come in from Shyla and Kali’s Mamazon co-stars Alia Janine, Daylene Rio, Alexis Silver and Rachel Love. Still, I wonder.

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Live from Miami, she’s Sabina Leigh!

February 27, 2012 by Elliot James 7 Comments

We have a special guest at the studio today, SCORELANDERS. Sabina Leigh of Voluptuous magazine, one of the stars of Pounding The Pledges and Bounce Baby Bounce! It’s been a while and I’m happy to say that Sabina’s looking as pretty and as busty as ever. Wow, is she busty! And while Sabina’s here, she pounded the keyboard too and blogged. (I love  blogging models.) Take it away, Sabina. -Elliot James


Welcome back, Sabina Leigh!

Hi all, Sabina Leigh, here. I am finally back shooting with The SCORE Group again.  I missed them so much.  Everyone here is super professional and major hotties to boot 🙂

I had such a great time shaking my big fat titties all over the studio.

The guys here really banged the shit out of me (in the good way that I love so much).

I can’t wait for you all to see me being rammed by these big-dicked Miami studs.  I hope I get to come back down here more so I can keep sharing these heavy juggs and pink pussy with you all.

SCORE and V-mag fans are seriously the best around.  Kisses to you all and I hope you will enjoy my scenes as much as I enjoyed making them!-XXX, Sabina Leigh

We love when the girls guest blog. Thanks, Sabina!

The boobs eye view of busty blogger Sabina.

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Elaina Gregory’s Incredible Tight Titty Top Try-Outs

February 22, 2012 by Elliot James 8 Comments

One of Elaina's wardrobe choices today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite sights is happening at SCORELAND.

The tight top try-outs.

Nothing makes me happier than watching an exceptionally big-boobed hottie boombalottie trying on the skimpiest, most body-hugging tops.

Our president, John Fox, has a saying about the kind of clothes SCORE and V-Mag Girls should wear: “Too tight, too short, too low.”

These are words to live by, at least on my planet.

When I see huge-chested girls wearing baggy, loose, ill-fitting tops and bras, I get a panic attack because it’s such a waste. Don’t get me started on muumuus.

Elaina Gregory is the one to study as she squeezes her 41-inch, 34N-cups into a choice selection of tight tops and bras.

The best is when you can see the nipples protruding through the material.

Elaina was the perfect girl to do this. I have been waiting a long time to see her stuff her boobs into teeny tops like this. I loved every picture and every minute of it. Elaina’s video could have been two hours and it still wouldn’t have been long enough for me.

She also rubs one out, so don’t think it’s all a tight tops try-on.

Observe and report!

Thank you again, Voluptuous goddess Elaina Gregory!


Elaina tries on bras. The world is a better place because of this simple event.

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