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September 20, 2017 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Tracy West takes time out from her desk job. Tracy didn’t model much but she made her mark. Still set and video at

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  • cvn

    I LOVE Score Classics . . . I mean, really, what’s not to love? Videos that were seemingly lost to the ages of legendary Score models turning up again in remastered form (without the cheesy musical score!), picture sets that had disappeared from Scoreland returning as bigger, sharper files. I thought I had a pretty good collection of material from the early days of Scoreland, but you’re constantly hitting me with “new” old material of past favorites.

    Tracy West is a great example . . . she was such a fan favorite during her brief modeling career, but I hadn’t ever seen any videos of her . . . until you posted three of them in roughly a month.

    Score Classics is one of the best ideas you folks at Scoreland have had in many a moon. Thanks for bringing back all of this classic material!

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  • Boobhound

    I’m with cvn…this was a GREAT idea! I joined the instant I saw it existed, and love it! Devon Daniels, Jeannine Oldfield, Suzanne Brecht, and many others are a joy to see in the larger picture format. Many of them were previously on Scoreland and I was borderline distraught when I couldn’t find them anymore. Their reappearance in larger format pictures and videos made my year.

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