The mainstream celebrity I’d most like to see in a fuck film

December 5, 2012 by Dave 4 Comments

No, thank you.

The current Blog poll asks, “Which busty mainstream celebrity would you most like to see in a fuck film?” The choices are singer Mariah Carey, actress Christina Hendricks from the TV show Mad Men, actress Sofia Vergara from the TV show Modern Family, actress Salma Hayek and country music singer Dolly Parton. Here’s my view of the five choices:

Mariah Carey: Curvy and likes to show off her tits, ass and legs in stripper-like clothing. The dress she wore at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Rockefeller Center would be banned from most family gatherings. Plus, she wears fuck shoes. However, Mariah once got insulted when Howard Stern, thinking he was complimenting her, told her she dressed like a stripper. This indicates to me that there are two sides to Mariah: the outer slut we want to fuck and the scary inner good girl who doesn’t know what the hell she is. If Mariah was any good in bed, she would have said to Stern, “Thank you.”  I’m guessing she’d make a bad porn actress (no surprise since she’s already a lousy mainstream actress).

Christina Hendricks: According to unofficial reports, Christina has DDD-cup breasts. She also has a big ass. I’d like to see her getting plowed from behind, preferably in her tuchus, while her boobs hang. Judging by how sexy she is on-camera in a TV show, I’m guessing that she’d be a wild, nasty, dirty-talking XXX performer. I’d like to see two scenes with Christina: one in which we see her flaming red bush and one in which her pussy is shaved.

Sofia Vergara: I have to try to ignore the annoying, non-stop chatterbox character she plays on Modern Family and concentrate on 1.) Her tits; and 2.) The fact that she’s Colombian. Unfortunately, I suspect that her tits aren’t as big as she makes them out to be (I’m guessing they’re C-cups, Ds at best). So, even though her Latina heritage suggests a wild fuck, her tits would ultimately disappoint me. However, as wives go, she’s a major step up for Ed O’Neil from Katey Sagal.

Salma Hayek: Salma is a saucy Mexican, and many Mexican girls have proven to be nasty, filthy porn stars. However, like Sofia, Salma’s tits probably aren’t as big as we think they are. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Sofia and Salma in a XXX lesbian scene, and if one of our studs, say Johnny or Lucas, wanted to drop by and poke them in the ass while they’re eating each others’ pussies, that would be fine.

Dolly Parton: Dolly is 66 years old. She has always freely admitted to enjoying sex, and I’m guessing she has developed into one of those always-horny MILFs we see at She also has giant tits, probably even bigger than people think. She once had to cancel a tour because of a sore back. “You lug these around and see if your back don’t hurt!” she said. You have to love a woman who is always calling attention to her tits, so I think Dolly would be a red-hot fuck on-camera, always making sure her tits were in view, whether she was sucking cock or fucking. Or getting tit-fucked, which is a must. And wouldn’t you love to see Dolly facialized?

This is a tough choice. Right now, Christina Hendricks has 53% of the vote, and I think I agree with the voters.


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  • Larry G.

    you guys got me worried,
    isnt there enough good looking women in the pages of Score magazine enough to see fornicating?
    whats with these celebrity obsession taking over our culture?
    Ive never been impressed just because someone is famous thanks to
    mass communication technology and a great press agent.
    There was a saying back in the 1970’s that summed up Hollywood.
    Hollywood is like a bowl of cereal.
    What isnt fruit and nuts is flakes.
    Pretty much sums it up.

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  • Frederick

    Out of those, Christina Hendricks, easily. She’s truly gorgeous. The pale skin, the red hair, the curves. Damn. The only “bad” thing is that her fake smile on the red carpet can look pretty awful at times, but really, why care about that?

    Salma Hayek is crazy hot too.

    Don’t really care for Sophia Vergara or Dolly Parton though.

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  • Kman

    Actually Vergara has 32F breasts and once had an agent tell her to get a breast reduction so she could be more marketable. Luckily she ignored it.

    I chose her because Latina women are wild in bed, and her body and chest with that exuberance….whew. Although Ms Parton was a close second. Always loved her

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  • ca united kingdom

    mariah would be damn fine and would look great getting her ass reamed and titties plowed but for me whatever her tit size its sophie from modern family… i watch the show solely for her because her tits are always squeezed into tight tops and she has a fucking banging ass on her… theres a good vid out there in the internet world shot way before modern family where shes working out in the pool in a two piece… id love to see dollys massive mellons…

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