These are the reasons I love Aspen. What are yours?

May 21, 2014 by Dave 3 Comments

I'm sure Aspen keeps the guys hard at work.

Aspen has always been one of my favorite XL/Voluptuous models, and not just because she’s pretty and has big tits and knows how to fuck and wraps her tits around your dick while she’s sucking it.

Although those are all very solid reasons.

Aspen is one of my favorite girls because…

“At home, I work in a professional environment for a large insurance company.”

And when she left our studio, she went back home to the Pacific Northwest to resume her girl-next-door life.

Aspen fucked only for us, and she did it only five times from 2004 to 2007. She had a secret life as a part-time porn star. I loved that. She went out on dates. Maybe the guys didn’t know she’d fucked on-camera. Maybe eventually she told them. I’d have loved to have been there for one of those conversations.

“My manager knows and she is totally comfortable with it,” Aspen told us. “One of the insurance adjusters knows and she thinks it’s the neatest thing ever. Most of the people I work with don’t know. The company is pretty conservative in many ways. I’m very fortunate that my boss understands. She’s very good to me.”

Aspen also said, “I’m just a normal girl who loves sex and affection and love to give pleasure as much, or even more, as receive it.”

And that’s why I love Aspen. See her today, in fucking action, at


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  • Big T

    I love Aspen!! You’re right, she totally is the hot neighbor I wish lived next door to me. She has such an amazing body and those eyes! She’s like a tiger ready to pounce. Thanks for re-visiting her!

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  • Jax

    Question, Dave: where is Joanna Lake?, please bring her back!!

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
  • Elliot James

    Joanna Lake only modeled twice. She tried it and moved on.

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    Rating: -2 (from 2 votes)

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