Triple plays

October 9, 2017 by Elliot James 7 Comments

At, Mya Blair wants to bang Jimmy. She dates Tony, who is Jimmy’s friend. Jimmy goes to see Tony, who’s not home. Mya tells Jimmy she wants to do him. Jimmy gets caught with his dick in Mya’s mouth when Tony walks in. Tony joins in and both guys take care of Mya, whose big, heavy boobs should get their own zip code. Everyone has a happy ending, which is good because I hate soap operas.

What do you guys prefer? A girl with two guys or two girls with one guy?

With some girls, like Sandra Star, two guys seem right because she does DPs. But most girls at XLGirls and SCORELAND don’t do DPs.

The number one male fantasy in every poll I ever read is two girls and one guy, for obvious reasons.

Mya Blair has an appetite for sex as big as her boobs.

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  • Rooster9

    Great question. It depends on the woman (or women) that are performing. For myself I prefer 75% GGB and 25% GBB. I would love to see Daylene Rio and Sheridan Love together with a lucky guy.

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  • Obi1

    viJhon just gave the perfect answer. thank you! i love watching the girls getting drilled by 2 guys, you can see their pleasure is real. and you need to finish a scene like that with a double facial more times. you missed that opportunity in every threesome Anna Beck did, i’m still bummed out about that and hope she’ll return for more one day.

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  • M.J.

    Agree: Two girls, one guy.

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  • zax

    Two girls, one guy.

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  • viJhon

    Good question…
    Honest answer is:
    When I am the viewer I’d prefer 1 girl with 2 guys…with preferred DP….in that the attention will always & completely be on the girl.
    When I am the actor(!) I’d prefer 2 girls ….in that case the attention will solely be on me!!!!

    BTW we expect more dp scenes from these busties

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  • Danny

    I prefer two girls with one guy scenes which I haven’t seen many of lately. And are you giving a hint about an upcoming Sandra Star scene?

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  • inoteca

    frankly two guys with a girl just complicates the view. this is a big boobs site. just give a clear view of big boobs bouncing. no need for all these extra arms and obstructed views with the girl contorted trying to show her boobs the camera and the camera guy focused on her butt.

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