Watch Joana while you wait before your date

July 22, 2015 by Elliot James 3 Comments

Instead of taking it all off, as sensuous Joana does in most of her scenes, we’ll see her put it on.

Her clothes, that is. But before then, there’s lots of breast creaming and coochie spanking. From the very beginning, Joana has never been shy about showing every millimeter of her gorgeous body.

Here’s a girl, modeling since 2003, who deserves much more appreciation. Always smiling, always happy-looking. There’s an inner peace and calm about her that she gets from yoga and meditation and other holistic practices. The staff could feel it in the Dominican Republic last year during SCORE On Location.

‘What am I wearing?” Joana says on the phone before she prepares to go out. “Nothing,” she answers with a giggle.

Not many girls will take a photo with rollers in their hair. What? You don't see the rollers? Look higher.

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  • tony

    She still needs to do a part two to her pool game with Vanessa Y, or some more stuff with her two Romanian friends.

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  • ca united kingdom

    Sean theres plenty here in the uk, lots of big titters reside here

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  • sean

    Still very sexy even after all these years. Joana continues to astound me with her beauty and absolutely sensational, all-natural body.

    Why oh why can’t I find ladies like this over here in the UK? 🙁

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