What are the 10 greatest moments in the history of Voluptuous? We need your input!

June 11, 2014 by Dave 17 Comments

From the bottom, going clockwise, Angela White, Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Lorna Morgan and Gianna Rossi in Eleuthera, the Bahamas.

This year, Voluptuous magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We marked the occasion with a special 164-page special issue, on-sale now in print and digital versions at eBoobStore.com, and we’re planning on continuing the celebration with a special pictorial called, “The 10 Greatest Moments in V-mag History.”

But what are those 10 greatest moments?

Elliot and I have been tossing this back and forth, and here’s what we’ve come up with so far as candidates.

• Autumn’s growth spurt in 2002.

• Linsey Dawn McKenzie turns 18.

• The first issue of V-mag in 1994.

• Diane Poppos’ husband films her only XXX scenes

• The On Location Key Largo shoot with Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan, Chloe and Chaz.

• Lorna Morgan gets pregnant and her tits balloon!

• Chloe Vevrier’s first hardcore.

• Karina Hart’s only tits & tugs scene in Busty Riding Academy.

• Ashley Sage Ellison meets Karina Hart in St. Maarten.

• Christy Marks, Lorna Morgan, Terry Nova, Angela White and Gianna Rossi in Big-Boob Paradise.

• Nicole Peters wins back-to-back Model of the Year awards.

• Kelly Kay poses with her mother.

• Angela White is discovered in Australia.

• Hitomi comes to America.

That’s more than 10, and I’m sure you could come up with a few more.

Opinions, anyone? I’m all ears.


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  • Brad H

    need more Terry Nova !!!!

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  • seth

    this is such a fantastic recurring blog post. I love to try and compile lists and enjoy reading the thoughts of other folks even more. Trying to determine ‘best of’ with anything at TSG is TOUGH. I can’t go from number one to ten so what I have to contribute stands as some faves. I LOVE all the locations projects and I agree with profvolup, they are must haves. The location/group shoots are epic because they bring together electric huge busted models in unique and gorgeous fantasy settings with a diverse selection of scenes and wardrobe presentations that I keep returning to for fun time and time again. I can’t stress my enthusiasm for these productions enough…I have them all…and for those of us who can’t run away and escape to an exotic location with one of these untouchable and insanely gorgeous and sexy models of our dreams, it provides a conduit to that fantasy and dream world akin to winning the lottery or discovering gold. Some of my favorite models, scenes or vignettes: Diane Poppos return, K-Jugs is awesome because all those super titted fantasy babes bebopping around the office in tight clothes is a dream, Big Busty Wedding for their incredible group scenes, Busty Riding Academy In the hay scene and great wardrobe in the stunning estate location, the hot tub scene with lorne morgan and gianna in big boob paradise, Natalie Fiore in her red monokini and the green dress in a few productions, micky and natalie in the bath/bedroom, Leanne Crow in her dvd and puerto vallarata, key largo with chole in the bathtub and chaz lounge chair scene, Karla bathtub scene in bahamas, and eden in finishing school and the setting and wardrobe of finishing school…watching michelle bond walk around in that skirt and white blouse directing the girls is hot. I like what Anthony said about covers…I LOVE covers..they are unique and super hot and a large compilation in a poster would be way cool. I could go on and on….

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  • profvolup

    Honorable mentions …

    Autumn-Jade’s growth, thicker is better

    Sharday takes the title not once, but twice, without having to do hardcore

    Diane Poppos videos from her husband

    Maserati, period, anything of hers

    On-Location — Hitomi, Joanna, Sha and Valory — two thinner, two thicker, all curves, a body for everyone

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  • profvolup

    Here are mine, largely by chronology …

    Lindsey Dawn McKenzie debut — 18th Birthday killer

    Carol Brown — First Voluptuous Model of the Year, monogamous housewife turned pornstar

    On-Location Key Largo — Chaz, Chloe, Kerry and Lorna, plus Desirae — lose it to Kerry over and over

    Busty Euro Maids — Iva, Marketa (Wendy White), Veronica, plus Ines — the FFFM scene was killer

    Karina Hart debut — the ultimate Powerglass (packaged hourglass body)

    Arianna Sinn debut — the ultimate Shotglass (stocky, top heavy apple)

    Busty Riding Academy — Christy, Jasmine, Kristi, Melissa and Terry, plus Karina — anything with Karina, but Christy and Terry took the cake

    Hooter Hotel — Dominno, Katerina, Karina, Kristi, Mandy, Melissa — anything with Karina, but the lipstick lesbian scene of Dominno and Katerina killed me

    On-Location Grand Bahama — Arianna, Jenna, Karla and Natalie, plus Taylor — anything with Arianna and Taylor

    Big Boob Finishing School — Arianna, Eden, Lana, Michelle, Sophie and Valory — everyone babe is the ultimate in this one, but the FFF of sophisticated Michelle, thin Lana and my thick doll lust Arianna together takes the cake

    I own all of the vids listed above, and are a must have in any collection.

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  • Anthony

    Magazine Covers are what stand out in my mind!!!
    Have you ever considered making a serious of limited posters of just the covers??
    I saw framed in a friends house a poster featuring ever cover of his fav music magazine,i thought id love that except featuring V-mag covers 🙂

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  • sean

    Anything with Cherry Brady was always hard to top!! What a sexy lady and what a body!! Any chances of another Cherry return or has she retired from the scene? Still a phenomenal lady in my book.

    Also, Natalie Fiore’s growth spurt has been a total pleasure to watch. Those tits are MASSSSIVE!!! Hope she sticks with you and models post-pregnancy. I so want to see how large those titties stay after the birth!!

    Kudos for the above picture, all five of them are supremely hot!! My favs have to be Terry Nova, Gianna and Christy!!!!!!!!

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  • Samhain

    Angelia White and Maggie Green together! Bebe Coopers milk. Hitomi

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  • Big T

    Well the first time I saw Valory was in V-Mag but I get what you’re saying. I’ll replace that with Annie Swanson & Lilith’s threesome scene as nurses. That was pretty hot.

    As far as AW I’ll take her debut because that was for Voluptuous I believe. Fantastic issue!

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  • derekc

    Like everyone else here, I’m going to need to do some intensive research on this issue. But from that list, I’d say On Location Key Largo shoot and Chloe Vevrier’s hardcore top my list.

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  • Big T

    10. Natalie Fiore growth spurt
    9. Nicole Peters back to back MOY award
    8. Cherry Brady’s movie
    7. Key Largo with the Euro babes
    6. Angela White does hardcore
    5. Costa del Sol
    4. Big Boob Paradise
    3. Valory Irene debut
    2. Sharday debut
    1. V-Mag hits the shelves in ’94

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    • Dave

      Nice list. The only one I disagree with is Valory Irene, who to me is more of a SCORE Girl. But others would argue otherwise. Costa del Sol was a major shoot; I think it was the first time we saw the more-voluptuous Kerry Marie in action and, of course, Nicole Peters was there.

      Angela White does hardcore or Angela debuts? Tough call, but Angela was more of a SCORE Girl when she finally went all the way.

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  • titlover 420

    #1July 2004 my 1st issue. Your 1st mag should be everyones #1. #2Nicole Peters 2 in a row MOY was big too. #3hitomi coming to da Usa. #4 key largo #5 any time luma was in. She was hot.

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  • Tleeman

    Sha Rizel

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  • rooster9

    Great list! Please allow me to add:

    1. Victoria Lane debut 2008
    2. Cherry Brady in any issue! THE BEST!
    3. Diane Poppos return

    I will add more soon

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  • Nick

    Geez – I’m liable to black out thinking of all the greatness, but I’ll try and get back to you…

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  • Mitch

    The recent D.R. scene with Hitomi and Sha Rizel was amazing because it combined the two hottest slim-n-stacked babes on the planet.

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  • Mike S.

    Autumn’s growth spurt, Diane’s videos, Lorna’s pregnancy, and Hitomi’s arrival in the US stand out in my mind as “mammorable” moments. Legal LDM will make its way on your list, i’m sure, but may I also write in Cherry Brady’s stance against breast reduction – if not mentioned in the V, at least it makes for more ladies to be proud of what they have, and maybe looking towards appearing in V in the first place…

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