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March 15, 2017 by Dave 5 Comments

All Katie, nothing but Katie.


Totally nude.

Standing and facing forward.

Not, “Spread her pussy.” Not, “Have her sucking her tits.” Not, “Glaze her tits.”

Nude. Standing. Head-to-toe.

Very simple. In fact, I’m sure a lot of guys wouldn’t have minded if Katie had taken her shoes off for this shot.

Do guys jack to this photo? Some do. But there’s something else going on: Guys want to see what the girl looks like. They want to see who they’re jacking to.

Sometimes, we can be very basic creatures, and I mean that in a good way.


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  • JohnJ

    Hello. I have been a Score fan for more than 30 years. The women are all so very beautiful and I consider them all real Goddesses here on Earth! I noticed that the pictorials nowadays don’t have the same quality as before as shown on the classic pictorials of hall-of-famers Nicole Peters, Kelly Kay, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Sammie Black, etc… I’m talking about having the models do the standard series of poses showcasing their amazing bodies in all the usual angles, almost like in different sexual positions (i.e.: on all fours- frontal, side, rear, missionary, on knees frontal, standing front, side, etc …). Current pictorials have really been a turn-off with more than half the photos showing the model fully-clothed, and the other half showing the model in very close-up, weird-angle shots. It’s practically rated-PG. Please, Please, Please go back to the photographic style and methodology that was the aforementioned hall-of-famers were featured under.

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  • CO

    I personally prefer the sitting pose where a woman is either nude or topless, with her legs and feet spread out as she bends over to grab her ankles as her tits are hanging down.

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  • Al

    The above pose is great BUT my fave is..on all fours, bent over slightly and looking back at the camera. Take a look at my all-time favourite beauty Joana in “Strapless in pink”, pic #64…a gorgeous hanging boob, beautiful ass and hot pussy shot all at once….can’t ask for more!!!…please, please, please..more of these!!

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  • RN

    This photo and the one at the pool table posted on Feb. 23, are classics.

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  • Boobhound

    AMEN!!! But you forgot another part of the description – breasts naturally hanging (not held/squeezed/lifted/otherwise manipulated).

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