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March 15, 2017 by Dave 4 Comments

All Katie, nothing but Katie.


Totally nude.

Standing and facing forward.

Not, “Spread her pussy.” Not, “Have her sucking her tits.” Not, “Glaze her tits.”

Nude. Standing. Head-to-toe.

Very simple. In fact, I’m sure a lot of guys wouldn’t have minded if Katie had taken her shoes off for this shot.

Do guys jack to this photo? Some do. But there’s something else going on: Guys want to see what the girl looks like. They want to see who they’re jacking to.

Sometimes, we can be very basic creatures, and I mean that in a good way.


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  • Boobhound

    AMEN!!! But you forgot another part of the description – breasts naturally hanging (not held/squeezed/lifted/otherwise manipulated).

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  • RN

    This photo and the one at the pool table posted on Feb. 23, are classics.

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  • Al

    The above pose is great BUT my fave is..on all fours, bent over slightly and looking back at the camera. Take a look at my all-time favourite beauty Joana in “Strapless in pink”, pic #64…a gorgeous hanging boob, beautiful ass and hot pussy shot all at once….can’t ask for more!!!…please, please, please..more of these!!

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  • CO

    I personally prefer the sitting pose where a woman is either nude or topless, with her legs and feet spread out as she bends over to grab her ankles as her tits are hanging down.

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