A SCORE Man’s encounter with Victoria Vale … and a panty sniffer’s encounter with Victoria

May 31, 2024 by Dave 2 Comments

Victoria Vale doles out some punishment.

We don’t get a lot of reports from big-boob lovers attending shows and expos, but here’s one. S.B., who’s a huge fan of busty blondes, attended Exxxotica in Chicago, Illinois, back in April, and was very excited to report, “The big news for you was how I met VICTORIA VALE for the first time.” Notice the caps. Very excited. “Her boobs are about the size of Barbie [Nicole’s] and Katy’s [Katy Ann]. Victoria was in her own booth with a sign in back.  The light bulb went on when I saw the sign and said, ‘I think I’ve seen you in SCORE.’  She was a delight to visit with, tall and sexy wearing next to nothing, which was the idea. Victoria is due for another SCORE expose. I can only imagine what she looks like next to Barbie and Katy. Someone with her took our photo together.”

Victoria’s big three-way with Mariza Rabbit is slated for SCORE Vol. 33 No. 2, but more immediately, she’s back to fuck today at SCORELAND. She catches a panty and bra sniffer (S.B., is that you?) and punishes him by… sucking his cock and fucking him? Pushing her tits in his face? Letting him shoot his load on her rack?

That’s punishment?

Okay. Anyway, if you ever attend a show or expo and run into a SCORE Girl, let us know. And if you ever get caught sniffing a girl’s bra and panties and end up getting laid, let us know that, too.

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2 responses to “A SCORE Man’s encounter with Victoria Vale … and a panty sniffer’s encounter with Victoria”

  1. Shake and Bake says:

    One of the best enhanced models around. Big fan.

  2. Rooster9 says:

    I met Cherry Brady (my favorite V Girl) at the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. She was awesome. I asked to take a photo with her, she put my hands on her tits and said “Sure!” Showed me her matching thong. Unbelievable. Unfortunately those days are over. Everyone is so uptight that you can’t even take a photo holding tits at expos anymore. Ah, but what a memory. I still have the photos.

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