Announcing the winners of SCORELAND Newcomer and Model of the Year

May 4, 2024 by Dave 8 Comments

Newcomer of the Year Kira Liv.

Sometimes, the SCORELAND Awards are full of surprises.

Not this time.

Kira Liv isn’t merely a pretty blonde. She’s a bodacious blonde with curves, a fine ass and a pair of the creamiest, milkiest, fullest M-cup naturals you’re ever going to see. She’s already been on the cover of two magazines  (Voluptuous Vol. 30 No. 1 and Thick ‘n’ Curvy #368, which is available now at or wherever you buy mags), and I suspect she’ll be a covergirl several more times if she keeps modeling. The girl is astounding AND she knows how to handle her boobs for maximum hard-on response AND she can even self-suck them, something girls with huge, heavy tits often can’t do.

Ooops. I buried the lead. Kira is SCORELAND‘s 2023 Newcomer of the Year, as voted on by the members. Charlotte Queen finished second, Tanya Virago was third, Bad Bella was fourth, Safira Yakkuza was fifth, and none of these girls should feel bad about getting beat out by a legend in the making.

Model of the Year Holly Garner.

As for Model of the Year, it’s very possible Holly Garner would have won even if she hadn’t fucked on-camera for the first time. In 2023, she had already done two very hot girl-girls with Molly Evans and allowed us to see her pussy for the first time. But then, on December 22, Holly did hardcore, and when it came to Model of the Year, that was game, set and match. Barbie Nicole was second, Alexya was third, Violetta was fourth and Aly Guzman, who also broke her hardcore cherry, was fifth.

Congratulations, ladies. We’ll announce the Big-Boob Hall of Fame inductees after the SCORE magazine readers have had their say.

For now, I’ll leave you with this photo of wonderful Kim Velez from her scene today at SCORELAND.

Depending on your point of view, Kim Velez’s dress either doesn’t fit her or fits her perfectly. I’ll go for the latter.


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8 responses to “Announcing the winners of SCORELAND Newcomer and Model of the Year”

  1. Jon says:

    can we please get Mer back??

  2. Xavier says:

    @Dave Any chance Kira Liv comes back to film hardcore? Would be unreal…

  3. Anonymous says:

    How has Kira Clark not been up for any awards? She is beautiful and her body is unbelievable. When are we going to see this awesome lady again?

  4. Mikey says:

    Are you currently looking for models?

  5. abc123 says:

    Holly and Barbie over Alexya and Violetta? Big disagreement.

    Alexya should be booked constantly.

  6. Danny says:

    One question Dave. Is The Newcomer of the Year eligible for Model of the Year on the same ballot? I ask because right now four months in, unless someone absolutely beyond epic debuts, Mariza Rabbit has newcomer of the year for 2024 already locked up IMO and if there’s more hot content from her still to come, I would even consider her to be Model of the Year as well!

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