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Ricki puts the Raxxx in bodystocking

September 25, 2021 by Dave

Ricki really rocks that bodystocking.

To me, there’s nothing better than a fishnet bodystocking like the one mega-stacked Ricki Raxxx is wearing (and almost taking off) in her new photos and video today at SCORELAND. A girl can have a bombastic body, like Ms. Raxxx does, but then she puts on a bodystocking and suddenly her body is in another universe. It’s kinda like taking a really great porterhouse steak and drizzling it with butter. Yeah, the great porterhouse is good enough, but then you add butter and…different universe.

Ricki, whose tits are now M-cups, has ass and legs, too, as well as a pussy she fills with a dildo without taking off the bodystocking because…it’s crotchless! Ricki always had excellent pussy skills and they’ve only improved with years.

Ricki said, “The advantages of large boobs are that they are great eye-candy and are fun to play with. The main disadvantage is that everyone’s wife hates me.”

I don’t think Ricki was worrying about wives’ reactions when she super-sized her tits.

FYI, former SCORE Girl of the 1990s Betty Boobs is fucking again at She has serious sex skills and flexibility. IMO, she’s worth checking out.

Checking out Brooklyn

September 9, 2021 by Elliot James

You’re checking out a girl and then she catches you checking her out so she checks you out, too. It happens to all of us checkers.

When it comes to checking out girls, a looker like Brooklyn Springvalley gets checked out more than the average girl. Even if Brooklyn didn’t have huge boobs, she would still get checked out. In her scene posting today, Brooklyn sees she’s being checked out while she’s arranging patio furniture, so she decides to do more than check out the checker.

There’s smooth, suave checking out and then there’s Three Stooges goofball checking out.

“I was at the store getting some groceries, and there were these three young men pushing a cart, and they were staring at me and pushed their cart into a giant display of candy and almost knocked everything over!” Brooklyn said in an interview for Thick ‘N’ Curvy magazine.

That was definitely goofball checking out.

Brooklyn lives in Texas but has a Florida Girl vibe.

I think there should be a Self-Sucking Olympics

September 4, 2021 by Dave

Erin Star has Olympian tits.

If I ruled the world, I’d get all of the great self-suckers on SCORELAND and together and have a self-sucking Olympics. The events would be:

1. Regular self-sucking, using a hand to lift the nipple to the mouth.

2. Double-nipple self-sucking, using a hand.

3. Single-nipple self-sucking, hands-free.

4. Double-nipple self-sucking, hands free. I think this one and No. 3 would have to be timed events, meaning how long can a girl do this before the nipple drops out of her mouth?

The great Erin Star is doing basic self-sucking in this photo from this week’s posting at, but I love the way she’s checking herself out while she does it.

Anyway, back to the Self-Sucking Olympics. This would be an event of major proportions, literally and figuratively (I think; looking at that photo of Erin, I forgot what literally and figuratively mean).

Let’s say we limited the Self-Sucking Olympics to eight participants. Who would they be?

Have Demmy’s tits gotten bigger?

September 3, 2021 by Dave


When I saw the new photos and video of Demmy Blaze that went live today, my first thought was, Have her tits gotten even bigger?

Demmy doesn’t say they have, but you know what I wrote about girls who don’t know how big their tits are. Demmy is an absolute marvel. I remember being a little surprised when she won 2017 Voluptuous Model of the Year, but now, looking back, I wonder, Why was I surprised? This girl has a pair of the greatest naturals ever. Maybe because at the time, Demmy wasn’t getting a lot of outward love from readers and SCORELAND members, but they sure let her know how they felt when voting time came.

Since then, Demmy has gotten even better.

By the way, just a few thoughts about this photo: I know boobs look bigger if you view them from below or above (I fondly remember a time in high school when I walked past a girl who was sitting in the library and couldn’t believe how big her tits looked as I enjoyed the view down her low-cut shirt). But 1.) I like this optical illusion; and 2.) It’s not like Demmy isn’t hugely busty, anyway.

There’s no pussy-spreading in today’s posting, but if you can’t get off to Demmy’s tits alone, you need to turn in your Big-Boob Lovers membership card.



Girls who don’t know how big their tits are

August 27, 2021 by Dave

Are those G-cups? H-cups? They’re definitely not DD-cups.

Sometimes I have to laugh at how big some models think their tits are…or, in this case, how small.

Here’s Mer, one of the newest wonders from Colombia. We asked her to fill out an info sheet, as we do with all models, and here’s what she wrote next to BRA SIZE: “DD.”

Yes. Double-D. As in a size that Victoria’s Secret sells.

I haven’t met Mer and don’t speak Spanish, but if I could say one thing to her, it would be, “Mer, you might try to pack those tits of yours into DD-cup bras, but you definitely don’t have DD-cup tits.”

As this photo from her new posting today at clearly shows.

Now, I’m not discouraging Mer from wearing DD-cup bras. I think all big-titted babes should pack their tits into bras that are several sizes too small.

But it might be time for Mer to go for a bra measurement.

It was Socrates who said, “Know thyself.” I’ve been at The SCORE Group for over 20 years and have met hundreds of busty models, and I’ve always been amazed by how few of them knew thyselves when it came to the size of their chests. Cherry Brady probably has the highest level of boob education. The girl should have a PhD in bras. But for the most part, these girls don’t know how busty they are. There have even been times when a girl has returned to our studio and I’ve said to her, “Your boobs got bigger.” And she’d say something like, “They have?” And sure enough, they were a cup-size or two bigger and she didn’t even know it.

I mean, how is that possible? If my cock got three inches bigger, I’d know it.


Barbie’s bottom boob (and the rest of her, of course)

August 14, 2021 by Dave

Looks like Barbie’s top doesn’t quite fit.

Why does bottom boob get my attention more than top boob?

I know the answer: It’s because we see top boob all the time but rarely see bottom boob. So that’s why, a few months ago when I saw a girl at a water park in Las Vegas wearing an under-cleavage bikini, I just about lost my mind.

And also why this photo of Barbie Nicole, which shows the slightest bit of bottom boob, got my attention even more than the photos of her with her tits out and her legs spread.

It just goes to show you that we always want what we can’t have or usually don’t have.

Barbie returns to SCORELAND today. Enjoy her under-cleavage and every other part of her.


A new natural. Plus, songs that you associate with strippers.

July 23, 2021 by Dave

Another stacked natural from the Czech Republic.

Her name is Laura Tithapia, she’s new at, and the next time you’re in Brno, Czech Republic, I suggest you look her up. After all, how many Tithapias can there be in the Brno phone book? And if that doesn’t work, just keep walking up and down the streets until you see a girl with huge tits. That should take about five seconds. A lot of big-titted girls live in the Czech Republic.

“I masturbate two times every day,” Laura told us. “I love and need sex.”

Her sexual fantasy: “To have sex around the world.”

She can start by having sex in our studio…but did she?

On a completely unrelated subject, the other day, I was driving when the Queen/David Bowie song “Under Pressure” came on the radio. Immediately, I was transported back to where I was when I heard it for the first time: a sleazy strip club on Sunrise Highway in Babylon, New York in 1981. And I realized there are some songs I will always associate with strip clubs.

For some reason, strippers loved that song. For a year or two, it seemed like every time I walked into a strip club, that song was playing.

Are there songs you’ll always associate with strip clubs? And don’t tell me “Centerfold.” You know, “My angel is a centerfold.” That’s too easy. Same year as “Under Pressure,” by the way. 1981: a very good year for stripper songs.

Or maybe I just spent a lot of time in strip clubs in 1981.

The massive cleavage of Natasha Sweet

June 19, 2021 by Dave

Pussy? What pussy?

If Natasha Sweet had never had sex on-camera, I would’ve been fine with that. I’m glad she has had sex on-camera (and will continue to have sex on-camera), but those huge, creamy naturals of hers are enough of an attraction for me. If she had appeared on SCOREtv back in the day, I would’ve had an impossible time looking her in the eyes. My eyes would have wandered down to her bulging cleavage every other second.

This photo from today’s new solo posting at SCORELAND is the quintessential Natasha shot: acres of boob flesh topped off by that mature sexuality she always exudes. One of these days, I just have to get her into And can you imagine her lactating? That’s something I’d love to see.

Dream girl-girl: Natasha and Micky Bells. That would be historic.

DISCLAIMER: The previous sentence was not meant to be decoded. We have not shot a Natasha/Micky scene.

The Raxxx is back and bustier than ever!

June 12, 2021 by Dave

Either that shirt got a lot smaller or Ricki’s tits got a lot bigger. Spoiler alert: It’s the latter.

Now the proud owner of a super-sized rack, the aptly named Ricki Raxxx returns to SCORELAND today to show off her new goodies (and her very pink pussy).

Today’s photos and video were shot on May 21, 2021. Before that, the last time Ms. Raxxx was in our studio was September 23, 2002. Unless I missed someone, that’s the longest time ever between SCORE/SCORELAND shoots (Betty Boobs and Whitney Wonders both returned after 20 years to shoot for

Ricki looks great. She was always very sexy, and I think she’s gotten sexier as she’s matured. Thumbs up to her boob magician. He did a heckuva job. However, Ricki’s pussy has always been my first or second favorite part of her body, and it remains sensational.

By the way, a lot more people than I expected guessed Ricki in last week’s “Guess Whose Boobs.”  I was very surprised by that until Elliot helpfully pointed out that Ricki had announced her shoots for us on Twitter. Therefore, I declare that to be the greatest ELECTION HOAX since I don’t know when. STOP THE STEAL! Show of hands: Who knew it was Ricki without reading her Twitter feed?

Ricki didn’t lose that pussy.





Guess whose boobs?

June 6, 2021 by Dave

Unless you’re a boob psychic or have boob identification skills far beyond those of even Elliot James’, you have almost no chance of getting this right. However, I will tell you that you’ve seen her before (although much smaller) and she’s coming back to SCORELAND very soon.