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Candy racks up

March 28, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Candy Alexa will never be behind the eight-ball. Not with that face and rack. I don’t think distraction is a cheating technique but getting naked and climbing on the pool table could be considered a classic distraction technique. Some might call it dirty pool, but not me.

“I don’t dress to show off my chest,” Candy said. “I don’t really need to. My breasts are big enough for my body size.”

Tomorrow, Candy takes on Michael Fly. She has a way with balls.

Guys want to stick it to Candy Alexa as soon as they see her.

A super-stacked bimbo with outstanding pussy control

March 23, 2024 by Dave 2 Comments

This photo tells me a lot about Jessy Bunny.

Yesterday, I mentioned that this is a super-stacked weekend at SCORELAND. Friday, we saw Mariza Rabbit in her first SCORELAND XXX. Today, Jessy Bunny, who also loves to fuck, puts on a solo show. I really like how Jessy looks these days. A lot more toned-down, but her tits are still ginormous, and she knows how to show them off. I love this photo. Her tits look huge, the eye contact is great,  she’s licking her tit, and the dildo is jammed snugly inside her pussy hands-free. To me, that sends the message, “My pussy is so tight, it can grip a toy on its own.” Considering that Jessy is a self-proclaimed bimbo who has fucked a lot, that’s impressive. She must still be doing her kegel exercises.

BTW, time is running out to vote for the 2023 SCORELAND Awards, including the Big-Boob Hall of Fame. If you haven’t voted yet, remember that it’s your patriotic duty as a boob lover to support your favorite girls.


Today at SCORELAND, who wants to shoot their load to Mariza Rabbit?

March 22, 2024 by Dave 4 Comments


A super-stacked weekend at SCORELAND starts today with Mariza Rabbit sucking and fucking. I’m sure some of you remember Who Shot Roger Rabbit, a 1988 film that combined live-action and animation and featured big-titted cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Mariza Rabbit is a real-life fantasy doll who told us, “I love watching ’90s cartoons and I like to go to the library and the planetarium.” She told us, “I can pick things up with my feet and make men get erections without even touching them.”

Well, sorry, Mariza, but that’s true of all of the girls at SCORELAND, although we understand what you’re getting at. All it takes is one glance at a photo like this one, in which Mariza’s tits look ginormous, to get a reaction.

There’s lots of Mariza in your future. For now, enjoy Mariza. I’m gonna guess you’ll cum without even touching her.

Feed your need for Sofia Damon

March 21, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

“Wearing tops or dresses that show cleavage and walking in front of men filled with desire who can’t stop looking at me makes me feel very sexy,” Sofia Damon said.

I like how Sofia thinks. I’m always amazed at how slim her body is, yet her natural tits are huge. This photo from her latest scene shows what I mean.

Sofia Damon used to sell mobile phones. What a waste of great talent. This is better.

You wait, and hope, and pray…and then Mariza Rabbit hops into your life

March 16, 2024 by Dave 7 Comments

Mariza has a lot to offer no matter which way she’s facing.

Ah, the life of a magazine editor. A deadline approaches. You check out the studio calendar and see that there’s a great new girl on the schedule, but she’s being shot right in the middle of production. By this time, you’ve planned out most of the magazine, but you’d really like to get the super-stacked newbie on the cover. The thing is, you don’t know for sure that the shoot is actually going to happen. And if it doesn’t, you’re going to have a big hole in the mag, and, you know, you can’t have nothing on the cover. The Beatles tried that with the White Album…although I guess that turned out pretty good for them, didn’t it?

Well, waiting and hoping turned out pretty good for us, too, because Mariza Rabbit did show up for her scheduled shoots, and her body was everything we’d hoped it would be and more…more being that big bubble butt of hers.

Mariza makes her SCORELAND debut today, and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of questions about her, but I know one question you’re definitely going to ask, and the answer is…

Well, it’s either yes or no.

Rhea Creates boners

March 15, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

“I enjoy deep throating,” Rhea Creates Magic told us. “I’m an exhibitionist for sure. It gets me so hot knowing people get off on my photos and videos.”

Today at SCORELAND, ginger hottie Rhea Creates a boner and drains it dry.

We must find more cool girls like Rhea Creates. Because big tits make everything better and they’re safer than anti-depressants.

What has Rhea created?

The fine feminine art of fucking themselves with a dildo

March 10, 2024 by Dave 3 Comments

As a sports fan, I’ve noticed for a long time that there’s a big difference between how a professional athlete carries, for instance, a baseball bat or a tennis racquet and how a non-athlete carries a piece of sporting equipment. It’s as if the bat or racquet or club is a natural extension of their hands, as if they were born carrying that bat or racquet or club.

The same is true of some SCORE Girls and how they handle a dildo. They have dildo dexterity that tells you, “I’ve been fucking my pussy with toys for a long time and I know how to do it.” They’re no amateurs at that dildo-fuck game. (Did I ever tell you about the girl at the old Show World Center in Manhattan who’d fuck her pussy with a toy while reading a text book? Some might have said, “Dave, the least she could have done for your quarters was pay attention to you,” but I thought, “This girl fucks her own pussy so much, she can do it as an afterthought.” I found that to be a big turn-on.)

Karina Hart, who has a SCORE Flashback scene today, and Morgan Leigh are artistes when it comes to fucking themselves with toys. It’s surprising that neither girl did hardcore, considering how much they loved filling their cunts for our viewing pleasure.

How does a girl get so good at dildo management, as if she were the adult modeling equivalent of a .330 hitter in baseball or a Grand Slam winner in tennis? Practice, I’m sure.


Kim Velez is back at SCORELAND today

March 9, 2024 by Elliot James 4 Comments

I’m happy to blog that Kim is back and looking as smashing as ever. Her nipples and areolae are award-winning

Kim debuted at SCORELAND on February 2, 2019. She wore braces the first year. As she matured, her tits got bigger, and that meant upgrading her bras. It’s corny to write, but I can’t believe how fast time moves.

I can never guess how long a girl will model, but I’m thinking that Kim will keep at it for a long time to come. To me, she looks like a teenager.

Kim Velez has the magic.