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Hookers vs. Strippers…you make the call!

July 1, 2010 by Dave
A good stripper, like Carmen Hayes, doesn't even have to put out to make a living. All she has to do is show her goods.

A good stripper, like Carmen Hayes, doesn't even have to put out to make a living. All she has to do is show her goods.

Elliot James and I were having this discussion at lunch the other day, which is not surprising because we have discussions like this every time we have lunch. We were walking through the parking lot to the local burger joint when we saw a woman standing by her car wearing a dress shirt as a dress. Long legs, fuck-me pumps and, of course, big tits. I say big tits because otherwise, Elliot and I wouldn’t have noticed.

“She’s dressed like a hooker,” Elliot said.

A street hooker like Puma Swede will come right to your door. Of course, you'd better be on the lookout for the police.

A street hooker like Puma Swede will come right to your door. Now that's service with a smile.

“That’s a good thing,” I said.

“Of course.”

It is a known fact that men love hookers and strippers. But which one do we love more?

Strippers, of course, will show you the goods. And they ply their trade in a relatively secure environment. And what they’re doing is, mostly, legal. Lap dances are legal in most places, even if you bust your nut, and what’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about contracting an STD when a stripper is giving you the grind.

Hookers, of course, are dangerous but sexy. It’s no wonder that we have a website called Check it out. They provide curbside service. But, of course, hooking, especially street-hooking, is illegal in most of the world. And when you let a stranger get into your car, you never know what you’re getting into before you get into whatever you’re getting into. I think a lot of us just like seeing hookers, even if we’re not planning to partake of their services.

Anyway, hookers vs. strippers…you make the call!

Guess Whose Boobs! Who do these four natural racks belong to?

June 4, 2010 by Dave

We’ve played this game once before, but that time, it was a lot easier. This time, anyone who guesses who these four pairs of boobs belongs to is…well, probably spending a lot of time staring at tits. Which is a good thing.

Anyway, there are four pairs of naturals in this video. You can see the racks and hear the girls’ voices (a major clue in at least two cases), but you can’t see their faces. By now, many of you have seen most of these girls at SCORELAND and, but when I filmed this video, you hadn’t. I filmed it during a break in the shooting of a DVD that’s about to be released. But if I tell you the name of that DVD, the game will be ruined. I will tell you that two of the girls fuck in this new DVD (one takes a big, black cock up the ass) and the other two eat each other’s pussies real good.

Okay, start guessing. I’m betting that nobody gets all four.

A great victory for dildos, boob bookends for Maria and a slutty XXX video of Vanessa Del

May 14, 2010 by Dave
Mandi Melons: One of the true champions of dildo fucking.

Mandi Melons: One of the true champions of dildo fucking.

I have a few things to discuss today. First, dildos. In the most recent Blog poll, we asked, “Do you like to see big-titted girls using dildos in still photos?” Despite the recent anti-dildo letters we’ve received, 49% said yes, only 25% said no and 25% said, “Toy or no toy, it doesn’t make a difference.” So, a whopping 74% of you don’t object to seeing a girl fucking herself with a plastic toy in photos (and 50% of you either don’t want to see them or are fine with not seeing them). Since I’m in the pro-dildo camp, I will celebrate with this photo of Mandi Michelle Melons, a true expert with the fuck stick, slamming her pussy silly. Mandi, who modeled a few times in the early 2000s, has a self-opening pussy and an asshole that doesn’t need much help from the doorman, either. The way she used gigantic dildos gave us the answer to the question, “How come Mandi’s fuck holes don’t close all the way?” In one of my earliest interviews, for the DVD Busty Dildo Lovers 3, I got to play a peep-show creep (not a reach) who directs Mandi through a scene. My favorite part was when she tucked one, then two, then three, then four fingers into her ever-expanding pussy. Isn’t it great when you can see the fingers and/or dildo and still see the inside of a girl’s pussy?

Second thing to discuss: I recently shot a Blog video of a hugely stacked, natural newcomer wrapping her tits around Maria’s head. Maria has never looked better.

Third thing to discuss: today’s Vanessa Del video at Basically, it goes like this: Vanessa, in a bed that’s setup in an outdoor cabana, models her tits in some sexy, low-cut lingerie. You’ll probably lose your juice before the guy enters the scene. If so, fine. Recharge. Re-start the show. See what wonderful, slutty things Vanessa can do to a cock. Most of them involve her tits, but she’s damn good with her mouth and pussy, too. Here’s a sample. Never say I don’t give you guys anything.

Vanessa Del rings my bell

May 13, 2010 by Dave
Vanessa lets ’em hang while flashing her best "Come here and let me suck your cock" look.

Vanessa lets ’em hang while flashing her best "Come here and let me suck your cock" look.

This is going to be a good two days for me (and for you, too, if you’re an member) because today and Friday, Vanessa Del makes her SCORE Group debut at She’s the third in our trio of “Treasure Chests of the D.R.,” the other two girls being Miosotis and Kristina Milan, and all three girls are special in their own way.

1. Miosotis because she has KKK-cup tits and is the bustiest slim ‘n’ stacked natural I’ve ever seen.

2. Kristina because there’s a non-stop flow of mother’s milk pouring out of her tits.

3. Vanessa because a.) She has a big, broad ass; b.) She’s the sluttiest looking of the three; c.) She’s a MILF.

Regarding 3b, there must be something about the name Vanessa Del that turns women into sluts because Vanessa del Rio was one of the sleaziest porn stars ever. And I mean that in a good way. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I never mean “slut” or “sleazy” in a derogatory manner. “Classy,” “stylish” and “understated” are the words I use when I don’t approve of a woman. Anyway, Vanessa’s boobs look super-heavy, and I love the way they hang. I think she has the best hangers of the three “Treasure Chests” girls. Come to think of it, let’s rate the “Treasure Chest” girls’ tits in various categories:

Miosotis's tits are so huge, she has an impossible time handling them.

Miosotis's tits are so huge, she has an impossible time handling them.

Kristina has to lean back because her boobs are so fucking heavy.

Kristina has to lean back because her boobs are so fucking heavy.

Size: 1. Miosotis; 2. Kristina; 3. Vanessa. Vanessa wears a bigger bra than Kristina, but you can’t always go by that.

Apparent Heaviness: 1. Kristina; 2. Vanessa; 3. Miosotis. I have never seen a girl with heavier-looking tits than Kristina’s. Maybe that’s because of all the milk inside.

Hanging Asthetics: 1. Vanessa; 2. Miosotis; 3. Kristina.

Anyway, watch Vanessa slut it up today (solo and behind-the-scenes) and tomorrow (hardcore) at Enjoy.

Who needs pussy when you have Miosotis’s tits?

May 7, 2010 by Dave

As KKK-cup Miosotis sucks and fucks today at as part of the “Treasure Chests of the D.R.” special event, I have one question for you, Blog readers: If you ever had the chance to fuck Miosotis (I almost wrote “a girl like Miosotis,” then remembered that she’s one-of-a-kind), would you ever get to her pussy, or would you basically just suck and fuck her tits and blow your load all over her chest? Basically, if you were with Miosotis, what would you do (other than drool a lot)?

Today at Miosotis re-defines the phrase “bikini buster”

May 6, 2010 by Dave
The bikini in today's photo set doesn't stand a chance against Miosotis.

The bikini in today's photo set doesn't stand a chance against Miosotis.

The natural wonder that is Miosotis and her KKK-cup tits hits as “Treasure Chests of the D.R.” continues with Week 2. Solo photos and a behind-the-scenes video today. Fucking tomorrow.

The behind-the-scenes video is kinda cool because we get to see Miosotis in different outfits, plus our videographer asks her some questions (which she answers in Spanish and we sub-title). The solo photos are ridiculous, and I mean that in a good way. Ridiculous as in you have never seen a girl destroy a bikini like Miosotis does. The fact is that the bikini she’s wearing–or trying to wear–is not small. In fact, your average, run-of-the-mill DDD-cupper (the size Miosotis wore when she was 13 years old) could wear it to the beach and nobody would say, “Look at the skimpy bikini that girl’s wearing.” But on Miosotis, that bikini top has the effect of postage stamps. I could say more, but what’s the point? In this case, one pictures speaks a million words, most of them unintelligible because we’re so dumbstruck.

By the way, tits are definitely part of this outfit.

Sometimes words won’t do, Part 2

May 1, 2010 by Dave

Yesterday at, Kristina Milan got her giant milk jugs pounded. She let one of our guys suck the milk out of her full, heavy tits, then she smothered him with her chestal treasures, then she sucked his cock and made sure her tits were always on display, and then she fucked him. And if your eyes were on her pussy that was getting pounded and not her tits that were bouncing around wildly…well, I’m not gonna say you’re a better man than I am, but you’re definitely a different one. I never took my eyes off her tits.

Today, it’s SCORELAND‘s turn as Miosotis, who debuted yesterday with some eye-popping solo photos (I’m not sure which I liked more, the shots of her tits in or our of her low-cut top), sends her KKK-cup tits into action: smothering another lucky guy, tit-fucking him and then showing us just how out of control a pair of KKK-cup natural floppers can get when there’s a pounding going on down below.

Like Maria with Kristina yesterday, I wish I had the ability to describe what’s going on in today’s video. But I can’t. Instead, I’ll leave you with this:

O sole mio
sta ‘nfronte a te!
sta ‘nfronte a te!

Sometimes words won’t do…

April 30, 2010 by Maria

Miosotis, a natural wonder of the Dominican Republic, gets her tits out today at SCORELAND.

Miosotis, a natural wonder of the Dominican Republic, gets her tits out today at SCORELAND.

[Dave here: I have just hijacked this blog. I know you guys love Maria, but before she gets to what she wants to talk about, I need to remind you that Miosotis and her KKK naturals make their SCORELAND debut today. Photos (I attached one), plus three behind-the-scenes clips shot on our studio manager’s iPhone. Now back to our regularly scheduled blogger. Take it, Maria.]

I am a writer. I am also an editor. That means that my vernacular should be vast enough that I can describe to you the epic, amazing WOW’ness of seeing Kristina Milan fuck and watching her tits milk simultaneously. But sometimes words won’t do.

In fact, to quote the one-hit wonders Extreme, (from the ’90s), sometimes you need MORE THAN WORDS.

Well, I am not going to write a song about it, I’ll tell you that.

Thank goodness we have video. 🙂 Enjoy this teaser of Ms. Milan, pounded, and her milking mounds, too.



Kristina Milan…She IS one in a million.

April 29, 2010 by Maria

Being an editor here in the Universe of all things TITS, well, I’ve seen a lot of funbags, guys. I’ve seen ’em bigger than big and I’ve seen ’em in every color. There are oblong ones, hangers, missiles, cannons, perkies, jumbos, pancakes and whoppers.

That said, I’ve been looking at the footage and photos that were shot in the Dominican Republic, and for the first time in a long time…I am in AWE of the mammary splendor. I mean, it’s like nipple Nirvana!

So, I let my sticky fingers wander…(I just realized how perverted that sounds! LOL) and I pilfered some extra shots for you guys.

Kristina Milian, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis...enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

Kristina Milan, Arianna Sinn and Miosotis…enough tit power to milk a plethora of peckers!

This first one is of Kristina Milian and Miosotis just hanging out. But wait…who’s the meat in that tit sandwich? Why, it’s Arianna Sinn, and man, her tits are overshadowed by the sheer girth of these Latinas’ tatas. It’s mind-boggling!

I have never seen a pair of…milk jugs?…like Kristina Milan’s.

They are like sacks of lactation, man!

You might not, but Kristina Milian sure does GOT MILK!

You might not, but Kristina Milan sure does GOT MILK!

I watched Kristina’s solo video at least three times, and seeing her tits drip and drip and drip…well, it made me want some Oreos real bad!

As a busty Latina, I have a special place in my heart for other busty Latinas, and Kristina touches my special place.

(Oh, wow, I am full of these dirty one-liners today, eh?)

What I meant to say was that I really like watching Kristina touch her special place and let her boobies leak all over the place.

You guys enjoy these behind the scenes pics of the ladies in the Domican Republic while I go grab some cookies.

And be sure to check out Kristina’s two-day special on Today, she struts her stuff, and tomorrow, she fucks. And yes, the WHOLE time her tits are raining breastmilk like glorious fountains. 🙂 Can’t wait!



The answers to life’s mysteries can be found right here

April 28, 2010 by Dave


The girl on the left is Kristina Milan. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s from the Dominican Republic, she has J-cup naturals and she lactates like no girl I’ve ever seen. Kristina makes her debut tomorrow with a solo pictorial, and she fucks on Friday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words.

The girl on the right is Miosotis. She’s the answer to this mystery blog. She’s also from the Dominican Republic, she has KKK-cup naturals and she’s slim and super-stacked like no natural I’ve ever seen. Mio, as her friends call her, makes her SCORELAND debut on Friday with a solo pictorial, then she fucks on Saturday. I’d say more, but you know what they say about a picture…