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Andi Peacock: the horny desires of a hot wife

December 1, 2022 by Elliot James

Being looked at excites Andi Peacock.


Andi Peacock is back at today. No guys today. Just Andi.

Every appearance gets a warm welcome and not just two-word comments.

“Andi is fucking amazing. My wife would never do porn, but Andi is a spitting image of my wife’s body so seeing her in action is amazing. Keep up the amazing content with this beautiful woman. 4K download for sure with Andi!”

“I love Andi Peacock! Thick, curvy, voluptuous, big titted, and an ample, round ass! Gorgeous figure, but not obese. XL is Xtra fine with her!”

Andi found out about The SCORE Group from her husband.

“I didn’t start developing to my current size (36DDD) until my college years. So after college, I was the bustiest woman in my group of friends. I usually dress to emphasize my boobs. I enjoy the looks I get and how it makes me feel sexy and beautiful. My husband loves it. I do enjoy the attention tremendously. It makes me feel amazing.”