Dallas Dixon is a player-wife.

January 28, 2010 by Elliot James

SCORELAND just posted a fresh pictorial of Dallas Dixon from the January ’10 Voluptuous, and there’s something interesting about her personal life in addition to her busty-neighbor-next-door look.

Dallas Dixon's office attire, Jan. '10 Voluptuous

Dallas Dixon's office attire, Jan. '10 Voluptuous

Dallas Dixon and not her husband in the V-mag movie Hooter Hospital.

Dallas Dixon and not her husband in the V-Mag movie Hooter Hospital.

She’s been married for 10 years, has a regular job and her husband is cool with her fucking other guys. Now, he doesn’t want to bang other men’s wives or the check-out clerk at his supermarket. But he likes seeing his wife get cocked. Our SCORE TV reporter talked to Dallas while she was relaxing in the dressing room. She’s only posed for us, although I’m sure other companies have been after those great tits.

I’ve never been married to a porn star, a hooker, a promiscuous woman, a sex surrogate, a swinger or a free love advocate, so I don’t know how I could handle a situation like Dallas’ hub does. But I know guys who do. I don’t know if there is some secret to handling the thought of some guy’s cock in your woman’s pussy. There probably is.

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4 responses to “Dallas Dixon is a player-wife.”

  1. dr says:

    wana marry her

  2. Anthony says:

    i swear i’ve seen her fuck on another shitty website but she went by the name of Hayley!

  3. Elliot James says:

    Hey Sean, Dallas has no new XXX vids scheduled right now. She has a regular job and only models here. I don’t know if she’s into the creampie thing in her everyday life. I think she said she likes to swallow. I think we’ve made one or two creampie videos for BootyLicious but I’ve never seen one in SCORE or Voluptuous.

  4. sean says:

    Hey EJ quick question for Dallas is she going to be doing some new movies soon and does she do creampies or are thoose just something she does in her private life?