Lipstick nipples by Kim Velez

June 2, 2024 by Elliot James 1 Comment

It’s spring, when a man’s fancy turns to nipples poking through thin titty tops, so let’s review some nipple facts.

Erect nipples are caused by contracting muscles under the skin. Cold will also contract the areolae giving them a scrunched-up look. Not all women get erect nipples when turned-on.

The average projection and size of the human female nipple is approximately 3/8″ or 10mm.

20% of women have inverted or “shy” nipples.

Word scholars believe that the word nipple derived from “neb,” an Old English word for nose or beak. Others trace it from the German “nippel.”

“Puffy” nipples are larger than average nipples and areolae that have a domed look.

In Kim Velez‘s latest photo shoot, she self-sucks her big nipples and leaves bright red lipstick rings on them. I would have liked seeing Kim suck and hold her tits with her mouth in this scene, like Sarah Rae. Maybe next time.

KIm has a talent for sucking her own nipples. She also has photogenic areolas.

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  1. johnny says:

    we want boy girl kim. i think its time. please hardcore for kim

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