Now at SCORELAND, Mariza Rabbit learns a guy a lesson

June 29, 2024 by Dave 1 Comment

“Yes, I know your eyes are up there, but your tits are down there.”

Usually when a girl gives you the “My eyes are up here” line or indication, you’re in trouble and not getting any. But Mariza Rabbit, who returns to SCORELAND today, is not any girl. She knows it’s easy and forgivable for a guy to get locked in on her boobs, especially when she’s wearing a tight, low-cut dress. So, she gets this guy’s attention just to make sure he knows that she’s more than a pair of tits. She has a mouth, ass and pussy, too.

Here’s one thing men will never understand: that they’re not supposed to ogle or stare at a girl who’s walking around with her cleavage 95% exposed. This is the male version of being told you’re not supposed to stare at the sun. What choice do we have? Aren’t the tits supposed to be looked out? Isn’t it an insult not to look at a girl’s rack when it’s exposed like that. Has anyone ever seen actor Jennifer Tilly playing poker, tits almost totally out? How’s a guy to concentrate. Does a big pair of tits beat four of a kind? Every time.

I have been at The SCORE Group for 23 years and I’m no closer to understanding women.

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One response to “Now at SCORELAND, Mariza Rabbit learns a guy a lesson”

  1. Danny says:

    Unless they’re with an intimidating looking boyfriend or husband, I won’t be ashamed to take a gander at a women’s glorious looking cleavage. And if they ask me why I’m doing it, I tell them that I read a study that it was good for men’s health and their heart which isn’t lying lol.

    BTW all these Mariza videos and photos over the last few months have been phenomenal. I definitely want to see her back at Scoreland and also want to see more mega stacked models with huge bubble butt’s like her in the future!

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