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Allow me to introduce myself…

July 24, 2009 by Maria
My cleavage makes it's debut in the Oct. '09 issue of V-mag! I'm famous…er, they're famous! lol

My cleavage makes it's debut in the Oct. '09 issue of V-mag! I'm famous…er, they're famous! lol

Wow! I can’t believe that I started blogging without even introducing myself first. I guess you can say I got caught up in the rapture of this blog and just started posting! So here is a quick overview of what I do and who I am, in case you are interested in knowing who your soon-to-be favorite blogger really is. (LOL!)

I’m Maria, a girl who had a dream of working with people…naked people. I’m boisterous, funny and play some of the best pranks in the office on our unsuspecting staff (They love it!). I’ve been at SCORE for five years, and I can confidently say that I have the best job in the world. I worked my way up through the ranks, learning everything there was to know about big boobs until, about two years ago, I landed my editor gig. (It doesn’t hurt that I have big boobs, so you might say that I am equipped for this position.) I am now the editor of V-Mag and a great magazine about asses called BootyLicious. (I guess you can say I am an expert on the ladies…from tops to bottoms!)

Since becoming an editor, I have traveled to Hungary to meet Karina Hart (WOW! She is amazing!), become great buds with Christy Marks (She’s a sweetheart!) and gotten my hands on some of the biggest boobs in the world. I’ve also had my boobs groped by some of hottest SCORE models. Boobs attract boobs…it’s science! And sometimes they even use my cleavage to illustrate an article in V-Mag! (Yes, my boobs are famous! lol)

img_2608I love tits. I mean, I REALLY love them. In fact, I love them as much as you do. I like the way they feel, bounce and look. And just like you, I get excited when we have a new model in the studio. (And now I get to go in there and shoot footage for this blog, which means I get to interact with the girls a lot more!)

So, my promise to you is that come rain or shine, I will always make it my priority to bring you guys exclusive goodies. (Or until someone in charge gets mad at me and I get in trouble for leaking stuff on here…and even then, I will still try and sneak stuff to you!)

That’s my boob oath.

You can count on me!



How to get a SCORE Girl wet!

July 23, 2009 by Maria

As the editor of, I see a lot of Christy Marks (she’s at SCORELAND, too). And let’s face it, Christy is smoking hot. (Have I said it before? Have I said that I love my job?! lol) I see so much of her, in fact, that I get to see backstage bloopers and unedited footage of this big-hootered hottie all the time. This is one of my favorites (and hers, also), so I had to post it for you. This is backstage footage of an erotic shower shoot where our studio manager, Tushna, couldn’t quite, um, shoot her wet load at Christy’s face and body.

Christy’s face at the 1:08 mark is hilarious! (Lester, our amazing video editor, kept repeating the shot of her face getting splashed because it was so funny.)

Enjoy this glimpse into what it takes to make a SCORE girl wet!



Lunch with busty MILFs

July 23, 2009 by Elliot James

Persia Monir, who Dave blogged about on July 20, is visiting the SCORE studio next week. We both think she’s one of the hottest big-boobed MILFs we’ve ever seen. Fifty must be the new 35. MILFs seem to be hot even in the mainstream. I could definitely picture a reality TV show about Persia. By total coincidence, a hardcore photo set and video of Persia is running this weekend on SCORELAND.

In the prime time and lovin' every minute.

In the prime time and lovin' every minute.

Dave and I go to a local burger joint for lunch on Wednesdays. We spend half our time looking at our food and the other half checking out the often impressive parade of hotly dressed MILFs walking around. They must either work in the area or just live nearby, and they apparently like the place. Tight, low-cut tops, tight jeans or skirts, high heels…it’s like a fashion show. Of course, if they’re with an Incredible Hulk, we avoid staring too long. This place is self-service, so everyone walks back and forth for whatever they need, and that’s the beauty of it. I daydreamed about seeing Persia walk in one day, but she doesn’t live anywhere near the place, so it’s unlikely she would ever have lunch here. But I have seen birds of her feather.

I’ll keep eating there. Maybe we’ll find another busty MILF like Persia who’s ready to model. But that won’t be easy. Persia is definitely up there in the MILF boob chain.

Lap dancers who get off on giving lap dances!

July 22, 2009 by Dave

A busty babe is giving you a lap dance, and let’s face it: You really don’t care about whether she’s getting off. All you care about is that you get off. At least that’s how I look at it, selfish prick. Hey, it’s my 20 bucks.

Your mission: Get Stephanie off without taking off your pants.

Your mission: Get Stephanie off without taking off your pants.

But the other morning, I’m sitting around the studio, talking with EE-cup newcomer Stephanie Stalls (boobs slipping out of her robe over and over again as we speak, by the way). She’s a feature dancer, and I say to her, “Stephanie, out of every 100 guys you give a lap dance to, how many turn you on?”

“Twenty,” she says.

I’m shocked. “Twenty out of a hundred? Really? That many?”

And she smiled and said. “Are you kidding? I’m grinding my crotch against a guy who turns me on? Yeah, I get off from 20 out of a hundred.”

Wait a second…did she say “get off”? Not just wet pussy? Or a tingling? An actual orgasm?

“Actual orgasm,” she said, smiling again at my disbelief. “Sure. Why not?”

So I looked at her and said, “Stephanie, if I knew that I actually gave a dancer an orgasm during a lap dance without even pulling it out of my pants, I’d be the happiest guy in the world.”

Twenty percent. Amazing.

Think you’ve ever done it? Think about that while checking out this video from the DVD Private Stuffers 2 of lap dancer (and SCORE Girl) Crystal Gunns fucking a guy’s legs with her tits. And look for Stephanie’s debut, coming soon at SCORELAND.

What is it about this photo?

July 22, 2009 by Dave
SCORE Hall of Famer Chloe Vevrier.

SCORE Hall of Famer Chloe Vevrier.

No hanging tits.

No boobs in your face.

No nipple-sucking.

It’s not even really a tit shot!

But it’s been on SCORELAND for about 10 years, and it gets me off every time I look at it. Why?

You can jack it to first if you’d like. But analyze it afterwards and let me know what you think.

Rachel Love is smoking hot…and smoking, too!

July 21, 2009 by Dave

So I’m watching the bonus footage from the new XXX feature movie Mamazon, and suddenly my cock is standing at attention because Rachel Love, a hot little blonde with big, natural tits hanging out, is smoking a cigarette while being interviewed. So the next thing I do is run back to the video editing room and ask, “Do we have any more footage of that?” Turns out that we did, and one of the video editors whipped up the following clip. Now, we can get into a very long discussion about the smoking fetish, and I invite you to share your thoughts. Me? I’m anti-smoking but pro-hot-chick-smoking-so-I-can-jack-to-it. And when it comes to smoking, everyone has an opinion. You probably have one already. But can I ask you to do one thing while watching this clip? Listen to your cock.

Survey says…you’re hot for teacher!

July 21, 2009 by Elliot James
Busty drivers only earned 1% in a SCORELAND poll.

Busty drivers only earned 1% in a SCORELAND poll.

One of the things we like to do at SCORELAND is poll our members about their likes, dislikes, habits and technical interests. All related to girls and big boobs, of course. Hey, we’re not Wired magazine, you know! A recent poll asked, “What is your favorite fantasy girl?” Well, a whopping 48% said teacher was their favorite fantasy babe while 33% said nurse, 9% said store clerk, another 9% liked sexy cops and only 1% enjoyed the visual of a busty driver, such as Christy Marks as a cabdriver.

I’m not sure if there’s such a thing as universal consciousness, but a poll like this is a pretty good indication that there is. Our members can see a poll question’s ongoing results only after they’ve voted, so it’s not like they’re being influenced

48% of SCORELAND members prefer busty teachers like Daylene Rio.

48% of SCORELAND members prefer busty teachers like Daylene Rio.

by other members. And the popularity of the sexy teacher among SCORELAND members does seem to match what mainstream Hollywood has done for the past 30 years with teen comedies that feature hot teachers, like My Tutor, Private Lessions, the Porky‘s series, Zapped, School Spirit and dozens more.

Alanna is my kind of visiting nurse service.

Alanna is my kind of visiting nurse.

What is it about the sexy teacher that made it garner 48% of the vote? I think it partly has to do with a teacher being one of the first females outside the family that we’re exposed to in the real world. Unfortunately for me, I never had any hot-looking teachers, just guys and old ladies. I did have a substitute teacher for one week who was big-boobed and attractive, but she was gone after that one time.

Me? I prefer busty nurses. What’s your fantasy type?

Destiny jumps and you jack!

July 20, 2009 by Maria

Hi everyone! Guess what I’ve got for you today? More new boobs! (It would be a violation of boob law if I didn’t share them with you, so here they are.) These tits belong to Ohio-born Destiny Rose, a new babe who’s coming soon to SCORELAND. She’s a redhead, and I don’t know about you guys, but I have a special place in my heart for redheads with nice knockers. (I attribute my love of top-heavy carrot tops to my fascination with Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. I always wanted to see her topless.) So what happens within a minute of chatting with this naughty, little ginger? She’s doing naked jumping jacks, that’s what! This is the kind of exercise I love! (Especially since I don’t have to break a sweat and I get to see tits going up and down, up and down!) Enjoy this corn-fed cutie! I’ll bring you more of her soon.


A long, hot summer of big boobs!

July 20, 2009 by Elliot James

There’s been a lot going on at SCORELAND this summer. So many fantastic girls. In June, our staff returned from Prague with the fresh faces and boobs of Sophie Mae (a blonde natural with pillowy boobs and wide areolae), Alexa (a classic slim-n-stacked SCORE Girl) and Jane (who loves to eat cock). Then, a full month of stunning Eva Notty, who was a Naughty Neighbors model five years ago and is now a SCORE Girl.

Karina Hart shows off two of her most prized possessions.

Karina Hart shows off two of her most prized possessions.

Christy Marks, just hanging around after winning Model of the Year.

Christy Marks, just hanging around after winning Model of the Year.

We saw uber-busty German sex star Annina taking on the monster tool of Shane Diesel. Super-horny Angel Gee’s first hardcore. Black ‘n’ stacked (and that’s an understatement) newcomer Mianna Thomas destroying a top. If August is as much fun as July and June, I won’t be getting much sleep again.

There have been other major events. Karina Hart won SCORE and Voluptuous Newcomer of the Year. Christy Marks won SCORE and Voluptuous Model of the Year. We kinda knew that they’d win. Some guys have written in saying that we could be influencing the voting with our praises in the editorial text (called “cheesecake” in the publishing biz). But those two would have swept the voting even if they had just worn potato sacks all year. Destiny, fate, kismet, whatever it’s called, some events are meant to happen. They’re sweet girls and they deserved it.

It’s Busty MILF week at SCORELAND!

July 20, 2009 by Dave

I’d like to tell you a little something about how things work around here at SCORELAND. I mean on the inside. Each morning, I sit down at my desk, start up my computer, and within minutes, the phone rings. The studio manager is on the line, and she’ll say something like, “Do you want to come in and see the girl we’re shooting?” Of course, the answer is always yes.

When I walk into the studio, the studio manager (that’s Tushna) has the new girl show me her body: front, side and rear. The idea, of course, is to see if the girl in real life looks anything like her test shots. And usually, it amounts to little more than the girl taking off her robe and doing a quick spin. Still, not a bad way to start the day.

Inside Anika, inside SCORELAND.

Inside Anika, inside SCORELAND.

But Persia, the 50-year-old DD-cupper who returns to SCORELAND on Wednesday, is different. Because when she was asked to show me her tits, she squeezed them together and stuffed them in my face. When she was asked to show me her ass, she bent over, spread her legs and ass cheeks and gave her ass a good slap. Nine in the morning, and already I was hard.

Two MILFs are coming to SCORELAND this week. In addition to Persia on Wednesday, we have 30something Anika Anderson fucking and sucking a real cock today…because she wants it.

And Persia? Check out this clip from the new DVD 50 Plus MILFs and tell me if there’s a 20something stripper in the world who does a hotter pole dance than her.