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It’s Busty MILF week at SCORELAND!

July 20, 2009 by Dave

I’d like to tell you a little something about how things work around here at SCORELAND. I mean on the inside. Each morning, I sit down at my desk, start up my computer, and within minutes, the phone rings. The studio manager is on the line, and she’ll say something like, “Do you want to come in and see the girl we’re shooting?” Of course, the answer is always yes.

When I walk into the studio, the studio manager (that’s Tushna) has the new girl show me her body: front, side and rear. The idea, of course, is to see if the girl in real life looks anything like her test shots. And usually, it amounts to little more than the girl taking off her robe and doing a quick spin. Still, not a bad way to start the day.

Inside Anika, inside SCORELAND.

Inside Anika, inside SCORELAND.

But Persia, the 50-year-old DD-cupper who returns to SCORELAND on Wednesday, is different. Because when she was asked to show me her tits, she squeezed them together and stuffed them in my face. When she was asked to show me her ass, she bent over, spread her legs and ass cheeks and gave her ass a good slap. Nine in the morning, and already I was hard.

Two MILFs are coming to SCORELAND this week. In addition to Persia on Wednesday, we have 30something Anika Anderson fucking and sucking a real cock today…because she wants it.

And Persia? Check out this clip from the new DVD 50 Plus MILFs and tell me if there’s a 20something stripper in the world who does a hotter pole dance than her.

New editor gets perks…and perky tits, too!

July 20, 2009 by Maria

Renee Ross's giant, natural tits. I copped a feel of those puppies!

New editors get lots of perks…and perky tits to boot! Being an editor at SCORE, there’s never a dull moment. There’s always something happening, and it’s usually pretty great.

For example: I am the newly appointed editor of Voluptuous magazine. That in and of itself is awesome. But on my first day on the job, what should happen? Well, there’s a new girl in the studio, and her tits are phenomenal! I am talking about the kind of tits that make you drool a little, they’re that big and ripe. Her name is Renee Ross, and she has these jugs that just keep going and going. One nice thing about being a chick and getting to hang around all these SCORE and Voluptuous sweeties and their hooters is that the girls never mind if I cop a feel. In fact, they encourage it. It’s a girl thing, I guess. It usually happens when I ask them how big their tits are. They smile and say, “Want to feel them?” (I can’t lie, my job is awesome!) And Renee offered her boobs up to my hand inspection ASAP. So not only did I get to squeeze these melons, but I also pilfered a shot of her rack to share on the blog with you guys. (I might get in trouble for this, but if you were sitting on a pic of these tits, you’d post it, too!) Look out for Renee, and if I can get my hands on more pics, I’ll post them!


P.S.: I managed to convince Dave, who is now my accomplice in leaking Renee’s tits to you, to get me a video of Renee so I could post it on the blog.You’ll thank me for this one! Watch how Renee gets into her shirts…you have to see it to understand why it’s so awesome.

On tube tops and plastic bra straps

July 20, 2009 by Dave

So I’m at lunch today, and I see this Latina chick, 30something and stacked, wearing tight jeans, fuck-me pumps and a hideous tube top. She has that “grinding my pussy against your cock” way of walking that makes my balls ache. At first I think she’s braless, but then I look closer. She’s wearing a bra, but one of those bras with clear, plastic bra straps. I don’t think bras come that way. I think they’re an add-on.

Comment 1: Tube tops suck. They flatten tits and should be burned. This chick probably went out that morning thinking she was flaunting her tits, but she wasn’t. Yeah, there was cleavage, but not as much as there would have been had she worn a top with straps.

Comment 2: Clear plastic bra straps suck. They look cold, rigid. Regular bra straps look soft, warm, cuddly. Is there anyone out there (men and lezzies only) who likes clear, plastic bra straps?

Or am I just thinking about this a little too much?

I see nothing but boobs. Big boobs!

July 19, 2009 by Elliot James
Elliot James at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

Elliot James at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

I’ll make this intro quick. My name is Elliot James. I’ve always been crazy over big tits, so becoming an editor at The SCORE Group was a life-changing event. I started writing a news and events column called “Boob Beat” in SCORE magazine in 1992, and I’ve never missed a deadline since then. They tell me that 16 years is a pretty decent track record in any magazine or newspaper, so I feel good about that. I was asked in 2000 by our publisher, John Fox, to become an editor at SCORELAND, and each day is never the same. I’ve met and interviewed many great SCORE and Voluptuous stars, and that’s a lot more exciting than, for example, interviewing city councilmen about a new traffic light. Now my fellow editors, Dave and Maria, and I will be blogging on a daily basis. It’s a new highway for us. We hope you enjoy it and log in as much as you can! If you’re a regular SCORE Man, thanks for your continued support and encouragement. We really appreciate it. If you’re new to SCORELAND, welcome to the community!–Elliot