Rachel Love is smoking hot…and smoking, too!

July 21, 2009 by Dave

So I’m watching the bonus footage from the new XXX feature movie Mamazon, and suddenly my cock is standing at attention because Rachel Love, a hot little blonde with big, natural tits hanging out, is smoking a cigarette while being interviewed. So the next thing I do is run back to the video editing room and ask, “Do we have any more footage of that?” Turns out that we did, and one of the video editors whipped up the following clip. Now, we can get into a very long discussion about the smoking fetish, and I invite you to share your thoughts. Me? I’m anti-smoking but pro-hot-chick-smoking-so-I-can-jack-to-it. And when it comes to smoking, everyone has an opinion. You probably have one already. But can I ask you to do one thing while watching this clip? Listen to your cock.

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3 responses to “Rachel Love is smoking hot…and smoking, too!”

  1. Ray says:

    Very Sexy smoking that cigarette!!

  2. viggo says:

    I’m like you, anti-smoking. But unlike you, i think that a girl
    smoking is the biggest turnoff ever. Big boobs or not, it’s just not sexy.
    Besides it’s bad for them. You don’t want them to destroy those big
    lungs of theirs, do you ?

  3. Dave Too says:

    I am with you on this one. I could care less about the cigarette if it’s a smoking hot busty babe smoking it. I am not looking at the cigarette anyway. By the way…Rachel justs gets better and better over time.