Siri arrives at SCORELAND…how do you like them apples?

February 23, 2012 by Maria

Siri’s hourglass curves measure 40-29-38, and she looks amazing in our SCORE 20th Anniversary T-shirt and hat!

New Boobs! New Boobs! New Boobs!

Please imagine that I am out of breath while I am typing this post.

That is because since Siri has been in the building, all of us have been running around like crazy.

And I know what you are thinking…Siri? As in the digital slave who lives in your phone?


I am pretty sure that our Siri is hotter and has bigger tits than that Siri.

Our Siri is a 23-year-old blonde babe from California (born in Minnesota) with a 32HH rack and a 29-inch waist. She is kind of nerdy (She loves to read, knit and watch historical films), and she is kind of a fox. Her hourglass curves will make you want to have a lot of time on your hands, if you know what I mean.

I caught up with Siri in our studio…and by caught up, I mean I found her on the set and asked her to show me her tits immediately. I am classy like that. 🙂

Siri and I made two videos in which we chitchatted about her boobs, her inverted nipples and all sorts of other fun things that big-boobed gals talk about.

You can check out the first of those two videos below and look out for Siri’s debut tomorrow on SCORELAND.



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32 responses to “Siri arrives at SCORELAND…how do you like them apples?”

  1. line says:

    Siri.You have a beautiful body and much more beautiful is your personality.plz have a Hardcore with me.

  2. X.D. says:

    @ Elliot. RE: Bing. Well, according to boobpedia, she had breast reduction. To me, it sounds like she is currently a natural. Dear Zeus!!!! And what a plumper. I think TSG should take her away from the competition 🙂

  3. Elliot James says:

    Is Bing a natural?

  4. X.D. says:

    I’m with Charlie BS, that is, if they mean Carmella Bing as a plumper, DAMND she looks amazing. Just drop dead gorgeous with all those curves. TSG take note!

  5. Charlie Bullshit says:

    Scoreland ALWAYS have the hottest stacked girls known to man, but i wonder how come they haven’t added the new & improved Carmella Bing into the mix?

  6. Lee Roy says:

    Siri,will you do ur next hard core with a black man?
    how about Shane Deezil?
    u like him?

  7. Ca united kingdom says:

    @larryg, how can other big boobed babes on a beach ruin any dvd??

  8. X.D. says:

    Great to have you on the blogs Siri. Thank you so much for stopping by. I think we can all agree your beauty and personality has floored all of us!!! Will you ever do a girl-girl? Please say YES!!! 🙂 (no pressure) PLEASE 🙂

  9. ca united kingdom says:

    stunning…. those panties are giving up some camel toe,, sweet…

  10. Larry G. says:

    IMOP this woman desrves her own special edition DVD.
    titled JUST SIRI.
    Because dont ruin it,by putting other big-boobed models
    in with her on the beach,like a lot of score dvd’s of recent years.
    You have too many women in those at the same time.
    sort of reminds me of a comic I use to read in the early 1970’s,
    called the Justice Leage.Too many cooks spoil the brew.
    I just want to see Siri!!!

  11. Larry G. says:

    I think she more resembles Marylyn Monroe.
    congrats,Score magazine, I think you have found the next super star!

  12. Siri says:

    I DID shoot hardcore stuff for SCORE and had a blast doing it! I am having so much fun reading all of these comments 🙂 If you’re a twitter nerd like me, you can follow me on twitter, @SiriSuxxx !

  13. Neil Zero says:

    Kman,Where did you read or hear she was doing HC?
    Im jerking off already in anticipation of it.

  14. nick says:

    is she really doin a hard core shoot?wow!

  15. slugworth says:

    Yeah,i’m with Larry G.I reckon Siri looks a lot like Sophie Mae.
    Would also love to see how her nipples would react to some ice being rubbed on them.

  16. Larry G. says:

    Siri is from Minnenosta?Does she also happen to be of Czechslovakian
    ethnicity?because she sure looks like Sophie Mae(of Czechslovakia)
    to me.

  17. Larry G. says:

    Hey guys,could you put on ice cube on her nipples the next time?
    Im curious how her nipples will react to that.

  18. Stefan C says:

    Great Maria, Siri is so nice and beutiful. A real catch for Score. I like her pretty face, and boobs of course. I so much like the interview format. Thanks.
    Looking forward to see much more of you Siri!

  19. Maria says:

    Siri is pretty awesome. Look out for her debut this weekend on SCORELAND, guys. You can thank us later. 🙂

  20. Maddien says:

    Have you recognized that she looks similar to the younger/teen and twen aged Kristina Applegate?
    I mean, the face of course.

  21. slugworth says:

    Another stunner from Score.Thanks!.Gotta love that hot body & of course those lovely,full 32HH’s.
    It’s already been a great year for big boob debut’s,& Siri is no exception.Looking forward to spending some ‘personal’ time with her in the future.

  22. Kman says:

    I see she has a hardcore pictoral coming up soon as well….hopefully there was a video made of that also….?

  23. winter1968 says:

    Nice work TSG, she’s super pretty with all the right curves and beauty to match! Great interview and I was way psyched to see the jiggle..always a good time.

  24. T.M. New Mexico says:

    naked ninja fantasy… YEAH! Siri is awesome, and I loop forward to her being in the magazine. It’s looking like 2012 is gonna give 2011 a run for its money.

  25. ameen says:

    vere nias

  26. J.D. says:

    I want one of those hats. Start selling them, cmonnnnn! =D

  27. X.D. says:

    Heck, I just realized. I don’t think I’ve seen that TSG half tank top design yet. She looks gorgeous with it. And well earned 🙂 Gosh. I can’t believe I’m so excited about her being at TSG.

  28. X.D. says:

    I think I’m going to have a nasty wet dream soon…I’m pairing Melissa Manning and Siri. First they’ll timid about it, and then it will get hot very quickly. There will be a lot of pussy and ass licking. Nipple teasing, and nipple pulling, and nipple tongue lashing. I haven’t decided on the outfits yet, or the toys and oils or oinments. But it will be very wet, and will have plenty of orgasms, I’ll guarantee.

  29. Maria says:

    Stay tuned cause in our next video…she does naked karate. Well…she does kicks and stuff. But honestly, I was just looking at her boobs and subsequently fulfilling my naked ninja fantasy lol 🙂 -Maria

  30. X.D. says:

    She would make a great TSG exclusive model. Or a regular at the least. OK, there. You managed to get my attention 😛

  31. X.D. says:

    And her personality is amazingly down to earth. Gosh what lovely HUGE breasts. That was a great teasing moment with the playful “you’ll be coming soon”.

  32. X.D. says:

    Amazing!!!! TSG you’ve outdone yourselves yet again. Maria, great interview BTW. For Zeus sake her thighs and ass look glorious in her eeny weeny pink underwear.