Sofia Deluxe: Endless curves

June 8, 2024 by Elliot James 5 Comments

“I can’t keep my hands off my breasts,” Sofia Deluxe said. Who would not want to get hands-on with Sofia? She’s incredible.

“I was the girl with the largest breasts when I was growing up and I still am the girl with the biggest breasts where I live. The best part is when they look at me and I know what they’re thinking.”

Wherever Sofia goes, an excessive heat warning is issued.

As an alternative to SCORE, Voluptuous magazine was created 30 years ago in 1994 to find, photograph and showcase naturals who look like Sofia. But instead of taking away sales from SCORE, a lot of readers bought both magazines.

In the 1990s, the British girls dominated natural big-bust modeling (Linsey, Lorna, Kerry Marie). Then came the the huge wave of Czechs (Zuzanna, Bozena, Terry) followed by the Romanians (Arianna Sinn, Joana Bliss) and now the Colombians, such as Sofia and Kim Velez.

Along the way during the decades, German, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian, Australian and American stars were discovered.  There were a handful of Japanese, led by Hitomi. No homegrown Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch or Scandinavian stars ever emerged. We keep looking.

I wonder how many current blog readers bought that first issue of Vmag.

Sofia Deluxe is a girl-next-door aka “girlfriend material.”

Sofia looks comfortable.


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5 responses to “Sofia Deluxe: Endless curves”

  1. Brion says:

    She is so beautiful on that 2nd pic. Love the makeup around her eyes.

  2. Vijhon says:

    Arrange a date with Jmac or Nick Rebel, please

  3. Anonymous says:

    More hardcore for Sofia soon?

  4. X.D. says:

    I bought the first isssue of v mag. Missed out on some of the following issues. Unfortunately life happened and lost various of my magazine collections.

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