Today at SCORELAND, who wants to shoot their load to Mariza Rabbit?

March 22, 2024 by Dave 4 Comments


A super-stacked weekend at SCORELAND starts today with Mariza Rabbit sucking and fucking. I’m sure some of you remember Who Shot Roger Rabbit, a 1988 film that combined live-action and animation and featured big-titted cartoon character Jessica Rabbit. Mariza Rabbit is a real-life fantasy doll who told us, “I love watching ’90s cartoons and I like to go to the library and the planetarium.” She told us, “I can pick things up with my feet and make men get erections without even touching them.”

Well, sorry, Mariza, but that’s true of all of the girls at SCORELAND, although we understand what you’re getting at. All it takes is one glance at a photo like this one, in which Mariza’s tits look ginormous, to get a reaction.

There’s lots of Mariza in your future. For now, enjoy Mariza. I’m gonna guess you’ll cum without even touching her.

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4 responses to “Today at SCORELAND, who wants to shoot their load to Mariza Rabbit?”

  1. R Bailey says:

    I can’t get enough of this Easter Bunny and her plump Easter Eggs. Enough said. Score isn’t just about big-breasted women, it’s about the girls who – either naturally or through surgery – push the limits of what it means to ”have big tits”. The problem with being a Score-man, where you’re squeezing out cum-blasts to girls like Mariza Rabbit and her giant whoppers on a daily basis, is that ordinary ”big tits” just don’t do it for you any longer. Someone will say to me, ”Do you like X pornstar?” and I will say, ”No, I want X Score-girl!” It’s a terrible shame. I might need to squeeze out another load of cum to Mariza’s dinner plate-sized areolas to make me feel better!

  2. Walter says:

    nice Easter eggs.

  3. Joey says:

    Hell yeah!!

  4. Danny says:

    Absolutely in love with Mariza and will go as far to say she’s already become one of my top Score Girls of all time! She is already up with the likes of Sarenna Lee, Crystal Gunns and Angelique in this readers mind! I don’t know if you guys ever considered this, but has there ever been a newcomer of the year nominee that was also considered for model of the year on the exact same ballot? I ask because I think Mariza has potential to become the first person to win newcomer and model of the year in the same year!

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