Victoria Vale’s nipples are rock-hard today, and you know what that means

May 25, 2024 by Dave Leave your thoughts

Victoria has some pointers for you.

My favorite part of this photo is how Victoria Vale‘s nipples are rock-hard and pointing straight out. Turns out that in almost every photo of Victoria’s set that goes live today at SCORELAND, her nipples are pointing. You can’t hide the nipple point any more than you can hide your hard-on. If a girl’s nipples are hard, she’s either cold or horny. I’m going with horny in this case. One of my favorite scenes at is blonde, big-titted Kay Kummingz getting her ass absolutely drilled by Johnny Champ’s big dick. You know she’s into it because her nipples are always pointing toward the wall or the ceiling, rock-hard. Karina Hart’s nipples are also usually hard when she’s fucking herself with a toy.

Victoria is very much into cock. You can tell by the way she’s sucking the dude’s dick in the scene she did with Mariza Rabbit. She’s so into cocks that she rates them on the web. She told Elliot, “I rate on several criteria: length, girth, hardness and overall appearance.” I hope she doesn’t deduct points for cumming in five seconds.

The photo below shows something I somehow hadn’t noticed about Victoria: She has booty. How’d I miss that?

Did you realize that Victoria has a nice ass?


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