While the city was just waking up, Billie Jean Austin was already busy lifting her beautiful legs in the air for the SCORE photographer

May 11, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Billie Jean Austin lives in Texas, and you know that Texans wake up at the crack of dawn while the party people in Miami are just going to bed after a night of clubbing and popping $700 bottles of cheap supermarket champagne. So while they were passed out in their homes or hotel rooms as the day began, Billie Jean was just getting warmed up, spreading her pussy and rubbing her nipples for our enjoyment. What a woman.

I thought I saw someone across the street in that building under construction watching Billie Jean.

“I always find myself grabbing my boobs in public. I will sometimes laugh at myself when I catch a guy watching me do that,”¬†¬†said Billie Jean, who’s used to being looked at.

Thank you, Billie Jean.

Enjoy this scenic view of Miami. I repeat, enjoy this scenic….


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