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Danielle Derek returns to SCORELAND, where it all began

Danielle can't wait to spread her legs for cock.

Danielle Derek, one of my favorite SCORE XXX girls ever, returns to SCORELAND today after too long of an absence. It’s great to have her back, especially since her body is still mint. Her waist is still tiny. Her tits are still huge. She’s like a Barbie Doll come to life, but this Barbie Doll sucks, fucks and takes it up the ass. Not today. Today, she’s re-introducing us to her body. But hardcore is coming soon, and Danielle is just as wild and nasty as ever.

SCORELAND is where it all began for Danielle back in 2005. She walked into our studio with her bosom buddy Alexia Moore, and I remember interviewing them for their girl-girl, tit-to-tit, pussy-eating scene. They told me they spent most of the flight down to Miami talking about big tits. At the time, Danielle didn’t fuck on-camera, but her first fucks were just around the corner. She did anal almost from the start. She was always very good at gagging herself on cock. Her scene in the movie Tits-A-Poppin’ remains one of my favorites. Danielle looks spectacular in that scene, almost kind of innocent, but her tits keep popping out of her top, and fucking ensues. Of course, she takes it up the ass.

Welcome back, Danielle!

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She’s a Super Fox. Dolly Fox at SCORELAND Today

She’s a super fox. Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) is a reader’s wife who was inspired to try modeling herself. She was an immediate hit with SCORE guys.

It was Dolly’s dream to be on the cover of SCORE, and she got it.

“I’m a longtime fan of the SCORE Girls,” Dolly says. “I like all big-bust models. Minka, Amy Anderssen, Kayla Kleevage and Lisa Lipps are just a few of the girls I have been inspired by. I would love to meet many of them.”

J.H. writes “Scorecard,” “I have been a SCORE fan for many years, since the L.A. Bust days. Dolly Fox reminds me of past SCORE Girls like Morgan Leigh, Danielle Derek, Puma, Alexia Moore and, more recently, Sandra Star, Katie Thornton and Tigerr Benson. Exactly the kind of bodies that I jack to.”

See the trailer video here!

Big tits on a sleek physique. How do tit-men get so lucky?

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They dare to go bare. Who’s scoring this weekend?


Meet Bunny Brooks, a cute, bubbly, buxom blonde with pierced nipples from Atlanta who found her calling by sharing her voluptuous body with mankind.

In her sexy, breathy voice, Alana Lace tells the photographer she is ready. Ready for missionary. Ready to suck dick. Ready for reverse cowgirl.

Desiree visits SCORELAND for a solo T.A.P. show (Tits, Ass, Pussy). Desiree almost became a police officer before she decided to go bare. The police department’s loss is the tit-man’s gain.

A SCORE magazine reader just won Lily Madison’s signed bra. “I’ll put it in a special box so I can take it out and admire it in special quiet times,” C.V. wrote. Lily’s new photo spread and video begins Sunday!

Happy Birthdays: Valory Irene (May 1),  Roxanne Miller (May 2), Bex Shiner (May 4), Denise Davies (May 4), Kitana Flores (May 7), Michelle Bond (May 7), Mandy Pearl (May 7), Sadie Blooms (May 10), Alexia Moore (May 11), Jasmine Shiraz (May 12), Windy Leigh (May 13), Keisha Evans (May 14), Terry Nova (May 15), and Sabrina Linn (May 19).

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Girl power

Posted by Elliot James on Mar 27, 2012 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Deep Inside Scoreland, Life With Big Tits

Around the turn of the century (the 20th century, not the 19th century), an editor at SCORE coined the question, “Where have all the good girl-girls gone?”

That editor has moved on to another career, but it’s still a relevant question.

We still ask it.

In a poll running at SCORELAND. we asked, “Should we shoot more girl-girl scenes?” We also said that if anyone had any names in mind, they should email Scorecard@Scoregroup.com. So far, the results are running in favor of more girl-girls: 43% say yes, 35% say no and a whopping 22% are indifferent about it. (I never get that neutral stance about topics like this. Either you like it or you don’t.) There has been one suggestion via email that I’ll publish in “Scorecard.”

Tawny Peaks and Colt 45. Thems were the days.

The big time for busty girl-on-girl stuff was during the early-to-mid ’90s. Chloe, Linsey, SaRenna, Angelique, Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Tawny Peaks, Danni Ashe…they were the champions of girl-girl action. Because of newsstand restrictions, the girl-girls in the magazines were simulated. Nipple sucking was fine, but tongues and toys could only hover a inch away from pussies. It was the same kind of simulation with the boy-girls. On video, it was a different story, so tongues, cocks and strap-ons could go all out, or in this case, all in.

Minka, Plenty and Kayla in Mega-Boob Olympics

I always felt big-bust girl-girls were more prevalent then because most of the girls didn’t want to do scenes with guys, so this was a substitute to get some kind of sex in rather than because a percentage of guys were turned on by seeing two or more girls going at it with tits, tongues and toys.

During the late ’90s and early ’00s, Brittany Love, Dawn Stone, Tanya Danielle, Nikki Diamond, Ariana, Adina, Julia Miles and Deanna Baldwin were doing most of the girly flings. Brittany in particular became the go-to girl for Sapphic action at SCORE. She locked lips with Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and Mary Carey.

Brittany Love meets Dawn Stone. They both went on Boob Cruise 2000.

My personal favorites in the ’00s were the Autumn-Jade and Sierra scene, Kerry Marie and Cassandra, the Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns pairing, the Cindy Cupps and Summer Sinn fling and the Cherry Brady, Angela White and Brandy Talore chick flicks.

Who’s been hot for the clit and the slit at different times at SCORELAND? Angela White, Cherry Brady, Brandy Talore, Annie Swanson, Rebecca Love, Destiny Rose, Kaytee Carter, Arianna Sinn, Summer Sinn, Daphne Rosen, Maggie Green, Holly Halston, Eva Notty and her friend Sarah Satori, Christy Marks and Renee Ross. Alexia Moore and Danielle Derek: Now those two were in a lipstick-lesbian league of their own.

Sierra shoots Autumn. One thing leads to another

Most of the newer girls–Leanne Crow, Jenna Valentine, Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Karla James, Micky Bells, Sophie Mae, Taylor Steele, Merilyn Sakova and Valory Irene among them–prefer to fly solo. I guess that’s how trends cycle. Maybe that’s the way it should be. If a girl’s not into other girls, it’s not going to work on-camera, either.

Newcomer Sheridan Love is really into pussy, proven by her recent encounter with Charlee Chase. I think it’s the only girl-girl we did at SCORELAND in 2011, not counting threesomes with a guy. Who would Sheridan bump boobs well with in the future if she does another girl-girl?

We haven’t released a girl-girl DVD since Busty Snatch Club. Is it worth making another one with a new cast?

Girl-girls: a thing of the past? Or due for a revival? Bring them back? Keep them in the closet?

Feel free to add your opinions to this thread.

Sheridan gives Charlee the once over

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A big boob birthday basheroo for…

Posted by Elliot James on May 10, 2011 in birthdays

Susie Wilden: “You know, even guys who really like big breasts are sometimes intimidated by mine. They don’t like to touch them, like they’re afraid.”

Toni Evans: “I say this to any woman, you’ve got to try D.P.  You’ve just got to do it once in your life so you know.”

Alexia Moore: “A lot of guys pick me up and think they can throw me around the bed, which is good. It adds to the excitement. It’s better than getting stuck in the same position.”

Hillary Hooterz: “What’s sexy to me is when a girl can walk into a room, turn heads and you know she loves herself.”

Keisha Evans: “Having large breasts has enhanced my whole life, not just my body. I love everything about this!”

Terry Nova: (In Czech) “I could never travel the way I do or make a good living if I hadn’t become a model. So my boobs have brought me good things.”

Yanine Diaz: “I live in the Dominican Republic, which is a very clean, beautiful place to live, especially if you love nature and beaches, and I do.”

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December ’10 SCORE now at newsstands

Posted by Elliot James on Sep 6, 2010 in Men's Products
Good Girls. Bad Girls. You love 'em.

Good Girls. Bad Girls. You love 'em.

Now at your local newsstand, magazine store, adult superstore, barber shop and dentists waiting office, the action-packed December ’10 SCORE. There are two Karina Harts on the cover, one dressed like a coed, the other decked out as a temptress. Why? Because this is the “Good Girl/Bad Girl” special edition.

Inside, you’ll find Karina, Janet Jade, Annina, Melissa Mandlikova, Kristy Klenot, Eva Notty, Angel Gee, Maggie Green (in bondage, a first in SCORE), Alexa, Christy Marks and many more.  The “Boob Beat” column looks at really bad girls Puma Swede, Brandy Talore and Kianna Dior.

Odds are Angelina will have a stiff one on her birthday today.

Odds are Angelina will have a stiff one on her birthday today.

What makes a Good Girl? What makes a Bad Girl? Can a Good Girl do bad things and remain good? Can a Bad Girl become good? Can a girl be both good and bad at the same time? Is it like good cop/bad cop? What do they want to be the most, good or bad? This issue tackles this situation head-on! Some things are not always understood, and maybe it’s better that way. Filled with XXX, and that’s not so bad.

A freemium DVD starring Danielle Derek, Alexia Moore, Kitty Lynxxx, Charlee Chase, Holly Halston and Rebecca Love in femme-fucking action is included in the Bonus editions. If your favorite store doesn’t carry SCORE, let us know.

On  this day, SCORE would like to give a shout-out to Angelina Castro ’cause she’s a birthday baby. Angelina may be born on Labor Day, but it’s not a job of work to overload your eyes on her. You don’t need to see a blinking neon sign to know that she’s a true Bad Girl, bad to the bone(r). Happy birthday, Angelina.

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The return of the worst pick-up lines ever said to SCORE Girls

Posted by Elliot James on Jul 13, 2010 in Boob Watch

Because you can’t keep a bad pick-up line down for long…

SCORE Girls have heard every cheese-encrusted line in the big book of pick-up quips, much more than any average girl. Here’s a few more ’cause it can’t hurt any more than it already does. Bad beyond human understanding.

The pick-up game has become a cottage industry over the past decade. There’s no shortage of online pick-up gurus trying to sell guys their game for a few bucks. They go way beyond spouting a few opening lines. Today, it’s handled like a science. Worthy of a story in SCORE?

Danielle: “Do you like magic? Because I have the magic wand.”  Alexia: "Wanna play house? You be the screen door and I’ll slam you all night.”

Danielle Derek (left): “Do you like magic? Because I have the magic wand.” Alexia Moore (right): "Wanna play house? You be the screen door and I’ll slam you all night.”

Lena Li: “Would you marry me?”

Lena Li: “Would you marry me?”

"I thought Very-Fine only came in a bottle."

Brianna Costello: "I thought Very-Fine only came in a bottle."

Karen Fisher: “I may not be the best looking guy here but I’m the only guy talking to you.”

Karen Fisher: “I may not be the best-looking guy here, but I’m the only guy talking to you.”

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Birthday shout-outs to:

Posted by Elliot James on May 6, 2010 in Boob Watch, Boobs in the News

“I have to thank a friend for being in SCORE. He’s a huge fan and he encouraged me to send in my pictures.”–Mandy Pearl

“I am sexually aggressive. I’ll make the move eight out of 10 times.”–Texas Barbie Bennett

“I like everything from rap to hard house to hard rock. Basically, I like annoying music.”–Alexia Moore

Have a happy!

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“Ms. Moore, isn’t it true that you ate Danielle Derek’s pussy in a SCORE video?”

Posted by Dave on Jan 25, 2010 in Boobs in the News, Interviews

Some of you might know (and if you don’t, do a Google news search) that Alexia Moore, who debuted in the November 2005 issue of SCORE, is on trial in New York City for prostitution. The prosecution contends that she tried to sell sex to an undercover cop at a lap-dance club (Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club; gotta love that name), but Alexia denies it. On Friday, charges were dropped against her alleged partner in crime. A decision in Alexia’s case is expected tomorrow.

UPDATE: Alexia was found not guilty of all charges. According to the New York Post, after the verdict, Alexia’s lawyer said, “She’s just an exotic dancer. That’s what she does.” But maybe not anymore. Alexia promptly announced her retirement. That’s a shame. The world needs more busty lap dancers. Unfortunately, New York City has had a hard-on for lap dancers ever since the Giuliani administration. Personally, I’d trade a Disney Store for Big Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club any day of the week.

During the trial, the prosecution was concerned that Alexia would offer a lesbian defense in which she’d claim that she wouldn’t have offered sex for money to a man because she’s a lesbian (which she isn’t). That sounded idiotic to me (and to Alexia’s attorney, too; even if Alexia was a lesbian, what does sexual orientation have to do with making an honest buck?), but it reminded me of about four years ago, when I interviewed Alexia (who, to the best of my knowledge, has never done boy-girl) and her best friend Danielle Derek (who went on to do hard-pounding anal scenes in several SCORE movies, including Big-Tit Glory Hole and Tits-a-Poppin’).

The lesbian defense kinda goes out the window in this clip, but, hey Alexia was never claiming it, anyway, and I thought you might enjoy it. If the D.A. tries to show Private Stuffers, Danielle and Alexia’s DVD, in court, I hope they have a lot of Kleenex handy. By the way, Alexia’s the girl on your right.

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