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Cheryl Blossom: Study Time Titillation

September 21, 2019 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Cheryl Blossom’s on her laptop–she’s a busy girl–but we insist on being a distraction. Cheryl stops what she’s doing to chat, and then takes off her tight shorts and button-down top. Scientists have proven that busty girls who get naked during study breaks do better during exams.

“I’m good at mathematics and other sciences,” wrote Cheryl who’d be a knockout even if she didn’t have huge boobs. “I like to read books and I prefer classic Russian literature.”

Cheryl said a webcam model helped her to see that big boobs are beautiful.

“Before, I had never heard that from guys or other people. My granny thought that big chests are not beautiful and was always telling me to hide them.”

All reading and no playing makes a university student restless and bored.

And Cheryl has good taste in tops.

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Ride & Grind With Anna Blaze

September 20, 2019 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Anna Blaze knocks one out of the park in a POV XXX scene today. It’s her second hardcore scene at SCORELAND.

“My whole life, everybody was like, ‘You have the body for porn. You’ll be great at it,'” said Anna. They were right.

Wrote Dave in SCORE magazine Vol. 29 No. 1: “It’s pretty amusing when a girl who’s only 20 talks about her ‘whole life,’ but, hey, we’re glad Anna didn’t wait any longer.”

Anna also has a sexy voice, whispery and seductive. If you listened to her talk to the photographer in her debut video, you’ll know what I mean.

Anna likes her tits squeezed and rubbed. “Guys love sucking and fucking them.” Anyone who doesn’t isn’t worth her time, in our opinion.

Anna Blaze is too hot to handle.


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Billi Bardot’s One-Woman Boob Cruise

September 19, 2019 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Today is Billi Bardot day at SCORELAND. introduced Billi. On this day, we go boating with Billi. Not motor-boating but that will cum soon when SCORELAND publishes her XXX scene.

Billi’s on a one-woman boob cruise here. She takes off her tight white dress, oils her huge 34M-cup tits and rubs one out on deck. Several boaters were not far away. They might have gotten an eyeful. Billi stands out anywhere she goes.

Billi is a super-mom, a super-slim, super-stacked dancer and now a porn star. She doesn’t wear tight outfits to show off her rack all of the time. “It depends on where I’m going and who I am with,” Billi said. “If I’m with my children, absolutely not. If I’m with friends and it wouldn’t be inappropriate to do so, then of course. I love my boobs! If I want to emphasize my breasts, I’ll wear super low-cut tops, tank tops, or anything that is form-fitting.”

Billi Bardot’s one-woman boob cruise.

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Today at SCORELAND, a pregnant newcomer. How rare is that?

September 14, 2019 by Dave 6 Comments

She’s only 19 years old!

The other day, I was in a planning meeting for Voluptuous magazine when Mike, our director of print operations, looked at the photos of Princess Angel and realized one reason she’s special: “A pregnant newcomer?” he asked. “How many of those have we had?”

Not many. Back when Voluptuous was first getting started, the magazine frequently showed hairy girls and preggers who had never been in the mag and would never be in it again. More recently, we’ve featured numerous SCORE and V-Girls who became pregnant after their debuts, such as Shyla Shy, Natalie Fiore, Katarina Dubrova, Micky Bells and Melissa Mandlikova, but I can’t remember the last time a girl debuted preggers.

Now let’s take that one step further: 19 years old and pregnant.

Okay, another step further. As Elliot writes today on SCORELAND, “Angel is about ready to pop, so our photographer had to work fast. You never know when filming a pregnant girl so close to her due date.”

So, let’s run down the hot buttons:

• Pregnant debut

• 19 years old

• Ready to pop.

Preggo lovers, today is your day.

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You wanna Ivanna? She has a new scene at XLGirls.

September 13, 2019 by Elliot James 8 Comments

“I feel very comfortable taking pictures and videos,” said Ivanna Lace, a pretty girl who loves her rich, voluptuous body. I usually don’t blog about XL Girls but I’ve made exceptions.

It took about six months for us to finally photograph Ivanna, but we knew she was worth waiting for. Our studio team always kept in touch with Ivanna, confident it would work out.

Ivanna is proud of those J-cup boobs and is used to tremendous attention.

“I like to go to a karaoke bar and sing. I like that most of all, and shopping.”

I’m up for seeing Ivanna sing and anything else she likes to do. I predict that naked karaoke is going to be the next big thing.

We all wanna Ivanna.


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Nyx is wild for kicks

September 12, 2019 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Hot for a horny hump,  Nyx Monroe meets porn stud Brick Danger tomorrow. The tiny but top-heavy honey’s boobs are in good hands. Nyx and Brick are talkin’ tits, having a great time. He’s got a fix on Nyx and gets hands-on. Her big boobs look even bigger on her slim, petite body.

“My agent found you guys, and I liked what I saw at SCORELAND,” said Nyx.

Nyx gets wild for licks and kicks. Brick’s dick is up for the challenge.

“I love getting head,” she said. “My favorite position is doggie, and I like to have sex once a day if it’s available to me. I’m not a huge fan of foreplay.”

Nyx takes a licking.



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SCORELAND’s Voluptuous 25th Anniversary special starts today

September 8, 2019 by Elliot James 5 Comments

The first issue of Voluptuous magazine was cover-dated Spring 1994. During the Big ’90s, the mega-boobed girls, mostly feature dancers, dominated the newsstands. Then, as now, SCORE magazine showcases both natural-breasted and enhanced girls. Voluptuous was created to satisfy the readers who only wanted to see naturals.

“Our concerns were that Voluptuous was too long, too many syllables, difficult to pronounce, and would international readers even understand the meaning? Still, we went with it,” said TSG founder John Fox. Several possible titles for this new magazine were brought up at editorial meetings. “In the end, we ended up going with Voluptuous, of course, and it’s a decision we’ve never regretted. As we’ve always said, it’s nice when the name of the magazine is also its best coverline and selling point.”

Voluptuous Model of the Year winner Codi Vore introduces the SCORELAND special that includes classic videos and hundreds of photos of the girls who made Voluptuous what it is today. While the internet has done damage to the adult print magazine industry, Voluptuous and SCORE soldier on. The technology has advanced, but the mission statement remains the same as it was in 1994: find the best busty girls.

The 25th Anniversary issue is available in print or digital format at

Voluptuous 25th Anniversary magazine

Voluptuous #1

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I know what you want to know about newcomer Nyx Monroe

September 7, 2019 by Dave 10 Comments

Today: pix of Nyx. Video, too.

You want to know where she’s from. Baltimore, Maryland.

You want to know if her tits are natural. They are.

You want to know her hobbies. Playing video games and watching movies.

You want to know her height and weight. Five-feet, 115 pounds.

You want to know if she plays any sports (she doesn’t) and if she was the bustiest girl in school (“Oh, yes, most definitely!” she said).

So that’s about it, right? No more questions?

Great. Now you can check out Nyx’s SCORELAND debut, photos and videos, today.

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Happy birthday, Lissa Hope. We got you a cock to fuck!

September 6, 2019 by Dave 14 Comments

Birthday girl Lissa has a lot of gifts to offer you.

Voluptuous newcomer Lissa Hope turns 20 on Sunday (she was born September 8, 1999). We’re celebrating a few days early with Lissa’s second hardcore scene at SCORELAND. From the looks of this photo, it’s the lucky guy behind her who’s going to get to unwrap the presents. Of course, Lissa unwraps his jeans and sucks his cock.

What a girl…a girl who is rightfully proud of her curvy body and huge naturals. But it wasn’t always that way.

“All through high school, I would hide them,” Lissa said. “I would wear sweaters every single day and leggings even if it was summer. I would wear T-shirts over my swimsuits because I was told at a young age that it wasn’t appropriate to show my boobs. I wasn’t allowed to wear bikinis either, so it was a one-piece swimsuit with a big T-shirt on top.”

When did things change?

“When I was 16. When I left high school. I moved out of my parents’ house and I kind of came into my own and decided no matter what I do, my breasts are always gonna be there, so it was time to embrace that. I like the way they look. I always have. I just never thought anybody else did.”

She has definitely come to the right place.


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