Tetas Y Culo! with Daylene Rio

What should Daylene wear to bring the city to its knees?

Say you were going out on a date with Daylene Rio and you could sit in her bedroom as she got dressed. You’d probably want her to try on even more outfits and undies and take her time. What’s the rush, right? You’d want to savor the floor show.

The only danger is the possibility of going out of your fucking mind. I’ve been in the studio when Daylene was either getting dressed or getting undressed, and it made me proud to be a guy.

That’s what’s in store today in Daylene’s pictorial and video “Tetas Y Culo!” (Tits and Ass!), starting with the Latina bomb-bomb getting out of bed and ending with her picking out a tight tube dress and leaving for the day.

Ready to leave giant boners in her wake.

I think the first SCORE reverse-strip pictorial was a layout of the great Dixie Bubbles in the January ’99 edition.

Karina Hart, Natalie Fiore, Christy Marks, Jennica Lynn, Sha Rizel and Arianna Sinn have done the reverse sequence, too.

There’s one with Cat Bangles, coming soon.

I’d like to see Katie Thornton, Joana, Tigerr Benson, Shelby Gibson and Bella French try one.

Who would drive you crazy?

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Sheridan Love: World’s greatest (and bustiest) bartender

Today concludes the epic Sheridan Love special at SCORELAND. It doesn’t end with a bang. It ends with a breast-quake of hot XXX sex as boob-drunk JMac is back to make the earth move again for Sheridan.

Sheridan’s a busty bartender this time, and she specializes in mixing drinks like the Screaming Orgasm and the Slippery Nipple. Our kind of bartender.

I’ve been to a lot of bars, pubs and clubs, and I’ve never seen a bartender with a top shelf as big as Sheridan’s.

JMac tries Sheridan's Slippery Nipple. He'll make his a double.


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Sandra Milka wants you to see her next month at SCORELAND

Posted by Dave on May 26, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, Boob Watch, Cummin Soon, Hardcore XXX, newcomers

Meet Sandra.

Sandra’s last name is Milka but she’s not a milker unless you count milking cocks. Yes, she does that.

She was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and lives in Barcelona, Spain. She has F-cup naturals. She says the most-fun job she’s ever had was “doing porn.” Well, for Sandra, it’s not really a job.

She says she likes “romantic dates and quick sex.” Does she mean quick sex on romantic dates? Or is she talking about two different dates? I’ll have to find out.

Anyway, you’ll be seeing Sandra soon at SCORELAND, first in solo action and then in hardcore. Sandra Milka…another reason June will be busting out all over at SCORELAND.


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Tigerr Girl: The deck is stacked for this Queen of Cups

Posted by Elliot James on May 24, 2015 in Behind the Scenes, Interviews, Life With Big Tits, modeling jobs, New at Scoreland

“I always think it’s odd to see myself in a video or in photos,” Tigerr Benson replied when I asked her what goes through her mind when she watches one of her SCORE scenes. You may have noticed that Tigerr occasionally comments at SCORELAND.

“When I am in the studio with a guy, it seems like it’s just us together. So I guess it’s a bit shocking to see it online. It’s not a performance to me. It’s just me with a guy or guys.”

Tigerr’s back today in “Tigerr Girl.” The busty beauty has a way about her that other guys have commented about. I caught it when Tigerr debuted at SCORELAND. A member named Alex summed it up: “I love the way she talks to you almost like you are there in the same room.”

SCORE reader B.B. won Tigerr’s bra that she signed for the contest in her debut issue (Holiday ’14).  Here are the comments that he enclosed with his mail-in entry: “Dear Tigerr, I’m entering your contest because I love big-breasted Oriental women, and you, my dear, are one of the most beautiful. I would love to win your bra. I’d sleep with it under my pillow and dream of your big, beautiful breasts. I’d love to make love, wild love, to you and those lovely beauties.”

Now he can.

Put Tigerr’s bra under his pillow, that is.

Tigerr's got a real top shelf on her.

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Today at SCORELAND, an historic gaping butthole

Posted by Dave on May 23, 2015 in Deep Inside Scoreland, Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Holly Brooks gets JMac's cock ready for her asshole. It slides in easily.

Holly Brooks‘ face is a thing of beauty. Her body and her tits are things of beauty. Today at SCORELAND, her gaping butthole is a thing of beauty.

Why is Holly’s butthole gaping? Because JMac got to it. He laid his wood to her ass, and he can make any butthole gape, and Holly’s is no exception. The photos of this are amazing. In one, JMac has just removed his cock from Holly’s arse and shot his load on her tits. We’re looking up at Holly from between her legs. Her asshole is wide open. Holly has a look on her face like, “Look what this man just did to my asshole!”

With some women, their assholes return to their original puckered position after they’ve been ass-fucked. But Holly’s asshole remains open for business.

There are many ways you could spend your weekend. Jacking to Holly’s gaping butthole would be a very good way.


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Would you walk over to Katie Thornton and ask her to pose naked?

Now on-sale: August 2015 SCORE magazine in print or digital.

Katie Thornton is back at SCORELAND with a new show plus a separate on-camera interview. Here’s a new SCORE Girl with one of the best bodies I’ve seen in 23 years.

Finding the right models is not the piece of cake it might seem to be. Beautiful girls with big tits don’t stand around outside waiting for photographers to approach them, as much as I would like to see that happen.

Katie has what I call “spillover” boobs. Her breasts threaten to spill over whatever she wears.

Even Tigerr Benson, a British export herself, wrote, “She is yummy! I would luv to do girl-girl with her.”

Katie is the covergirl of the August 2015 SCORE, now on-sale at eBoobStore.com. I think Katie does more for British pride than the 2012 Olympics did.

Yes, Katie, this city never sleeps because you keep everyone up.

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It’s hot in Miami and even hotter because of Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love’s next hot date is tomorrow at poolside. Sheridan picked one of her new bikinis to wear.

We’ve used our imagination since Sheridan’s SCORE debut four years ago. Imagined what it would be like to do the nasty with her. Now she’s put herself out there with real cock, and imagination has become reality.

SCORELAND members say:

“It was worth the wait. Incredible scene. Amazing woman.”

“Absolute perfection.”

“Finally! Sheridan is an absolute stunner.”

“With every set of Ms. Sheridan I’m more taken by her natural beauty and raw sexuality.”

The countdown begins now.

A gentleman will always offer Sheridan a place to sit.

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If you could substitute your mouth and tongue for Sheridan’s, you would…

Sheridan Love wants you to give her some lip.

Sheridan Love fucks again, this time outdoors, Thursday at SCORELAND. Today, Sheridan provides some solo halftime entertainment between her first fuck (last Thursday) and her next one (this Thursday).

Another question: Who’s the SCORE or Voluptuous Girl who never fucked on-camera who you’d most like to see fuck on-camera? Karina Hart? Nicole Peters? Merilyn Sakova? Somebody else? I’m not saying I can make it happen. Hey, I’m not the magic man. I’m just wondering.

For me, Dawn Stone and Carol Brown fucking on-camera for the first time was a very big deal. I love Kerry Marie, but for some reason, I don’t need to see her fucking on-camera. My choice would probably be Sharday or Venera.


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What’s the most action you’ve ever gotten from a dancer in the VIP room?

Posted by Dave on May 16, 2015 in Hardcore XXX, New at Scoreland

Cat drools on the cock to get it ready for her asshole.

Today at SCORELAND, dirty-talking, squealing Latina sexpot Cat Bangles sucks cock and gets ass-fucked in the VIP room.

So, my question for you, SCORELAND Blog readers, is: What’s the farthest you’ve ever gone in the VIP room?

Hand job?

Blow job?


Pussy fuck?


Or just a lap dance?

It’s okay to be honest. If you were gonna get busted for it, it would’ve happened right then and there.

By the way, unless you live alone, you might want to turn the sound down when you’re watching Cat’s video. She gets really loud when there’s a cock in her ass.

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Sandra Star: Call her Sandra Superstar now

Posted by Elliot James on May 15, 2015 in modeling jobs, New at Scoreland, Tits in Tight Tops

“One of my most favorite things is to swallow cum,” says Sandra Star. “I swallow every drop and I really love doing it. I make sure a man is fully drained when we are finished.”

SCORE Men will testify to that.

Sandra shot to prominence in the United States after debuting in SCORE in 2011. It was no-holes-barred from the beginning. Her attitude about sex, that it isn’t shameful or wrong, reminds me of another German fuck goddess, Annina.

We didn’t hear from Sandra for a few years, and then she surprise-emailed to let us know she was super-sizing.

I think Sandra’s body is even more toned than it already was. Her figure looks sleeker. She even looks taller in her new photos, but that’s because of the camera angles.

Today, a new pictorial. I wonder what new surprises Sandra will bring to our Big Top of Tits.

"I like foreplay but it should not be too long," says Sandra.


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