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Girls at play: Blondie Bombshell

August 17, 2023 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Blondie Bombshell masturbates when she’s in the mood. In her first two SCORELAND solos, Blondie fingered her pussy. In this scene, she uses her fingers and a realistic dildo.

Blondie’s interests include travelling, fine dining, shooting high-tech guns and driving high-performance cars. She loves the Miami lifestyle. She’s a good fit for Miami, the Magic City.

Her first SCORELAND scenes were filmed here. This scene and last month’s XXX scene were shot in Europe.

Blondie could be a top spokesmodel for a sex toy company.



Tanya Virago

March 5, 2023 by Elliot James 2 Comments

Tanya Virago worked in the medical field for ten years. Encouraged to try modeling by a patient, Tanya gradually moved into photo shoots and then European porn. She found her calling in extreme hardcore and loves getting it in her ass.

Tanya Virago found us.


It’s Amber Alena’s bikini world. We just live in it.

January 5, 2023 by Elliot James 1 Comment

The most-requested photo shoot outfit for Amber Alena at SCORELAND is the bikini. In this scene, Amber has several extreme string swimsuits lined up on the countertop and gets the party started. A girl needs a very special body to wear one of these bikinis, and Amber’s got it.

Amber’s got the world on a string bikini.

Red dress bliss

December 10, 2022 by Elliot James 4 Comments

“I found that dressing sexy has a strong effect on men,” said the great Joana Bliss.

Even if I wasn’t a total yes-man, I would agree 200% with anything Joana says. Joana is boob royalty to me.

Joana doesn’t look at modeling as work. “It is always better to do something with pleasure and forget that it is a job. This happens to me when I pose.”

Bliss-out with Joana.


Katy Ann’s bikini bust-out

April 8, 2022 by Elliot James 1 Comment

There are bikini girls and there are bikini girls. And then there’s Katy Ann who is in a bikini league of her own.

Swimsuit babes don’t come more babelicious than Katy Ann. She has total camera charisma and a sexy voice to go with her hot body.

“I enjoy breast worship, giving jerk off instruction and the princess fetish,” said Katy Ann. “I like sexy bikinis and lingerie to get into the sex goddess zone. When I go out, I will wear a skintight pair of jeans, fuck-me shoes and a really tight top.”

Katy Ann’s 30th anniversary tribute to ’90s SCORE magazine star Pandora Peaks, in which she recreates Pandora’s July 1996 issue cover photo, is being published in Volume 31 Number 1.

One of several swimsuits Katy Ann wears in this photo shoot.

Lola Paradise cums with Voluptuous magazine

January 20, 2022 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Lola relaxes with her favorite magazine.

Lola Paradise has a copy of her favorite magazine, Voluptuous, on her bed. This edition is Volume 27 No. 3, and Lola’s pictorial is on  page 65. After changing into lingerie, Lola is eager to rub her ginormous tits and vibe her pussy while she looks at her photos.

XLGirls: Lola, has becoming a model changed how you dress?

Lola Paradise: Not very much. I always wear sexy and slutty clothes. Most of the clothes I wear in the videos are mine.

XLGirls: That’s great. Do you sometimes masturbate while looking at your videos and photos?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course!

XLGirls: What is your favorite way, fingers or toys?

Lola Paradise: You know that my answer will be cock! But if I don’t have any cock, I will choose toys!

XLGirls: Have you ever caught a guy masturbating?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course. I’ve caught my husband like this. 

XLGirls: What was your reaction?

Lola Paradise: I helped him. That was a good fucking!

XLGirls: Lucky man. Do your fans ever write you describing their masturbating to your videos or pictures?

Lola Paradise: Yes, they write to me on my Twitter account. One of my fans even sent me a video of him cumming on my picture!


Lola Paradise watches Lola Paradise

December 9, 2021 by Elliot James 1 Comment

I have to say that Lola Paradise is one of the most enthusiastic models we photograph. She’s always eager to look at her latest videos and photo sets and go on social media to let people know about them. Lola’s told us how much it turns her on to watch herself. This is what she does in bed and a whole lot more while watching today’s scene on her tablet. Every guy should have a wife like Lola.

XLGirls: So, Lola, do you sometimes pleasure yourself while looking at your videos and photos?

Lola Paradise: Yes, of course! You guys know that I love modeling for The SCORE Group.

XLGirls: Do you often want to have sex while watching your scenes?

Lola Paradise: To be honest, my husband and I always have sex when my new scene is added at XLGirls. It is like a holiday for us!

Proof again that watching SCORE Group videos helps couples build strong and healthy relationships.

Lola watches Lola.

The colossal cup-holders of Ricki Raxxx

October 21, 2021 by Elliot James 4 Comments

Ricki Raxxx wants bras that uplift her 44M-cup breasts. “Push ’em up” is her philosophy. She wants bras that make her boobs look rounder.

I was impressed by how easily Ricki could strap on bras that looked way too small. For Ricki, anyway. Most women’s boobs would get lost in Ricki’s cup-holders. Her bras could double as parachutes. At least in the movies of my imagination. A few of the bras Ricki tries on leave the upper half of her saucer-sized areolae exposed. They just ain’t big enough.

The top half of Ricki’s areolae are not covered by her bra cups but that’s okay.

Newcomer time at SCORELAND

October 7, 2021 by Elliot James 1 Comment

Kati Rico comes from the land of the hotties. I mean, this girl is seriously sexy. She just hit the big 20, but she was 19 in today’s photo set and video. That means she has more time for continued breast growth. I hope Kati models for a long time.

When we asked her what she wants to do that she hasn’t done, Kati replied: “Go parachuting.”

I should have guessed because parachuting or skydiving is the number one activity hundreds of models have included on their to-do list for years. I have this comic book vision in my mind of models naked or wearing bikinis jumping out of airplanes and using their big bras as parachutes.

In her free time, Kati likes to watch football (soccer) and have picnics in parks when the weather is nice.

Kati Rico makes it big.