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Breast o’ the SCORELAND blog: Micky Bells demonstrates the boob goggles effect

March 17, 2024 by Elliot James 13 Comments

You know what beer goggles are. The more you drink, the better someone looks.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Blog is about boob goggles. With boob goggles: The more you drink, the more boobs you see. I will explain with visuals instead of words, using the lovely and ultra-chesty Micky Bells as your cocktail server to demonstrate the boob goggles effect. See Micky at SCORELAND and

We begin with a beer at 6PM.

6 PM. The boob goggles effect is about to begin.

8 PM.

10 PM.


2 AM. The boob goggle effect is now complete.


Hey, Sofia Vergara, you wanna see giant boobs? Look here!

February 2, 2024 by Dave 7 Comments

I was watching that new show Griselda on Netflix the other night, and although I didn’t care much for it, I did like the way it showcases Sofia Vergara’s boobs. She wears a lot of outfits that showcase her tits and bends over quite a bit, too. So I might watch the show again just for that.

Anyway, I went looking for information about Sofia’s hooters and came across this recent quote from her: “My giant boobs and my body opened doors for me.”

Okay. Let’s just stop there. “Giant boobs”? Sofia has very nice tits, just like Adrienne Barbeau (from Maude and Cannonball Run) and Sally Struthers (from All In The Family and those hunger commercials), and Dolly Parton has very nice tits, but “giant boobs”? No way.

You wanna see giant boobs? I’ll show you giant boobs.

Nicole Colina’s boobs are much more than three handfuls. They’re like 10 handfuls!

Nicole Colina, who returns to fuck today at, has giant boobs. Natasha Sweet and Kira Liv have giant boobs. Sofia Vergara has big boobs compared to the average woman, but giant boobs?

Give it a rest.

You want to see big boobs? Watch Griselda. You want to see giant boobs? Leave that to us.

The wonderful world of nipple orgasms, aka nipple-gasms

November 9, 2023 by Elliot James

According to a web survey by Women’s Health magazine, 16% of their readers have had nipple orgasms. 84% haven’t but are interested in having one. The sexologists queried in the article say to experiment and practice. They  suggest using fingers or a sex toy for nipple stimulation. Self-sucking to nipple orgasm is an advanced skill. I’ll bet Alexya and Hitomi can nipple orgasm.

Not every girl with big tits can lick or suck her own nipples, but it’s an activity I recommend they try. In today’s SCORELAND scene, Ashlyn Peaks has no problem licking her nipples.


Which SCORE Girl would you photograph in a Barbie-style shoot?

July 27, 2023 by Elliot James

Barbie The Movie mania is generating huge box office. Girls are dressing like Barbie. Mothers and their daughters are filling theaters. Conservative media guys like Piers Morgan are complaining. The blonde icon is a license to print money. Fem-doll fever got me thinking about the few times we did shoots of the girls as life-sized dolls. It’s a little late to shoot any SCORE Girls in a pink Barbie outfit because this will peak soon, but if I had my choices of who to photograph, I’d go with Amber Alena, Katy Ann, Barbie Nicole and Victoria Lobov. In the super-sized division, Victoria Vale.

Lizzie Mills

Lori Pleasure

Savannah Stevens

Anastasia Doll, stacked politicians and busty baseball fans

October 21, 2022 by Dave

Anastasia is going to suck that cock.

Today at SCORELAND, Anastasia Doll sucks cock again. Is this girl working her way up to full hardcore? I have no idea. Seriously. I have NO idea. She might. She might not. But I was very happy when she got tit-fucked on-camera for the first time and happier when she gave her first on-camera blow job. I’m happy again today. Is pussy next? Beats me. I know you hope it is. So do her studs.

And now, I’m going to go off-topic for a moment and talk about Liz Truss, the now-former prime minister of the United Kingdom. Don’t worry. I’m not going to get political. I know better than that. I’m not going to say whether I like or dislike her. But I am going to say this:

I like her tits!

Was Truss the bustiest UK prime minister ever? Probably. This 40something woman has big, what seem to be natural tits. I don’t live in the UK, but if I did, I might have been boob-struck enough to vote for her just for her tits. So I am sorry to see her tits go.

When I mentioned Liz Truss to Elliot, he told me that Serbian politician Vanja Hadzovic also has big tits. And she loves to show them off.

Okay. Enough about politics. Let’s talk about baseball. No, not the games. The women sitting behind the plate at Petco Park in San Diego during the Padres-Phillies series. If this series returns to San Diego on Monday, I highly recommend that you tune in because the busty fans who were there for Games 1 and 2 could be there again for Game 6. Is it me or do cameramen linger longer over fans with big tits? It’s always best, of course, when busty fans sit just to the right or left of the catcher because then you get to see them every pitch. Anyway, the busty Padres fans were wearing tight, low-cut tops. Also, bright colors go well with big tits. The Padres’ colors are brown and yellow. A few of these women were wearing bright yellow.

And that’s all I have to say.


Demora Avarice: The super-busty life

October 20, 2022 by Elliot James

Demora Avarice wears many hats, or maybe that should be bras. Demora’s a model with her own site, a social media star, a college student, a certified nursing assistant (CNA), a wife and a mom. She’s even found  time to travel to the conventions around the USA that are back in operation. She’s been to Exxxotica, Fanx and YNOT in recent months to meet and greet the public and convention guests, such as Danica Danali.  Demora’s also webcamming on Chaturbate. (The link is on her profile page.) Talk about multi-tasking. Today, a new scene at

Boob greedy.



Boobs go big on comic book covers

October 13, 2022 by Elliot James, a price guide for comic books, trading cards and video games, studied how the breast size of females on comic book covers changed from the 1940s to now. Their extensive study concluded that the average female is depicted with twice as much cleavage today and their breasts take up 300% more of the cover. They picked ten random comics from each decade, choosing Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Red Sonja.

Their take-aways:
Breasts take up more than triple the cover space today.
The amount of cleavage shown has more than doubled​.​
Breast​ to waist ratio has remained the same​.​
​Hip​s​ to waist ratio declined 15%​, meaning waists are not as slim and hips are not as wide​ as they were in older comics.​ ​

​I wonder what famed SCORE​ artist Otis Sweat thinks of this study if he knows about it.

The Rocket Girls series by Otis Sweat was published in SCORE from the October 2005 issue to July 2007.

Boob massaging: still a touchy subject

July 7, 2022 by Elliot James

Sometimes a breast massage is a prelude to a tit-fucking or full-sex scene and sometimes, depending on who’s getting massaged, a breast massage is just a breast massage.

A quick internet search pulls up countless articles and Youtube videos about the health benefits of breast massaging. I was surprised by how popular it is. Then again, I’m not surprised.

Among the health benefits: decreasing muscular tension, improved lactation, improved lymph system and improved breast appearance.

I’m all in for declaring a Breast Massage Day if I can get some cooperation from the people who come up with national pizza day and national swimming pool day. I have a list of SCORELAND Girls I’d like to see in a breast massage scene.

Casey Deluxe.

Roxi Red.

Joana Bliss.



Katy Ann: Covering Pandora Peaks

February 19, 2022 by Elliot James

When the first issue of SCORE (June 1992) arrived at newsstands and stores, no one knew how it would be received. The big-bust magazine field was a crowded one. I saw the debut edition on the shelf of a store and immediately bought it.

“The odds of any new magazine succeeding are slim,” SCORE editor Dave wrote in Volume 30 Number 4, the first of the special 30th Anniversary editions coming in 2022. “The odds of a big-tit magazine lasting 30 years? Well, just ask all of the other big-tit mags that were around in ’92. Every single one of them is gone. We’re proud that SCORE is still going strong in its 30th year.”

The SCORE Group’s 30th Anniversary celebration at SCORELAND begins today with busty beauty Katy Ann recreating an iconic cover (July 1996 SCORE) featuring one of her all-time favorite <i>SCORE</i> Girls of the 1990s, feature dancer Pandora Peaks.

“I had a wonderful time and was so honored to recreate the iconic Pandora Peaks cover!” said Katy Ann, a SCORE star of today inspired by the stars of the past.