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Girls that look down on their own boobs. In a good way.

January 25, 2024 by Elliot James Leave your thoughts

Returning  to SCORELAND today after her second boy-girl scene, voluptuous Aly Guzman checks out the view, and what a view it is! Aly packs enough boobage to make a bra-maker pass out.

The age-old question comes to mind: Can Aly see her feet when she looks down? I’d say yes. Bra-smashers like Aly make things difficult for us because most girls just can’t come close to her in breast size.

Later on, Aly squirts like a firehose when she hits her sweet spot. A photographer should pack a raincoat in preparation for a moment like this.

The South American girls love their toy and finger play, especially with the big dildos and vibrators. When they shop for toys, they must go straight to the husky section.

Aly enjoys her scenic sights.

Sofia Deluxe returns

June 22, 2023 by Elliot James

Sofia Deluxe returns to today, and as Dave blogged last week, tomorrow you’ll see Sofia in her first sex scene with a dude.

I’m happy to see Sofia again. She’s looking sexier and prettier than ever.

A Deluxe body

She’ll give you the bra off her back

December 22, 2022 by Elliot James

Violetta is a slender, flexible beauty with big, natural, ski-slope breasts and a sex drive in overdrive. She has an enticing personality and moves like a dancer. A generous girl, she’ll give you the bra off her back…her panties, too. “I like a man to suck on my breasts when I cum,” Violetta informed us. “I cum hardest when I have sex in the missionary position and he sucks on my nipples.”

Is it hot out here or is it Violetta?


An afternoon at the pool with Violetta. Now that’s a plan.

October 29, 2022 by Elliot James

Violetta trains in karate, so exercise caution writing comments. Violetta likes to work out and spend time with her family. Her plan is to buy a house. With her looks, photos and videos are the way to accomplish her goals.

She’s young and hot, so Violetta wants to have sex every day. She doesn’t masturbate much because she loves the D.

“Violetta likes to dress in sexy, teasing outfits that show off her body: tight, tiny shorts, tank tops, T-shirts and halter tops,” Dave wrote in SCORE magazine Volume 31 Number 4. Yup, Violetta’s got the bod for showing and teasing, and she likes it like that.

Violetta oils up at the pool.

Today is Isa Gomez day

September 15, 2022 by Elliot James

Hear ye, hear ye. Today is officially declared Isa Gomez Appreciation Day at SCORELAND.

Lovely and talented Isa is a supernatural superwoman, and today’s pictorial and video proves it again.

“My favorite thing about my body, as I have always said, is my big boobs.” Isa told us. “I love being the bustiest girl in my family. I think I’ve been very, very, very privileged to have the biggest boobs in my family and I’m lovin’ it.”

We’re lovin’ it, too.

Now this is pure breast power.

The Amazonian and the petite girl, 34 years later

August 26, 2022 by Dave

When I saw this:

Angie Bravo (left) and Isa Gomez

My mind immediately flashed back to this:

Lisa Phillips has about a foot on Devon Daniels.

The top photo of Latina bra buster Isa Gomez towering over bosom buddy Angie Bravo is from today’s posting at SCORELAND. It was shot about a month ago in Colombia. I don’t have the girls’ exact stats, but I’m guessing Isa is about six inches taller than Angie.

The photo of Lisa Phillips towering over Devon Daniels was taken on Grand Exuma Cay in the Bahamas in July 1988 and is at (along with a video). Lisa is 5’11”. Devon is 5’1″

FYI, Isa and Angie suck each other’s tits, eat each other’s pussy and share a double-ended dildo. Lisa and Devon definitely did not do that.

Joana Gets Her Bliss On

January 27, 2022 by Elliot James

“I have a positive personality because of my meditation and my Yoga,” said the one and only Joana Bliss. “I was 16 years old when I started. I think everyone should practice these ancient ways.”

Joana shows off some of her daily practices in today’s new video and photo set.

Here’s a pop quiz for you. Don’t cheat by looking it up. In what year did Joana first appear in Voluptuous magazine?


And while I’m Blissing out over Joana today, here are two group photos suitable for framing.

I don’t know what Joana’s Yoga pose is called but I like it.

Valory, Hitomi, Sha & Joana.

Bozena, Kelly Kay, Crisa, Joana, Eden & Florri.


Something I thought I would never see

November 20, 2021 by Elliot James

That’s the great Joana Bliss getting an oily breast massage from a man’s hands in a scene shot in point-of-view.

I never thought I would see this.

This is a first at SCORELAND since Joana debuted in 2004. Joana’s only posed solo or with other girls over the years.

All of Joana’s SCORE shoots are still up on the site and at the section of

Everyone has their favorite Joana scenes. For me, it’s shoots from Joana’s 2014 trip to the Dominican Republic with Hitomi, Valory Irene, Sha Rizel and Vanessa Y.

Sometimes I wonder if Joana bathes in water from the fountain of youth. She essentially looks the same as she did when our team filmed her in 2004. It may be her New Age lifestyle of yoga, meditation and diet.

Those are real hands, not CGI hands, on Joana’s big, juicy boobs.

That week in the Hungarian countryside…

September 26, 2021 by Dave

For Jasmine, taking a cock between her tits was softcore.

Jasmine Black gives a roadside then in-car tit-fuck and tug job in a remastered post today at SCORELAND. The scene was shot during the same week that we shot the mega-feature Busty Riding Academy (starring Karina Hart), and whenever I see photos and videos from that week in the Hungarian countryside in June 2008, the memories come flooding back. To…

• Jasmine doing four anal scenes, including two in one day.

• Me walking over to the bridge where Jasmine was shooting a solo, her asking me, “Do you like my flower?” and me thinking, “Yeah, but I like your tits, pussy and asshole even better.”

• Every porn stud in the house–and there were a lot of them–wanting to fuck Mandy Pearl, a newcomer from England and the only girl in the house who didn’t show her pussy. The guys all wanted what they couldn’t have (and I’m certain to this day that one of the studs, Carlos Rios, got her).

• Driving into town with Maria, a former TSG editor, to stock up on dollar bottles of wine and sneaking them back into the castle because the people running the place were charging us $50 a bottle. Then, at night, sitting around outside with the studio staff and the girls, sipping wine, enjoying some rare down time in a hectic week.

• Looking down Karina Hart’s low-cut shirt while she worked on her laptop computer in the break room (which was also, when you think about it, kinda strange because I saw Karina naked about a thousand times that week, and here I was trying to sneak glimpses of cleavage).

• Christy Marks, on the big staircase outside the castle, initiating Karina in the ways of girl-girl sex.

• Christy making herself comfortable on the flight over by getting into the pretzel position in her seat. Dressed, of course, but still.

• Wondering whether Karina would: 1.) Decide not to do her scheduled first boy-girl scene; 2.) Go all the way; 3.) Do a tit-fuck/tug-job scene. The answer was No. 3. It’s the only one she’s ever done.

• Every backyard in this small town having little, barking dogs and clucking chickens. Every woman in town looking like my grandmother, all of them wearing housedresses. Going for a run along a busy road and one passerby after another shouting out, “Fuck you” (I’m sure) in Hungarian.

• Being surrounded by busty girls at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• The parade of stacked girls going in and out of the castle all week. That shoot had the most girls of any shoot we’ve ever done other than the Boob Cruises.

• Watching Jasmine fuck. She’s one of my favorite busty porn stars ever, and I’m sure that week in Hungary had a lot to do with that.

From left to right, Kristi Klenot, Christy Marks, Terry Nova, Karina Hart, Jasmine Black and Melissa Mandlikova.



Oils well with SCORELAND Girls

March 26, 2021 by Elliot James

In a SCORELAND poll, the question was, “When watching a busty girl on the beach or at a pool, what do you most want to see her do?”

Over 40% wanted to see her rub oil all over her tits and ass and every place else.

A girl oiling her big boobs is one of my top five favorite shoots. Outdoors in the right location is best, but I also like to see oiling against a blank background.

The beach or a public pool is also the best place for boobs-spotting, according to another one of our polls. Where else can we see girls wearing the least fabric?

Oiling shoots have also traditionally ranked very high in popularity here.

B.L.O.W. The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling, one of our earlier movies, used more oil than a derrick in Prudhoe Bay pumps out in a week.

A group oil rubdown is the grand finale of several of our On Location movies, such as On Location North Coast and Big-Boob Paradise.

Charles emailed, “I’ve been a member several times over and have many vids but would love to see more baby oil action.”

Oiled up for On Location North Coast: Daria, Sha Rizel, Alexya, Helen Star, Erin Star, Kitty Cute, Codi Vore and Demmy Blaze.

This Elaina Gregory oil shoot against photo paper is one of my favorites. Her oily boobs really pop.