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How Valory Irene helped a couple have a baby

March 24, 2022 by Elliot James

We get a lot of unusual emails and letters  from SCORE and Voluptuous readers. This could be the most-unusual letter Dave and I have ever read.

“Allow me to mention why Valory Irene is special to me and my family,” Mr. JF wrote. “My wife was having challenges conceiving a child. We underwent a procedure called intrauterine insemination. When I went to the fertility clinic, my wife asked me if I wanted to whack off to her F-cup bra. I replied that I’d like to jack off to a pair of her bikini panties.

“When I got to the clinic, I was ushered into a bathroom. The nurse unlocked a vanity that contained several men’s magazines. Bless my lucky soul, they had SCORE magazines. I picked up the February 2011 issue with Valory and thumbed through the issue until I came to Valory’s pictorial. What a beautiful woman. Large, succulent breasts that I imagined fondling, sucking and sliding my cock between. When I finished making my deposit (or withdrawal), I placed the cup in its designated spot at the lab and walked out into the lobby, filled with expectant moms. My face was flushed after the most-incredible orgasm. True story.

“Nine months later, my wife gave birth to a healthy, happy boy. Every time we drive by the fertility clinic, my wife asks if I’d like to go back for a return visit. My wife also thinks Valory is awesome and has impressive 40F tits. Thanks so much for the mammaries, Valory.”

Valory doesn’t know it but she helped a couple she never met.

The eyes have it

December 2, 2021 by Elliot James

This shot would suggest that Jessica Bunnington is not thinking about Perry but the guys watching her scene.

We’re gotten comments similar to this one about sex scenes for years and I’m sure we’ll continue to get them. It’s about the girls looking directly at the camera or not. It usually applies to the still photographs, not the videos.  It also doesn’t apply to point-of-view photography because they’re all “you-the-man” scenes. There have always been two separate camps.

This recent comment is from a SCORELAND member nicknamed BisonHerder:

“Your photographers should learn from the old pros in Hollywood. It’s OK for models to look at the camera when they are the only one in the picture, showing their tits or other attributes, but in action scenes it is not good if they look at the camera. Looking at their partner or at nothing makes us viewers more like voyeurs witnessing an actual sex act, while looking at the camera makes us like paid attendees in a staged, artificial sex show. It’s more erotic if the models do not look at the camera during sex.”

I’ve done polls about this topic. This was one result.

Do you like when a model looks at the camera instead of the guy in a hardcore photo shoot?
Yes: 63%
No: 16%
I don’t have a preference : 21%

Over a dozen years ago, another member wrote a similar email:

“Your women have the stuff that dream dates are made of. The first photos of your pictorials are tops. The seduction, if you will. Then you blow it. When every shot has the girl looking into the camera while the stud has his way with her, it makes us feel like losers. That stud represents us. When the girl looks at the stud, she is looking at us, and for that moment in time, she becomes our girlfriend, and that is what makes us want to return to The SCORE Group! Take this as you wish.”

I don’t believe that polls about any topic are the be-all, end-all, but the polls reveal that the most-popular XXX photos show the girl looking directly into the lens.

Brooklyn Springvalley only has eyes for Milan’s meat in this photo.


Oils well with SCORELAND Girls

March 26, 2021 by Elliot James

In a SCORELAND poll, the question was, “When watching a busty girl on the beach or at a pool, what do you most want to see her do?”

Over 40% wanted to see her rub oil all over her tits and ass and every place else.

A girl oiling her big boobs is one of my top five favorite shoots. Outdoors in the right location is best, but I also like to see oiling against a blank background.

The beach or a public pool is also the best place for boobs-spotting, according to another one of our polls. Where else can we see girls wearing the least fabric?

Oiling shoots have also traditionally ranked very high in popularity here.

B.L.O.W. The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling, one of our earlier movies, used more oil than a derrick in Prudhoe Bay pumps out in a week.

A group oil rubdown is the grand finale of several of our On Location movies, such as On Location North Coast and Big-Boob Paradise.

Charles emailed, “I’ve been a member several times over and have many vids but would love to see more baby oil action.”

Oiled up for On Location North Coast: Daria, Sha Rizel, Alexya, Helen Star, Erin Star, Kitty Cute, Codi Vore and Demmy Blaze.

This Elaina Gregory oil shoot against photo paper is one of my favorites. Her oily boobs really pop.


Living Doll

September 24, 2020 by Elliot James

So, I was reviewing some of the comments that SCORELAND members wrote about Anastasia Doll‘s first tit-fucking and hand job scene last week. Here are a few:

DannyK: “A moment I thought would never happen has become a reality!! Scenes like this get me extra excited because it’s the culmination of building towards hardcore after starting as topless only!”

NWhenry: “Absolutely more Anastasia hardcore. Wow, great finish with that load all over those beautiful tits.”

“The moment I was waiting for is happening. The ultimate Doll with a real cock. A million thanks!”

“I love Anastasia Doll xxx.”

And then there’s this:

“New SOLO scenes please.”

Well, I never expect a unanimous decision about a scene. Whenever we post a Stassi Rossi XXX, we get a bunch of these “More solo please” comments.

I asked Anastasia what kind of reaction she received.

Anyway, we have to thank Anastasia in this Blog for letting us be the first. It was like being awarded the French Légion d’Honneur, even though we’re not French.

Anastasia is a doll for thinking of SCORE first.






Best of the SCORELAND Blog: The real busty wives of SCORELAND and XLGirls

September 24, 2019 by Elliot James

Kelly was a SCORE Model of the Year winner and a reader’s wife.

The SCORELAND members poll asked a tough question.

“Your girlfriend or wife wants to model in a XXX boy-girl video with a pro stud. How do you react?”

The results were:

37%  would firmly object to the idea

35%  would support her decision

16%  would neither support or object to it

11%  said they would try to talk her out of it

The reason I brought it up was because of the trend in married ladies modeling for SCORE, V-mag and XLGirls, in either XXX or solos. I call them WILFS. They can be any age. The mature genres have always attracted wives, divorcees and swingers, but the big-bust girls tend to be unmarried. Some do have husbands but prefer to keep that status confidential. A big part of the appeal of the taboo-busting mature woman genre is that she’s either married or divorced, has kids or grandkids, or is a swinger.

At XLGirls, some of the  wives include Zeta Verrone, Jasmine Jones. Katrin Porto and Danica Danali.

At SCORELAND, there’s Siri, Dallas Dixon, Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley, Dolly Fox, Shelby Gibson, Victoria Lobov, Red Vixen and Kelly Christiansen.

The results surprised me considering that this is a hot-button topic that involves the basic human emotions of jealousy, marital fidelity and possessiveness. I was predicting almost no neutrality, but there’s that 16% zone that was much larger than I would have estimated.

This was in sharp contrast to a previous poll asking: “If your girlfriend was asked to model nude professionally, what would your reaction be?”

47%  said she could model if she wanted to.

18%  would object to the idea of her modeling.

34%  would encourage her to try it.

So solo modeling is okay, for the most part, but sex with another guy can be the deal-breaker.

None of the married models wanted to hide their status and some seemed proud of the fact. Some of them talked about their spouses who encouraged them.

This leads us to the ultimate poll question:

Do you lose interest if you learn that a model is married?

11%  said yes

41%  said no

48%  said it doesn’t matter

So for the majority, a model being married doesn’t spoil the fun and might even fuel-up their pleasure. Only a small percentage were bugged by the knowledge that a model is someone’s wife.

Crunching all these numbers and counting all these beans leads me to conclude that more busty married women should model at SCORELAND.

I invite them to step forward and visit

Dallas Dixon has a full-time job and a husband but she made time for V-mag and sex with professional studs.


Unusual requests at SCORELAND

April 2, 2019 by Elliot James

We’ve gotten some unusual requests over the past 27 years at The SCORE Group. They range from requests for the extreme to the mild yet offbeat. We welcome them all.

A domestic fantasy for some.

“Hi, there. Can you do more ironing videos? I love seeing girls ironing.”

This was from someone who calls himself “NeoAngel.” He didn’t mention folding and starch or no starch. The photographers actually did a few of these as bonus videos with Maya Milano at SCORELAND and Krystal Swift and Monica Love at XLGirls. They weren’t done in an erotic or sexual way. The girls were ironing their clothes while they answered some questions. Krystal did the second half of the video topless. No one commented on the ironing itself. NeoAngel saw them and wanted to see more of the girls ironing. Me, I’d rather see a model in a tank top driving a car. There’s some footage of Nila Mason driving in a recent XLGirls video that I really enjoyed.

“The guys really detract from the fantasy! I mean, c’mon, it’s really difficult to get into your hardcore. There’s nothing quite like the sight of some monster cock to ruin the mood. In fact, it’s flat-out disgusting! And if your rationale with cocks is putting a little something in there for the ladies, I dare say the majority of your readership is comprised of red-blooded, heterosexual males, so you ought to do a better job catering to us! If you spent more time focusing on what made you popular, instead of pandering to the bisexual guys out there who likely appreciate your homoerotic photo spreads.”

The comment above was from “Dew,” who really doesn’t like to see the girls with guys and let us know it with a sledgehammer. The hardcore versus no-core has been a subject for years. It’s definitely not added for the ladies. There are relatively few female members of SCORELAND. We did get a very nice letter from a female fan who commented in the Africa Sexxx blog posting. Anyway, getting rid of hardcore is not an option.

“Please show more pictures of chicks getting fucked on top of cars.”

This request from D.W. is a difficult one. We’ve done a few scenes in a car or van and I think they were all done in a garage, not outdoors. The movie Big Tit Tune-up had a couple of scenes of girls fucking on cars with the hood open.

“How about life-size posters of the members of the Big-Boob Hall of Fame? They would sell like hot cakes!”

Jerry submitted this request. I don’t know how the market for hot cakes is doing, but I kinda liked this idea. I once had a life-size door poster of the character Vampirella that sells for some crazy amount of cash these days. SCORE and V-mag used to occasionally include posters as freebies. They weren’t life-size posters, but they were cool. These days, digital videos are the magazines’ premiums.

Your Uber or Lyft dream driver?



Bare feet vs high heels: finding the right fit

September 19, 2018 by Elliot James

Better like this?

As Sherlock Holmes used to say, “The game’s afoot, Watson!”

In the September 15th blog posting about Annabelle Rogers, Steve commented about Annabelle wearing shoes throughout the shoot. This isn’t the first time we’ve gotten comments, letter and emails about the topic of shoes vs. bare feet. It’s been one of the top five topics for at least 17 years, along with tattoos, toys, bushy pussies and pregnancy. In the polls we’ve run about shoes versus bare feet, the voting is almost always split down the middle. I did one recently on Twitter and the result was 56% for heels and 44% for bare feet.  I’d also like to add that we generally pass along feedback about certain topics to our studio, and the shoes versus bare feet has been one of them for years. The following two emails from the early ’00s are perfect examples.

“I subscribe to Kerry Marie as well and she has beautiful feet. Yet every single picture has her wearing some kind of slip-on shoe, even on her back in a bed or on a couch. They distract from the rest of her and need to go. I’m not a foot fetishist, but I love a nice pair of them. Sure, the legs look better in the shoes when they are standing but not lying down or on all fours or on their stomach. I’m suggesting use the shoes for the standing shots, but lose them when lying or doggy-style shots. I’m willing to bet a lot of other members feel this way.”–M.G.

“Although I don’t consider myself as having a kink for them, I most assuredly have a healthy, lustful attraction for a nice pair of high heels on their pretty feet.”–X.D.

As Dave says, “It’s impossible to make everyone happy with this one. The best thing to do is have a combination of both.”

Better like this?




April 24, 2018 by Elliot James

Whenever we get emails, letters, member comments and Blog comments about having the models do this or do that, I’m reminded again of all the differences in taste and interests that SCORE guys have expressed during the past 26 years.

Two writers with different points-of-view make their case below. The subject of these comments is what the girls should wear or not wear.

Total Nudes Is Good Nudes

“I have ways to improve SCORE. Show more totally nude, full-frontal shots. Please do away with the stockings, girdles and lingerie. In my opinion, an entire pictorial without any total nudity is wasted space. In fact, I think that the part of a model’s photo layout with lingerie is also unnecessary. We subscribe for totally nude shots of your models. Don’t give in to the guys who like stockings, lingerie, shoes, etc. Let them go through the Sears catalog that will meet their fantasies. One, or maybe two, partially nude photos are okay, but after that, let’s get down to total nudity.”–H.M.

Hot Clothes Can Be Cool

I would like to comment on a recent comment: the ‘Totally Nude is Good Nudes’ commentary. First of all, I agree with him on principle. I think every pictorial should ensure that we get to see the girls completely nude (meaning no skirt or wraps around their waists) in at least a third of the pics. However, I am one of those people who (having grown up with that Sears catalog and Victoria’s Secret, too!) also likes to see the ladies in sexy undies and outfits as well. So I guess I am saying that a little more total nudity would be great by me, but only one or two states-of-undress pictures is just not enough for me, either.”–Dan

The above letters were from 2006. I’ve saved similar comments that are much older. The take-away from all of it, whether it’s clothes, toys, hardcore, body shapes, masturbation, tattoos and more, always leads to one conclusion: You can’t please everyone, but you can try.

H.M. would say that Nicole Peters has too much on. Actually, Nicole used to get all of her clothes off pretty fast.

Lara Jones’ Really Big, Bigly Real Boobs

December 23, 2017 by Elliot James

It might be a little early to call Lara Jones a big-bust legend.

Some are already calling Lara that, a title usually reserved for long-standing boob royalty (such as Lorna Morgan or SaRenna Lee, for example).

Lara no doubt appreciates the praise. She reads everything on SCORELAND and in SCORE and Voluptuous  magazines.

The comments the girls get range from a word or two of high praise to detailed descriptions of what the writer wants to do to them sexually. Then there are the comments about the photography and the poses.

What really impressed “Supernova” about Lara’s first photo shoot had more to do with her modeling. He’s a purist and writes this about other girls often. We forwarded this comment to the studio so the photographers could read it.

“I had been asking for a long time to please tell the camera crew to always get the whole body, the full front, side and back, standing up straight, no bending the body, boobs hanging free, no hands covering, hiding or pressing the huge boobs. Just let them free, hanging alone. If only every photo set could include these full, complete, head-to-toe photos with boobs hanging free without hands on them.  The goal is to be able to judge and admire  her huge boobs naturally hanging alone so we can see the real shape, because when the hands push them, they became distorted.”

Here are a couple of full-body shots from Lara’s new set and video that don’t fit the above description but impressed me. I’m easy to please. What I also want to see more of in the videos is walking or jogging.

The horizontal, high-angle photo of Lara on her back on the floor is a very good example of splayed boobs. The photo below it shows Lara’s breasts to body ratio. There’s some body English in her pose and her boobs hang free.

Lara is usually the one who floors the guys.

Statuesque is a good word to describe Lara’s spectacular bod.

The most basic poses from the photographers’ guidebook

October 22, 2017 by Elliot James

A longtime member of SCORELAND and prolific letter writer who calls himself Supernova doesn’t ask to see the girls doing hardcore with one, two or three guys or an army. He doesn’t request to see the girls doing anal sex or double-penetration. He doesn’t ask to see girls standing on their heads with their ankles wrapped around their necks,  masturbation, toys or the girls jumping off a bridge, attached to a bungee cord.

No, Supernova wants to see the most-basic, simplest and easiest-to-shoot poses that any photographer could ever take. Dave blogged about this in March.

Our friend Supernova wrote this about an Erin Star pictorial and several photos in particular.

“What I had been asking for a long time, poses with the model standing up straight, arms down, boobs hanging free, no hands on boobs, the complete body from head to toe. They are spectacular, showing the full body without any distortion or anything caused by a low camera placement or the camera too close to her body. These images are what I had been asking SCORE to always include in every single update, either stills or video. We need to see the entire body.  Please always get at least these full-front, side and back photos.  Only with these kinds of images showing her full body from head to toe are we able to admire her whole beauty. For example, we can see how beautiful and spectacular her boobs They are slightly uneven. One is a little bigger than the other boob. Those measurements we can only see with a true full-frontal view, no hands on boobs, no pressing, no hiding,  just boobs hanging free and alone with the pull of gravity.”

Erin Star

The rear view.

Hands off.