Oils well with SCORELAND Girls

March 26, 2021 by Elliot James

In a SCORELAND poll, the question was, “When watching a busty girl on the beach or at a pool, what do you most want to see her do?”

Over 40% wanted to see her rub oil all over her tits and ass and every place else.

A girl oiling her big boobs is one of my top five favorite shoots. Outdoors in the right location is best, but I also like to see oiling against a blank background.

The beach or a public pool is also the best place for boobs-spotting, according to another one of our polls. Where else can we see girls wearing the least fabric?

Oiling shoots have also traditionally ranked very high in popularity here.

B.L.O.W. The Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling, one of our earlier movies, used more oil than a derrick in Prudhoe Bay pumps out in a week.

A group oil rubdown is the grand finale of several of our On Location movies, such as On Location North Coast and Big-Boob Paradise.

Charles emailed, “I’ve been a member several times over and have many vids but would love to see more baby oil action.”

Oiled up for On Location North Coast: Daria, Sha Rizel, Alexya, Helen Star, Erin Star, Kitty Cute, Codi Vore and Demmy Blaze.

This Elaina Gregory oil shoot against photo paper is one of my favorites. Her oily boobs really pop.


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One response to “Oils well with SCORELAND Girls”

  1. Matador says:

    Elaina Gregory is one of my all-time favorite Score Models. I really miss her. Thanks for the memories.