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Would this do it for you?

July 14, 2023 by Dave 1 Comment

Sofia and her orgasm-inducing sucklers.

Today at, Latina girl-next-door Sofia Deluxe sucks and fucks on-camera for the second time. But, as we see here, she also offers up her huge naturals to the lucky guy, and he responds by sucking on them.

Now, I don’t know where your head (big or little) is at, but this would do it for me. No BJ needed. No pussy. Just suck on Sofia’s tits and I’m in Cum Town. And if she wants to reach down and give a few tugs, I’m there even sooner.


Coming August 4: Molly Evans, Katie Rose and Kira Clark in tit-sucking three-way action. That does it for me, too.

Xena Zoraki loves cum on her tits. That makes her a keeper

July 7, 2023 by Dave 7 Comments

Xena loves the taste of cum.

In this photo, Xena Zoraki is licking cum off her tits. She’s just been fucked thoroughly, and on her tits is where her stud decided to leave his load. Actually, we told him to leave it there, but he didn’t need our directions. After he finished fucking Xena’s hairy pussy, he went straight for Boob Land. The new photos and video are at

Which got me to thinking…how many times in your life has a woman asked you to cum on her tits? I can count the number of times on one hand. I’m figuring that the most-common place for a regular guy to cum is in the girl’s pussy, followed by on her pussy, followed by on her ass, followed by on her face (rarely), followed by on her tits. The busty girl who will ask you to cum on her tits is a rare but wonderful find. If you are with a girl like this, do everything you can to keep her.

Xena is one of those girls.

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT! This just in from South America: Kim Beltran has broken her hardcore cherry and gone all-the-way on-camera, and we have the photos. And the videos, of course.

A tale of two lucky guys: the one getting smothered by Xena and the one fucking Brittany Andrews. Yes, THE Brittany Andrews

June 16, 2023 by Dave 2 Comments

Xena can make a man happy about getting smothered.

Luckiest man in the world? The guy who’s not only getting smothered by super-stacked natural Xena Zoraki today at but is also enjoying the pleasures of her mouth and pussy.

Another luckiest man in the world? The young dude who’s fucking Brittany Andrews‘ gaping pussy next week at Yes, I did say THE Brittany Andrews. Boob Cruiser. SCORE Girl. All-around fun babe. Early in my career at The SCORE Group, I had dinner with Brittany at a restaurant in Pompano Beach, Florida. A crowded restaurant with lots of families around. Whether she’s playing with herself, fucking or just talking, Brittany is not a quiet girl. Her half of the conversation was rated XXX, and everyone in the restaurant could hear her. Me? I just sat there, tried to listen and stared at her tits. Like I said, I was a TSG novice at the time. Now, I’d probably do the same thing.

By the way, Brittany looks great. Her tits are perfect. And that pussy…man, does it gape! Funny how I noticed it before. Or maybe she told me about her gaping pussy while we were sitting in that restaurant. I can’t recall.




Victoria Lobov DPs herself, and some big announcements

June 3, 2023 by Dave 16 Comments

Victoria enjoys having all holes filled.

Today at SCORELAND, hot wife Victoria Lobov shows how much she enjoys getting DP’d by doing it to herself. I’ve been a big fan of Victoria since the day I met her. That was February 7, 2019, in JMac’s house, of all places. He’d take her hardcore cherry the next day. I enjoyed my on- and off-camera conversations with Victoria (although not nearly as much as JMac enjoyed his interactions with her). Off-camera, while she was getting styled in the kitchen, she talked to me about whether real-life plumbers, pool boys, delivery men, etc., actually get laid all the time, like they do in porn. Victoria decided they didn’t. I don’t know whether, at the time, Victoria was planning on becoming a big-time porn star, but that’s exactly what happened.

Looking ahead, there’s a lot to report. Sofia Deluxe, the naturally super-stacked Latina, did her first all-the-way hardcore scenes, and Elliot has the first one on the calendar for June 23 at I’m a little surprised by this. I didn’t think Sofia would take the hardcore plunge. I thought for sure Kim Velez would beat her to it.

Also in the not-too-distant future: three-way tit-to-tit action featuring…hold onto your seats!…Molly Evans, Katie Rose and Kira Clark. I’ve seen the footage, and I gotta tell ya, these girls were really into each other, sucking each other’s tits and all that good stuff. There’s also a scene with just Kira and Molly and another scene with just Katie and Kira.

“Just”? Have I lost my mind?

Sofia Deluxe…the surprise XXX debut of the year so far.



Introducing Molly Evans, an 18-year-old JJ-cupper

December 19, 2021 by Dave 13 Comments

Last week, I mentioned a new JJ-cup natural who shot her first photos and videos 14 days after her 18th birthday.

I can now tell you her name: Molly Evans.

I can also tell you that her first-ever photos and video will be posted at SCORELAND this Thursday, December 23, so Christmas is coming early this year for you.

And a photo…I know you wanted that, too. Here’s one.

Blog readers, I am pleased to introduce you to Molly Evans.


Selena Adams is cumming to town

December 18, 2021 by Dave 5 Comments

Selena knows what you are thinking.

A question often asked this time of year is, “Do you believe in Santa Claus?”

My answer: “I believe in big tits.”

The other day, Elliot delved into some memorable past holiday shoots. Today at SCORELAND, Selena Adams adds to them. No Santa beard. Just a sexy red outfit, a Santa hat and her big tits (and beautiful ass). Selena also has a new video in which she has fun with fruit (and twerks that ass). You won’t hear any bah humbugs from me.

The ghost of Christmas future sees 18-year-old JJ-cupper Molly Evans debuting this coming Thursday, Mer getting tit-fucked on-camera for the first time at on that same day and Demora Avarice’s unbelievably huge, still-growing naturals on Christmas Eve. And that’s why I believe in big tits.

Meet Suki Ski

April 7, 2021 by Dave 47 Comments

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

This is Suki. You’re going to see more of her very soon. I get a bit of a sense of deja vu when I look at her. She reminds me of someone. I’m not going to say who, but the model I have in mind is one of the greatest naturals ever, is British and has spectacular hangers. Suki is American. She’s from Vermont and lives near Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

So, does Suki remind you of anyone?

I’m not really tempting fate. I just like this photo.

January 1, 2021 by Dave 14 Comments

I’m sure Katy Ann is very happy that 2020 is over and 2021 is here.

A year ago, I rang in the New Year with a photo of Katy Ann ringing in the New Year with a glass of champagne.

Well, we all know how 2020 turned out.

Now, some people say I’m tempting fate by posting another photo from the same exact photo set. But as T.S. Garp (in The World According to Garp) said when a plane flew into the house he and his wife were thinking about buying, “We’ll take the house. The chances of another plane hitting this house are astronomical. It’s been pre-disastered. We’ll be safe here!”

So I’m pre-disastering 2021.

The year is already getting off to a good start with Shione Cooper fucking today at SCORELAND. And tomorrow, we have new photos and a video of Colombian cutie Kim Velez, who, unlike most people, had a very good 2020: her tits got bigger!

And there’s lots more to come in the coming days, weeks and months, starting with the kickoff of the 2020 SCORELAND Awards (with a twist; probably next week), a slim ‘n’ stacked newcomer who I know you will love and Holly Wood showing off her super-sized tits (yep, they’re bigger).

So, enjoy 2021, here’s to a much better year, don’t buy houses that have been crashed into and know that your friends at SCORELAND are always here to make things better.

Best of the Blog: Jennica Lynn

August 12, 2020 by Dave 9 Comments

First published on: Aug 28, 2013

All it took was a single Blog posting to raise–ahem–interest in newcomer Jennica Lynn. You guys can’t wait to see her, and for good reason. She’s sexy, she’s beautiful, she’s a real girl next door, she has the kind of personality you can fall in love with and she has M-cup naturals.